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V/A - Single Cell

Guest Mascok

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Guest Mascok

V/A - Single Cell


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Artist: Various

Title: Single Cell

Label: Atomic

Date: 2000


Track listing:


01. 06'25" Menis : Hamburger

02. 08'12" Aztec : Outer Breath

03. 07'24" Semsis : Storm In A Test Tube

04. 07'54" Psychaos : Techno Logical

05. 07'13" Voodoo People : Chronic

06. 07'43" Cydonia : Anaconda Part 2

07. 07'38" Nucleus : Dark Horse

08. 09'40" Solaris : Extra Mundane

09. 06'14" Morphem : Hypnotone (Rebuilt By Cydonia)




very good, groovy, modern, heavy and hard!.

one of the best things atomic released so far. all those tracks are unreleased

on CDS (!). all those tracks were already released on vinyls by atomic last

year and this year.

if you are a party bitch, then you must know all those tracks (i do).

(track 1) - ok first track is from Menis (-Hamburger), i'm not sure but i

think that he is half semsis, not sure:).

anywayz very hard and weird tracks with a nice vocal sample in the start. not

a fast track something like 137-140 bpm. really like the drums and all the

background fx'es, and a nice ending:).

(track 2) - after that dark and scarry tune from menis we have another darkish


from Aztec (-Outer Breath). that one is much more groovier and danceable. very

nice beat and i love that vocal sample in the middle of the tracks. really

good track, gotta luv it.

(track 3) - now this one i like a lot!!. Semsis (-Storm in a Test Tube) gives

here a lot of weirdness and craziness like they usually do. listen to those

drums with those weird voices in the background and the nice hihat's. very


(track 4) - what can i say?. i love this track!. love those drums and hihat's.

those strings in the background can kill people in a party. lots of dark and

still groovy:).

Psychaos (- Techno Logical) rules(!) heh.

(track 5) - Welcome to "what the fuck is this" land. weird track i like that

kinda melody in the middle and that high tom in the start is really cool

(great drums). this track called Chronic (by Voodoo People) and this is maybe

the perfect name for that track cause all those drums and the weird and scary

atmosphere in it.

(track 6) - NOW this is a GROOOVYYYY TRACK!. my favorite track from this


nothing else to say, just listen to it!! wooo (Cydonia - Anaconda).

(track 7) - here is another good track by Nucleus (-Dark Horse). the beginning

make it sounds a bit ambient and chill track but then u have a lot of

craziness and those vocals that runs all over just rules:). though that its

kinda slow track something like 141bpm.

(track 8) - Who said israeli trance is chessy (all the time). Ofer Dikovsky

(a.k.a Oforia, Tandu, Solaris and more) brings us lots of weirdness and it

still good!. i love those 808's go up and down. (Solaris - Extra Mundane).

nice track.

(track 9) - this track is an old track by morphem called Hypnotone. trancy

vibes all over. its a club trance, morning trance track. really good and it

was rebuilt (i dont know what the fuck that means) by Cydonia. nice melody in

the middle. a nice ending track.

well i really enjoyed listening to this cd. hope you will. - Mascok

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As usual in Atomic Compilations, there is always this techno-sounds influence

in these Goa Tracks ...

However, I like this comp more than Electrosect or Kiss The Future ... It

sounds a little less techno than these ones and I don't think there are really

Bad Tracks ...

my favourites are Tracks 5 And 8 ! Particularly Track 8 by Ofer Dikovsky ! The

Psychaos Track

has this same d&b sound he uses since his Cause And Effect album ... I

immediately recognized his sound by listening to Track 4, as usual ... often

the same drum rhythm in his recent Tracks, but that's not a bad Track ...

Voodoo People Track 5 is quite repetitive, but

that's to make you more easily trip into this Track (particularly between

4'30" and 6'15", I love that rhythm ;-))

Ofer's Track 8 starts with mainly d&b, then, at 4'57", Ofer shows you more of

the place he wants to lead you during the Track ! Yes, it seems like you

follow these sounds ... you really feel all is evolving in the Track ... it

seems it stops at 7'00", then the same melody comes back at 7'10" and HERE IT

IS !!!

YEAAAAHHHHH :-))) Really good (particularly with headphones) ! I advise you to

listen to this Track first if you're hesitating to buy this comp ... this

Track is very good, but I must say the other Tracks are not awesome ... it

depends a lot on what you think of Electrosect And Kiss The Future ... if you

liked them, you'll love this one ... if you found them

quite boring (like me), you will only appreciate this one, not more ... but

for me Track 8 is by far the best of the comp because of this unique feeling

(concentrate on the Track to understand its power) :-) Oooh I forgot something

really strange :

can someone explain me WHY Track 2 uses the intro of Space Tribe "Out There In

The Universe" Track ??? Cause that's not an Ollie Wisdom Track ! Rating : 4/10

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Guest swoop

Not much to add to mascoks review. Personally I just LOVE psytechno-trance.

Most of these tracks would rock on the dancefloor for sure!! Cydonia -

Anaconda as the best track but there are not really any bad at all! Best

compilation in a long time!


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I like this compil. The tracks are all right, well chosen, the rhythm of the

compil is ok: darktracks at the begining, morning ones at the end...

nothing to add. I like it. If you liked Kiss the Future And Electrosect, buy


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One of the best Aomtic comp. A little similar to Serial Killaz, but less dark

and more agressive. Also near the end it brightens a lot. Loved all the tracks

but Semsis, Psychaos, and especially Cydonia (cool guitare) and Solaris (great

melody) are the best. 9/10

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Artist: Various

Title: Single Cell

Label: Atomic Records

Date: March, 2000


01. 06'25" Menis : Hamburger
02. 08'12" Aztec : Outer Breath
03. 07'24" Semsis : Storm In A Test Tube
04. 07'54" Psychaos : Techno Logical
05. 07'13" Voodoo People : Chronic
06. 07'43" Cydonia : Anaconda Part 2
07. 07'38" Nucleus : Dark Horse
08. 09'40" Solaris : Extra Mundane
09. 06'14" Morphem : Hypnotone (Rebuilt By Cydonia)



"There are opportunities in life...for gaining knowledge and experience. Sometimes it's necessary to take a risk"





Ecstasy...it can lead to some...questionable choices.


I usually take a pass when it comes to the years 2000-2002. It was a gloomy time not just for psytrance. A black man was the best golfer in the world (coincidentally that is also about the time there was an uptick in doomsday preparations), the dot.com bubble broke wide open and people were losing their sh*t because they thought all the computers would shut down and they couldn't masturbate while firing up a chat room on AOL.


It's just me, but psytrance during that period just wasn't interesting. However, when there is a dark techno element involved my ears perk up and I sit up a little straighter. I'm drawn to the dark, gritty sound that's layered with effects. Somehow I came across this and seeing how we're supposed to get a foot of snow today I figured it would be the perfect time to check in with the dark years. Atomic Reocrds apparently had a history of making psy with that very techno facet and it's the same here. All the tracks here were released on vinyl, but until this compilation never made it to the CD format. Regarding the music there is still that monotonous quality with the loops repeated, but the samples and dark atmosphere make it more interesting than your run of the mill early 2000's psytrance.


Of note, Storm In A Test Tube is by Semsis is just what the doctor ordered with its acid licks and driving rhythm. Clearly the class of this compilation. Psychaos keeps it futuristic and hammers away with Techno Logical. Chronic by Voodoo People sounds extremely sinister


The whole compilation seems to foreshadow a not too distant future of androids and cyber technology where corporations run everything and the huddled masses have little to be joyful about. Not a good life picture, but great music. Aside from some boring repetitive quality and the fact that the Cydonia tracks let me down this one was an enjoyable listen. Hardly essential, but good for a cloudy, stormy day.



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