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Space Tribe - Religious Experience


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Guest Davidtolsn

as is quite common with space tribe, there are some songs i really love (track

8), and some i really hate... and yes, the voice samples are the worst.

especially on tracks 1 and 4. don't dig the singing, although it was an

interesting experiment. it's too bad, some of the music is so good, but the

samples are just overused.. 7/10

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Let's go to defcon 4...we've got a Nic Cage confusion alert! This is happening people!



Olli. No really, Olli...I know this was made 14 years ago, so what's done is done. Water under the bridge. But Nicholas Cage is confused. You see he's had some experience with what you did. You might have noticed that he's been making the same movie for a couple decades and right now he's wondering how could you not know you made the same album 4 years in a row? Long, subpar goa tracks with samples that are still kicking a dead horse. Sure there were good parts in most of the tracks, but the amount of filler material is staggering. The Ultraviolet Catastrophe, The Future's Right Now, 2000 O.D. The Pope album is no different.


Who am I kidding, he ain't listening to this. I'm sure he's more concerned with making the world look ridiculous with his garish clothing line.

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