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V/A - Re-Evolution 2 - Time

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implant    0

V/A - Re-Evolution 2 - Time


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Artist: Various

Title: Re-Evolution 2 - Time

Label: Flying Rhino

Date: 1999


Track listing:


CD 1

01. 09'50" Gus Till And Paul Jackson : Monkey In The Black Sky

02. 05'41" Western Rebel Alliance : Fly

03. 07'03" Boom Devil : Mean

04. 04'36" Tripple Game : Dadaex

05. 08'11" Atmos : Always In Control

06. 04'49" Red Seal : Cool Down

07. 04'26" Tripple Game : Osman 2

08. 04'22" Ralf Hildenbeutel : One Day

09. 06'43" Boom Devil : Call Her Name

10. 09'20" Darshan : Spectra


CD 2

01. 10'35" Excession : Mysterium

02. 02'58" 12 Moons : Oomph

03. 04'22" Son Kite : Unfamiliar

04. 03'18" Excession : Skein

05. 02'50" Corellian : Fathoms (Bed Rocker Original)

06. 03'53" Digitalis : Fuck The Siren

07. 07'44" Planet BEN : Breakbeator

08. 03'59" Digitalis : Untitled Break Tune

09. 07'27" Corellian : Fathoms (The Reprise)

10. 06'29" Cass vs Slide : Diablo (Evolution Mix)

11. 06'24" Planet BEN : Pulse

12. 08'07" Manmademan : Desire (Bumbling Loons Rmx)


CD 3

01. 07'42" Gus Till : Speechless

02. 07'08" Atmos : Bad 2 The Bone

03. 04'56" Kuro : K.T.T

04. 04'41" Tristan Vs A Green Nun : Babel Fish

05. 06'56" Planet BEN : Peacemaker

06. 05'38" 12 Moons : Smell Of Sprackv

07. 05'40" Manmademan : Halt Production

08. 04'59" Arcadia : Psychological FX

09. 07'09" Bamboo Forest : Osmose

10. 07'33" Bamboo Forest : Goodwind




I was very delighted with first compilation...and the second one is great

too...if it's not

even better;)) First CD, which is mixed by James Monro, is ambient one and it

gives us

some great relaxing tunes...it starts with very "dreamy" song called "Monkey in

the Black Sky", after that "WRA" brings us great track called fly...it has

some slow rythm and

that "peacefull" guitar sample. I will mention "Atmos" from first

cd...maaaan...this man knows how to make tracks...i can't describe this...you

just must hear it...there's also "Red Seal" with "Cool Down"...atmospheric too

with some nigro singing...;)) How it goes to the end, this cd speeds up a

litle and ends with "Darshan"...

...Now we come to CD 2. On the start you see that this CD will be litle faster

than previous. It seems that it's just a "brigde" between CD1, which is

ambient, and CD2

which is real hard stompin' trance (like we're used to hear from FR). Great

tracks here too but nothing so special for me... well maybe just two last

songs which are trance tracks;))...

...CD3.whoa...I love 3rd cd...hard songs for the dark nights..;)it brings you

slowly in with

"Speechless", then "Atmos" takes you in control, in his repetitive recognisable


Track i don;t really like is "Kuro - KTT". And now "A DIAMOND;) "Babel Fish"...

man this will drive you crazy...what a track...it has some kind of "fat"


it's totaly "my mind compatible" ;)) after that we have "12 Moons - Smell of


and "ManMadeMan - Halt Production"...just two average songs;(...then "Arcadia -

Psychological FX" whaaaalaaa....if i just had oportunity to hear this track on

a party i think that i would go mad...it has that

"Psy.....psy...psy........psychological efects.." crazy

sample....you must hear this...to believe. And on the end nice two songs from

"Bamboo Forest". Nice end...This was very good voyage, indeed ;)))))))

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freak51    3

Ehh. FR has released far, far better stuff. This is choc-full of progressive.

Highlights include "Always in Control", "Osman 2", "KTT", "Desire",

"Goodwind", "Osmose". There is enough here for one great CD, or three

basically poor CDs with a couple of good tracks on each one. Implant, I

notice the only track you didn't like is the only one that blew me away. So

it's not surprising I wasn't keen on this one while you adored it. I find the

"Psy - psy - psy - psychological effects" sample very, very annoying and the

keeping-it-real[TM] singing on Cool Down made me want to hurl all over my disc

player. HOWEVER, I must give full points to FR for trying a truly different

thing though. If they keep up with this kind of innovation, they're sure to

hit on something that grabs me by the shorts again, like Darshan - Awakening

or First Flight did all those years ago. 10/10 for effort, 4/10 for


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Guest Antic   
Guest Antic

First - the Cass mix (CD #2). Most of the tracks in Cass' mix are drum'n'bass,

breaktrance or ambientish stuff and only three last tracks have straight 4/4

beat. Is it bad? Hell no! Though it's very calm and relaxed it has some kind

of power - maybe not enough to move your feet, but surely enough to make you

smile ;-) All of the tracks have very worked-out drum loops and breaks, some

depend more on strings and pads (1, 5, 9 or 10) while the others create

atmosphere with twisted acid sounds (especially 2, 3, 4, 6 and 8). Even though

Cass Vs Slide's "Diablo" sounds like commercial club-trance it fits perfectly

in the set. Best tracks? Definately both Digitalis, Planet BEN, 12 Moons and

Son Kite's ones!!! Without doubt the best CD of the three, so for this disc

alone 9/10! The 3rd disc of this compilation was meant to be full-on, night

music. It?s of course faster than the two other discs and more dark, but maybe

not hard enough for my taste. Most of the tracks are very minimalistic, none

of them has a real melody and the basis for them are wicked acid sounds! I

didn?t really liked the first one (too monotonous) and Atmos? track has

nothing interesting in it either. Kuro?s track is interesting (nice tweaked

acid!), but the good impression is spoiled by fucked-up mastering ? there?s

just to many highs/treble in it!!! Best tracks start from Tristan Vs A Green

Nun?s "Babel Fish" (great "melody") and it?s really gettin? higher and higher

with every track. As for now I can?t tell which track is the winner, because

they?re all good and the mixing is perfect. At the first listen 4, 6, 9 and 10

will probably drag your attention, so maybe they?re the best ones? It?s only

shame, that "Babel Fish" (4) is so short? Anyway, this is very good CD and it

gets 8/10.

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Guest mobiustrip   
Guest mobiustrip

disk 1 - generally alright until this one track with soul-ish vocals comes in

and spoils the whole thing - can't say what it's called from memory although

from freak51's review i suspect it's "cool down" - you'll know when you hear

it because it sticks out like a sore thumb, doesn't belong in this mix at all.


disk 2 - I like this mix because it's got alot of variety to it, even if the

first couple of tracks sound uncomfortably like its going to be a cheesy house

set...nice psychedelic breaks in the middle and more solid finish


disk 3 - supposed to be harder stuff but not really very hard, still some nice

tracks but doesn't hang together very well as a whole...favourites are the

atmos track, the manmademan track and the 2 from bamboo forest at the end. In

fact the 2nd half of the disk would be pretty nice indeed if it weren't for

"psychological effects", the voice in that song is managable the first time,

but by the time the track ends you're ready to throttle the guy. If anyone's

heard the track "something for your mind" by speedy j (its a techno track)

you'll know what I'm talking about.


Overall not a bad release, my favourite is disk 2 which is good to put on and

chill out to at sunset (if you don't plan on partying the rest of the night ;)

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Guest Weird Planet Earth   
Guest Weird Planet Earth

Hmmm, the first cd, the freestyle cd, is the second best freestlye mix out from

the Flying boys. The trance mix, or maybe just techno mix by Cass seems a bit

confused. He jumps from club to house to jungle to breakbeat to trance to psy

with out much consideration for the listener or dancer, and it ends up a bit

yucky. Lastly, the trance mix is wicked, but for the psychological FX sample,

very annoying, reminds me of happy hartcore. If you gonna buy any of the

series go for vol 1 and vol. 4.

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abasio    232

If you gonna buy any of the

series go for vol 1 and vol. 4.


Shit NO! If you're going to buy any from the series then buy this one. It is by far and away the best one, and I love all of this series.


The 1st CD is a beautiful chilled out mix. It's varied but everything goes together well. Highlights for me are Gus Till & Paul Jackson - Monkey In The Black, Western Rebel Alliance - Fly, Atmos - Always In Control, Boom Devil - Call Her Name. In other words the mix is great to have so many highlights


The 2nd CD is also very varied but it's all slower progressive. Some of it might be thought of as progressive house or progressive trance or progressive psy trance but it's all good and Cass once again shows us what he (was) made of wwith a really good quality mix. He brings tunes alive that I don't particularly like individually. highlights though are Son Kite - Unfamiliar, Excession - Skein, Corellian - Fathom (both mixes) and ManMadeMan - Desire.


The 3rd CD for me took a bit of getting into. The 1st few tracks are surprisingly disapointing but after Tristan vs A Green Nun - Babel Fish, they are all great. It's hard to pick stand outs from such great tracks but credit must go to 12 Moons - Smell of Sprack and the 2 Bamboo Forest tracks.


In short this is a fantastic purchase. 3 Fuckin' Blindin' CDs all worth the price on their own. I picked up my 2nd copy of this (my 1st is in storage and I really wanted to listen to this again) for 10 euros. I've seen it cheap on ebay too. I'd say buy it. It's GREAT!!!

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abasio    232

When I was 25 folks, as you can see I was a real fuckin' charmer.

I stand by everything I said though more than a decade ago, the only thing I'd change is my opinion of the beginning of CD3, it's great, not disappointing at all. CD3 is one of my all time favourite mixes. It just oozes brilliance I live it. The two Bamboo Forest tracks at the end are pure class.


Flying Rhino Records released some too notch stuff and all three of these discs are up there with the best they released, and there's three if them. I've owned this for 17 years (fucking feel old here) and this still gets regular listens.


Of Flying Rhino compilations I'd say that this, Black Rhino, Third Flight - Slipstream, Singularity snd Singularity 2:001 are the best.


Outside of Flying Rhino, overall I prefer the more colourful Goa, think First Flight and Retrodelica on FRR but the Rhino boys did this style so well that I love this kind of music (CD3) more than the old school stuff on first flight :D


Edit: I cannot believe how cheaply you can buy this compilation.


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Goa-Head    77

on amazon there is a stash for £1.98 from zoverstocks aka music_magpie or something like that.

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