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V/A - Otherwise

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V/A - Otherwise


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Artist: Various

Title: Otherwise

Label: Baluns

Date: 2001


Track listing:


01. 09'16" Digby And Oliver : Human

02. 08'08" Gegga : Dead Crows Don't Fly

03. 06'03" Defolder : Bioformat

04. 06'51" Trimatic : Pooloop

05. 06'59" Holy Ghost : Zombie Assassin

06. 06'54" Kopfuss Resonator : Bronco

07. 05'40" Samuel L Session : Gotcha

08. 06'49" New Disco Science Alliance: Twisted Psychedelic Freedomfighters

09. 06'36" Zenglodon : On The Porch

10. 08'02" Pope Of Gegga : Filterpenna

11. 07'23" KAB : Trasktrance




Wooooooow! Killer compilation! Awesome! This rocks!. Mark my words, this

is going to be HUGE! Baluns Records is a division of the MPDQX/Digital

Structures label group, and that's always a sign of quality. I have

listened to this NON STOP since I got this. This has got to be some of the most

intelligent, insane [Ehh.. slight contradiction! *s*], mind-blowing,

ass-moving, foot-stomping progressive minimal trance I have heard in a

LONG time. Daaaaaaaaaaaamn!. I can't believe this. It's sounds silly, but

seriously there isn't a single bad track on this compilation! Go get this

MASTERPIECE right now and listen for yourself and turn the volume to max.

I guarantee you - you will not be disappointed! My whole faith in

progressive trance has been revitalized with this.. The new breed! From now on,

every release will be compared to this! It makes me wish I was Swedish!

Aaaaargh. I've got the biggest smile on my face just writing this review! Cutting

edge cover-art too. Thanx so much Muellart & Henriksson for making this

jewel! As the cover notes suggests: Listen, Loose it & Enjoy! :o) Enough said -

just go get this right noooooooooow! 9.7/10

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Guest Evilben

Ok, i just know one track, the one from Samuel L. Session, and if the whole

comp follows the same way... it may be very nice ! for other killers from

samuel (one of the first techno maker i heard), check out "cycling",& "a

bastard work is never done". Bom!

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Guest Mescalinium

Have to agree with all the positive comments above. This comp puts the

progressive back in progressive trance. That's right, actual progress into

unexplored regions of electronic fusion. While not all of the tracks are

spectacular (the Kopfuss Resonator song comes to mind, I was never a big fan

of them) the entire project just oozes with quality. Not surprising since its

crafted by the skilled practitioners marcus and sebastion of son kite.

Personal favorites include the opening number by digby and oliver, trimatic's

pooloop, holy ghost's contribution zombie assasin, and (of course) the new

disco science alliance track psychedelic freedom fighters. Just so you know,

trimatic = son kite, new disco science alliance = ticon, pope of gegga =

p-woland, zenglodon = praecox + 1/2 of tromesa, and defolder = dj sangeet.

I'd also like to say one more thing in terms of release policy. In an era

when record companies increasingly cut off the number of tracks released on

vinyl LP's, ostensibly to make more money off singles, all 11 tracks on this

album were also on the LP (on two records). Certainly a worthwhile investment

in either medium. 9/10.

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Guest Seb Mullaert

Thanks for your comments about this Baluns compilation ... we're very happy

about it and we're also happy that more than us appriciate a more experimental

development of the so called tech/trance ...

To MG ... yes it's Digby & Oliver from Melbourne!


Take care



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An excellent compil... And if You like Holy Ghost then check out their releases

on a german well-known PURE TECHNO label tresor records, it is strong techno,

with a trancey beat. Hehhh... it's been over a year since I've used holy ghost

in a trance set... But in that time nobody believed me that techno and trance

could fit ;) And the zombie assasin itself is an old techno track... but still

great. In my opinion mpdqx does the best job on the scene. Thanx guys!

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Guest Defbydelta...

Hooooooly Gooooooooooooooooooose!!

this is a real killer Compil I swear to PsyGod!

think if the pump this in "big Brother" for 100 days!!=)

that would bee some fun stuff hah!!

it gives u the a fealing of another dimension! u cant stop digg it befour its

ovah.. and the u whant it to start again.. its pure swedish



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Same people writing the same old praising reviews for this piece of techno come

house. Lets not confuse the issue, this is nice but hey its not Psy trance-you

are more than likely to hear Digweed spinning this at a hairdressers

convention and I dont think you will hear Matt Boom spinning this!

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.. this is awesome , only one track i don't like and that is the Defolder one ,

the sounds are a bit to strange for me ... killers are 1,2,4,5,8 and 10 .. i

was pleasantly surprised with the gegga/pope of gegga tracks .. that's the

kind of psychedelic techno i realy like :-) .. and ofcourse , all this is

mastered at the high hat studio's so the soundquality is superb ... i'm realy

looking forward to hear more Baluns ...

no further comments - 9/10

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  • 11 months later...

Dead Crows Don't Fly, but I certainly did after a night of dropping acid, and

putting this on... I applauded when this song finished. Someone wrote Minimal

is like b/w photo's, there may be a weakness of analogy in that statement -

Either way it sounds excellent.

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Guest Tchankov I.V.

No, I guest it's pretty good analogy, MG, in Black'n'White the details come

sharp! The image unfolds... Quite a good compilation IMO, creates some

structure in thin air. Well, I guess that's actually what the real minimal is

all about. You just have to take heed of it if your GOAt strayed the road that

far! Btw, no one mentioned closing track by KAB, but it's worthy one too -

extremely entrancing. 8/10 for the whole thing. Tchankov I.V. (civ604@mail.ru)

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Well, here's a release nominated as practically the release of the millenium. Just goes to show taste differs :o)


This is minimal, alright, but not getting to me hard. Not that the tracks fail miserably in any way, sure, but over all I find that the tracks doesn't deliver either. They just stay deep without a reward in the end. It's one long suspense and I would have liked to see a little more developing in the tracks.


Still, put on at the VERY right hour, where minimal Atmos inspired music is the keyword, Otherwise might do the trick. Perhaps not for 70 minutes then, but Zombie Assassin and Twisted Psychedelic Freedomfighters does have their charm for a 6 something minutes deep inner voyage.

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