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Bypass Unit - On A Trance Mission

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Guest Anwane[at]teleline[dot]es

Bypass Unit - On A Trance Mission


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Artist: Bypass Unit

Title: On A Trance Mission

Label: Hypnotic

Date: 1995


Track listing:


01. 05'32" Body Alert

02. 06'27" Cosmic Trance

03. 05'34" Floating Dreams

04. 07'24" Hypnotic Voice

05. 07'16" Erotic Air-Man

06. 06'29" Cetnie

07. 06'47" Go Closer

08. 07'49" Raid

09. 08'17" Steps

10. 09'13" Legs

11. 07'08" Rare Bones




Nice album. Old goa style.Very melodic.8/10

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Guest rx7style

Very very old school. I actually bought this album after I purchased Green

Dreams, Bypass Unit's next album. Needless to say, this one had less minor

harmonies, which I have deemed to be true melodic goatrance. These melodies

are very uplifting, and I would almost just consider this album trance.

However, it was in the innovative stage back then, and Bypass Unit evolved

into a pretty decent psytrance group.


In any case, there are simple basslines, not too many layers [i think the most

I have ever counted was eight], but the worst tracks are "Erotic Air-Man" and

"Rare Bones". For some reason, those tracks really seemed to lack any

thoughtful musical composition.


Anyway, it's so hard to compare old albums like this to new, but this was a

great album when I first heard it. 7.5/10

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I must say I'm stonished to see that I'm only the 3rd reviewer of this good

album!! IMO, this is one of the oldschool albums in my collection that holds

up best to time!! OK, some tracks are average, but hey, this was made in 95

and IMO it is BETTER than Dropz of Obscure Eclipses!! 8/10

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Guest Davidtolsn

at first it sounds good. tracks 1, 2, and 4 are pretty nice. but it gets to the

point of being ultra-repetitive cheese that i just don't like. unless you must

have every old school cd i'd stay away from this one. 5/10

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An album from the time when goa was rising and we had warm, non aggressive atmospheres.


It is quite a good album, but not that essential. Their next two are quite essential. 7/10

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This album is not pure goa it's an hybrid style: early 1990's trance with goa elements. It's like the oldest tracks of Blue planet corporation but less elaborate, less deep, more cheesy. Anyway it's not bad it's decent but not great. If you are looking for monster old school goa classics don't get this.

This album is for nostalgic trance lovers only. By the way I really like track 1 for some reason it's a nice opening track, gently sets the mood for the rest.

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