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Space Tribe - Religious Experience


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Space Tribe - Religious Experience


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Artist: Space Tribe

Title: Religious Experience

Label: Spirit Zone

Date: 2000


Track listing:


01. 09'28" You Wanna Get High

02. 09'01" Dance Like Nobody's Watching

03. 08'18" It Might Lead Anywhere

04. 08'48" You Create Your Own Reality

05. 08'38" God's Chosen People

06. 08'42" Dimension Shift

07. 06'54" Accelerate And Intensify

08. 08'36" Change Your Whole Life




Ok.. This is another nice release from Olli Wisdom!

This album is kinda oldschool compared to the new dark/minimal stuff... Very

Typical Space Tribe sounds

1st track with samples..."You Wanna Get High" and "He just ate the most acid I

ever seen anyone eat in my life" Sounds just floating and building up... then

going crazy...more of sounds just played and lots of ditortion and pitching...

and resonance! 2nd track picks up fast... a whispery voice talking about

Instructions of life... with sweeps behind...then it starts .. very distorted

sounds...with a nice driving bassline...I didnt like this track much.. too

much talking...

Maybe I have to hera it many times...3rd track starts nicely... bassline is

killer... with psy sounds all over...nothing special.. very old school...4th

track.. Olli is singing in this ??? what the fuck ? I dunno very wierd.. didnt

like it much.. could have done better without the singing....the track

ptherwise has some nice low frequency sounds towards the end...5th track was

on the Solipse mp3 compilation... quite a nice one... with some nice old

sounds...and samples...a crazy break in this one.. very old school !!!!My fav

track of the album! 6th track has a lot of percussion in it... and ol school

sounds from deep going to high and coming down again.. and then going up...

like that very confused.. old sound.. and it evolves into something great...

amazing best track!!! THIS ONE RULES! Best track...7th track has some nice

chords and percussions..making it sound a little melodic but soothing.. nice

one...8th track is prolly the most hard track on this album... many spacey sou!

nds.. just taking youn diffrent places... very nices breaks.. creepy spine

tingling sounds.. very nice bassline.. i like this one.. Overall its hard to

judge this album but for track (5,6, 8,) 7/10!!

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when i listen to this, i think that he really tries to go after the new gms

style, and i think he borrows quite a few of hallucinogen's techniques, and i

think that it's too "typical" and been done many times before, and i think

that sometimes it might be too simple and predictable, and i think that his

samples are a bit too much =) the bottom line is, you can find flaws anywhere,

but even with all its flaws, this is still really really good trance! thanks

olli, 7/10

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Guest Goa Spirit

Well ollie is my god, but i have to say that this album has dissapointed me...

maybe i was expecting too much..

Track 4 is what put me off. why the hell is he singing? I like tracks 5 and

6... but this is not like a normal space tribe release, where a majority of

the tracks rock and there are no bad tracks.. this one is going back from 2000

OD. which when released was probably the best album ever... Anyway Ollie will

be back again hopeflly with an album which will rock us in 2001.. I give this

album a 7/10.

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Guest [Anonymous]

I don't know, i don't like Space Tribe, i never have so i don't like this

release either. It's actually worse than the old stuff, which was already bad.

But please Olli, Shut The Fuck Up!!!! What the hell are you singing for.

Sounds like a bad industrial song or whatever. Actually this is the worst

record i have heard in a while, and the worst record released on Spirit Zone

since... yes, the last Space Tribe album. I really don't know why Spirit Zone

is releasing this, it sounds so outdated, and Spirit Zone has been going in

such a great direction with Funt D and Spirallianz and the singles by Martian

and Sangeet and Necton. Oh well, my grade 1/10. Sorry Olli, you might have

been cool a few years ago, but maybe you should retire or change your sound

and not bring out a sixth album that sounds llike all the other ones.

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Guest [Anonymous]



God's Chosen People -- Dancefloor filler.. great energy track.. 6 - dimension

shift.. this is the stuff!! album is gaining in popularity.. hearing it in a

lot of parties!!!! buy it now... it grows on ya.

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Guest 3001[at]trigun[dot]com

good album, picked it up cuz it was the only thing i could find, i'm more a fan

of more acidy more melodic stuffs, but still it's good, cept i really really

really don't like track 4, it bothers me a lot, i really like the intro, but

come on, must we return to boring old synthpop?...that track just interrupts

the whole album, so i can't have a delightful listening, i must get up and

switch to the next song...but other than that i *LOVE* DIMENSION SHIFT=D, the

first sound really is GREAT, and then the samples...ahhh, heaven^_^...i love

his use of samples, far too few psy/goa producers seem to use samples...and

they can set the mood so well...but anyways I like the vibe of the cd, cept

for that stupid synthpop wanna be track(cept i like the beginning, why

couldn't he of thrown that on right before dimension shift then mixed into

that illy sound?!:( woulda made all the difference...)

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Guest chriz78[at]hotmail[dot]com

GREAT ALBUM! Whatever people might say i think it rules major....


And the singing/talking rules too, esp. the singning on "You create your own

reality" it works sooooo good!

.peace and love.kriz

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Guest mikrozomme[at]bgvirtual[dot]zzn[

Olli,you are great again!!!!I wanna get higher!!!!When a friend asks me what

good psy trance is I play him Space Tribe.The album rulez!!!!So many

stomping,scratching,squeezing psy sounds.Olli is the psychedelic priest!I like

all his lyrics.I wanna get high & Dimension Shift-best tracks on it.9/10

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Thank you Olli for the positive message! Although the samples may seem a little

obvious to the jaded few, this is surely what it's all about, and why we're

all into this sort of music instead of mainstream stuff.It's all about

evolution and the bigger picture in the end, and the vibe is the most

important part of this picture ,not whether the guy's using the latest

equipment or fashionable sounds,surely?

Even the singing doesn't put me off-as a veteran of many squat parties in the

80's it brings back a few funny memories, I can tell you!This album rocks."It

may change your whole life"-certainly if you act on the information contained


"You are God"-we all are.

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Guest rosembli[at]globo[dot]com

full on psychedelic pop trance I can consider....

good work by Olli...8/10 for the style

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Guest Anarchia e Amore

Track 4 is bad? No. I like it. It's Goa with Punk-Elements. This track

symbolize my live. I love Goa, for me is it the best music and i go often to

partys. But on the other hand, i'm a punk. I hate the police (in my eyes they

are all fascists), the society, the capital and our state (Switzerland). With

my friends i fight against the police in the Streets of Zurich.

I think that Punk and Goa has a little bit paralleles: both cultures are

outlaws, but goa make no resistance against the capital (that's not so good).

But overall i like goa.

(Please people, come to Zurich in the second weekend in January. We need help

at the demonstration against the World Economic Formum placed in Davos. The

police was to strong this year. DEMOCRACY IS DEAD.)

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  • 2 months later...
Guest titiknar[at]caramail[dot]com

A really really good album ! Full of distorted sounds, really great !

Olli you're my God, thanx you to still make good music like that !


My rate : 9.5/10... Buy it !!!!

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Guest Jäätelöautomaatti [at]mail[dot]c

How can someone make the same sound for over 5 years ??? This stuff is

terrible, Space Tribe u gotta move on !

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  • 2 months later...
Guest [Anonymous]

i didnt like it. his tring to hard to make it sound like good stuf by making

alot of stupid noyses,but its not good at all.i seen him in live and he was ok

no more and no less.olly relax you dont have to make to much noise to proove

you are crazy just work on good ideas and how to develop a track...

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Guest Cannibal

This sounds like it was written and performed by a bunch of 15 year olds

running a tracker program. Production quality is not the best and the puerile

song titles should tell you what you need to know.


This is cheesy full-on trance at it's best (or worst, depending on your

perspective). This is not my style of music, but this album is Da Dud. Rather

try GMS if you're looking for some well-produced (erk) full-on stuff. 3.5/10

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  • 1 month later...
Guest Lou

Same old shit.I guess the conservative take only acid goa drug snobs will be

pleased with this...Good killing joke type cover. Keep the cover, just insert

your own cubase or fruityloop Jerk-off...You'll probably do better than this.

This is years after Tantra Mantra which was good fun;It's ok to stop...

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  • 1 month later...

I've listened it a bit more and actually forgotten about it...That says

all...Last time I've listened, those voice samples killed my every single hope

in this album...Only DANCE LIKE NOBODY'S WATCHING that is hypnotic and

psychedelic is worth some attention still...Maybe DIMENSION SHIFT


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