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V/A - Planet Goa 1

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Anoebis    432

V/A - Planet Goa 1


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Artist: Various

Title: Planet Goa 1

Label: Nova Tekk

Date: 1999


Track listing:


CD 1

01. 07'53" X-Dream : Blah

02. 06'31" Vapour : Sneeky Spasm

03. 07'53" Power Source : Memory Bubble

04. 07'09" Illuminatus : Hope (Oliver Lieb Rmx)

05. 06'53" Der Dritte Raum : Hale Bopp

06. 08'26" Interactive : Ten Minutes To Sunset

07. 04'25" Tristan : Martian Arts

08. 07'55" Xerox : Galactic

09. 05'52" FLA : Evil Playground (Cydonia Rmx)


CD 2

01. 07'10" Astral Projection : Power Gen (Live)

02. 07'50" Shakta : Lepton Head

03. 06'44" SUN Project : Casio Paya

04. 07'41" X-Dream : Radiohead (Rmx)

05. 07'33" Tarsis : Into The Static

06. 09'43" Fools And Tools : Hundrets Of Sunsets (Edit 37)

07. 07'00" Malarkey : Stabilise

08. 04'53" Time Machine : Illucinate

09. 08'18" Disco Slickers : I Think ...




A Mediocre compilation with all kinds of Goa-Trance! One thing is very strange

on this album; ALL songs on this CD from German groups are NOT good at all!!

Luckely we also have some Israeli work and UK stuff on it!!! Best songs; CD1:

3,6,7&9 CD2:1,2,8

Bom Shankar

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Guest quirk[at]freemail[dot]nl   
Guest quirk[at]freemail[dot]nl

I Don't agree with you anoebis, this CD is pretty cool. It's just because there

is so much diversion on it, rather than churn out that same Israeli style time

and time again, we've heard that by now. Listen to Interactive, it's pretty

cool but almost 1:1 copy from an Astral Projection song. (Or is this AP just

writing under a different name?) German stuff is great here also, just listen

to X-Dream and Fools And Tools. Just bliss. I salute the Germans for bringing

life to the scene. I tire of people that just want to hear that old style

melodic goa. I mean, it's pretty good, and I don't mind hearing it at all,

just the contrary. But German goa is darker, grittier, meaner and sometimes

even better. Just let your mind go on this music. It's worth it. 8/10 from me

here. (for the compilation that is) :-)

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Guest esthermata[at]racsa.co[dot]cr   
Guest esthermata[at]racsa.co[dot]cr

I agree with quirk.

Guitar in particular gives a great energy to the performance, it's about time

for you to try something different. You shouldn't be so rigid anoebis!

It may be true , they compilate a bit but furtunatelly there are a lot

different tastes and opinions. We are all different.

The grup is great and their charisma with the audience is highly appreciated.

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seraph    14

This compilation is 60-40...Half of this double cd compilation is stunning CD1

: 1,2,3,4,5,6,9 and CD2 : 1,2,3,4,6. Rest of the second disc is very very bad

but totally very good compilation...The only problem is that they complied it

so roughly, the styles between are so different and apsurdic....


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seraph    14

I have to fix myself now....both 7 and 8 songs i like now so the whole first

disc is good...same for the second disc where I liked now Tarsis song....so,

the grade is now different CD 1 : 9/10 ( only cause the styles are so

different and unconectable between themselves ) and second one 8/10 ( cause of

dreadful Disco Slickers slick and Malarkey very boring song )...

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Trance2MoveU    408



Skeptical hippo has been down this road before. Welcome to the first in a five part series called...y'all ain't foolin' nobody! How many times have we seen it. Compilations screaming goa from the rooftops, but upon further inspection we discover the emperor is butt ass nekkkid! But I'm about to get to the, uh...bottom of this.






That's right...I'm bout to go deep under cover. Y'all be like "Where Mike at?" I gots 5 volumes of Planet Goa and am on a mission to find out how much of it is actually goa related. My guess? 80/20 the wrong f*cking way. The German portion sounds very German. Clinical and precise without a lot of variation. Simple bass lines, takes forever to get to the f*cking point...you know what I'm talking about. A few observations:


Blah has a thumping bass line, but really lived up to its track title.


Sneaky Spasm - Blah II...the yawning.


Memory Bubbles - Classic from PS with shimmery melodies and alien sounds. The class of the first disc.


Hope - As in I hope the Germans don't f*ck up the rest of this compilation. Dated dream trance.


Hale Bopp - More Gernan dream trance precision. Timid and harmless. Moving on.


Ten Minutes To Sunset - I kinda liked it. It threatened to take off and become bad ass, but then dovetailed into a drunk guido from the Jersey shore after last call screaming "Do you know who the f*ck I am!?!" Uh, no...no I don't.


Martian Arts - Zzzzzz.....


Galactric - Most of this sounded like he was trying to figure out how to turn his equipment on. It got better, but only just.


Evil Playground - You can never go wrong with some industrial and Tim doesn't disappoint with this psychedelic beast of a remix.


Power Gen - It's Astral back when Astral knew how to be Astral.


Lepton Head (Deedrah Remix) - Absolute classic goa trance.


Casio-Paya - Good stuff from CS. And it's not easy for me to say that.


Radiohead (Remix) - German masters make psytrance. Not bad.


Into the Static - Meh.


Hundreds of Sunsets -


Stabilise - The track flatlined until nearly the 4 minute mark and then received a 303 transplant to rise from the dead! Fun game...how many times is the word stabilise repeated? Answer...too many.


Illucinate - Gets pretty crazy on the back end. The sample "Just how far will some people go...for a thrill?" is awesome. More awesome than the track unfortunately.


I Think...that this track didn't live up to its potential.


It's actually not a bad compilation with some really good goa mixed in with some not terrible psytrance. Final tally...8 goa tracks out of 18 and I suppose that's being generous. So around a 60/40 spilt. How much you wanna bet that value will increase as the volumes do?

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How much you wanna bet that value will increase as the volumes do?


It's funny you say that because it's actually the truth.

There are many compilations that bear the title 'Goa' and there's no actual goa music in the disc.

It's disappointing.

We never had the chance to check these series but maybe the first series have more goa music than the last ones.

The same happened with the Goa-Head series and probably many others.

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