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Earthling - Patterns

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Children    4

Earthling - Patterns


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Artist: Earthling

Title: Patterns

Label: Acidance

Date: 2002


Track listing:


01. 07'06" Contact High

02. 06'34" Pagan Poetry

03. 07'47" The Catalyst

04. 05'50" Psychofunkfamily

05. 07'15" Fraggle's Rock

06. 07'07" Sticky Technology

07. 07'44" Stalagmitis

08. 07'59" LSD Story

09. 07'00" Patterns




Kinda GMS-like, but still, there's a real effort put in it, and it's not all

100% GMS predictable formula, actually tracks are a bit more melodic and quite

various, probably because all of them are built from collaborations between

Celli and artists like Paul Taylor, Nick Barber and Riktam to name a few.

My absolute favourite : track 7 ! This one has a fat bass, nice percussions,

good melodies and its own style. Must be a real hit loud at parties. It kinda

reminds me Logic Bomb.

The overall production is nice, and I think this album deserves to be one of

the best ones of the year in this GMS-style so many albums try to copy without

much success.

Rating : 6.5/10

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Guest Vbrunner   
Guest Vbrunner

Certainly there are influences from GMS and other artists here but the sound is

a bit heavier. Unfortunately there are only a few real killers - #5, 7 and 8.

But the rest of them also work nicely if I'm in the right mood :)

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Jalliuz    0

I would say it sounds more like Biodegredable's phaser... not really the GMS

sound... But anyway, without saying that it sounds like something else I think

it's a very very nice CD. And some songs will definately work on parties.

I think we can be glad that there is so much new-sounding psy lately... I have

nothing against it at all if they would sound like another good group, i would

just say great!

How can you say that it's not good cuz it sounds like great music? This cd is

for me worth a 8/10 and people on "my dancefloor" will hear from this one soon


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Trance2MoveU    372

I liked this. I think it sounds better than the majority of full-on out there today.



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