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Midi Miliz - Passages

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Insejn    63

Midi Miliz - Passages


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Artist: Midi Miliz

Title: Passages

Label: Boshke Beats

Date: 2002


Track listing:


01. Interleaved

02. Phenomena

03. The Missing Guest

04. No Exit

05. Format

06. Aeromode

07. Stalker

08. Baxandall

09. Mrs Vargas

10. Starz




Compared to their first album this is pretty much the same. Bouncy, noisy and

weird drums. It's repetetive, ofcourse. But it will surely kill some floors.

Atleast track #4 wich is the hardest and darkest of them all. And #2 wich

should not be forgotten. Nice atmosphere and floating beat. If you like more

technoinfluenced psy you will like this. But I'm not a big fan. Fun to play

loud tho :)

Final Verdict: 6/10

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Guest Rx7style   
Guest Rx7style

This is definitely unusual work revealed by Germany's talents, Wayan Raabe and

Arne Schaffhausen. Just like some of their EP releases I've caught before, I

would call this psy-tech noise. It's very interesting and definitely stands

out from the norm. Emphasis is placed on quick repeating, high-energy sounds

that act as percussive layers, which incidentally act as hypnotic

trance-inducing chaos. All tracks carry the flavour of a depurative and dark

atmosphere, with the occasional build of comparatively uplifting bass line

melody. For this reason a funky, house like essence is created which I can

only see as adding to the wonderful collage of now un-classifiable music. I

wont write track by track analysis because I dont need to. While each track

is befitting of the entire album's theme, they all vary wonderfully and have

their own depth and charisma. Crunchy sounds, distortion to the right extent,

and eerie/spacey synths & riffs top off most tracks to attain the chaotic

psychedelia I now know uniquely as the Midi Miliz sound. Best tracks are

1,2,5,8,9 track 5 is killer. 9/10 for uniqueness!!!

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Guest Russ   
Guest Russ

This album is a masterwork. Not nearly as "itchy and scratchy" as their earlier

midimiliz stuff, and not nearly as "gloom and doom" as their delta work. This

is the most mature work to come out of the elmshorn masters to date. I don't

want to describe each track, because they all work to build an overall

feeling, a feeling of being lost in hash and lost in space. The soundscapes

are very subtle and morph gently, unlike the more noise-tech work of before. I

am truly amazed away by this one. Less high-octane and more high-quality

smoke, which suits me just fine. Also Boshke Beats fueled by the genius of

Inga does a fine job in packaging this one. The most original album of the

year along with Yumade's. 10/10!

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freak51    3

OH ... MY ... GOD !! This release tops their last one and becomes my new

favourite psy album of all time. Hypnotic, revolutionary, brilliant. 10/10.

This crew leaves everyone else behind except (arguably) Kopfuss Resonator,

X-Dream and various side projects.

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Guest Psydark Light   
Guest Psydark Light



the album is n my hand , but I expect much more from midi miliz !


anyway nice matter !

even if I like the old much more , this album made very well and catch me on

many noises that freak me out of this world !

very hard to listen to for middle psy fans

but after a few ears you get this album strike to vens and you can't come back

to reality !




good production

less melodies :( --

very good beats

good for home listening !

I enjoy this buying ! EVEN if I like midi miliz's old stuffs much more !

if you like techno , this one is very good!

favorites : 2 3 8 nothing killass , but nice illusions .

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Guest Dr G   
Guest Dr G

I can't quite agree with some of the adulations given above, probably because I

prefer clearer and crisper sounds, but I have to had it to these guys for

coming up with an original and atmospheric sound. The cover conveys the "lost

in space with the intercom intermittently cutting out" feeling of the music -

awesome in the sense of both terrifying and uplifting. Highly recommended, and

could probably even open some techno die-hard's eyes. 9/10 ~*~

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Starkraver    869

Would be nice to know what people think of this album after 17 years of its release.


IMO this is a solid album. 

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