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Saafi Brothers - Midnight's Children

Guest jsbedard

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Guest jsbedard

Saafi Brothers - Midnight's Children


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Artist: Saafi Brothers

Title: Midnight's Children

Label: Blue Room

Date: 2000


Track listing:


01. Altered Future

02. Into States Of Consciousness

03. Free Senses

04. Wellness Farm

05. Mystical Chants

06. Degravitating

07. The Deep Part 1

08. The Witness

09. The Deep Part 2




Gabriel le Mar And Michael Kohlbecker deliver us an excellent new

psychedelic/downtempo album. Sounds a little bit like the first album, very

chilled, very soft and mellow but with new sounds. I prefer a little bit the

first album for the melodies and the general ambiance but i think there's

more work on this release. The track 2 is actually my favorite but the

others are pretty well too. They've followed the path of the first album but

with new perception of music. Very enjoyable indeed. 9/10.

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Guest skincom[at]mullum[dot]com[dot]au

This is ambient trance if there is such a thing.M Kohlbecker( one half of

Eternal Basement) joins with Le mar to produce an excellent sounding release.

Great for when the moon hangs low in the western sky just before dawn.Wellness

Farm is a favorite but buy the time The Deep arrives its more pulsing and

hypnotic.Blue room usually have good taste and this is no exception. An

excellent addition to any set for the chilled out hours.rating 9/10

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Guest swoop

My first impression of this album was that it was a little bit of a

dissapointment. Could be because I concider their first album as one of the

best chillout albums ever made.They also miss one of the guys from the first

album. It's the same style but not as mellow at all times as the first one.

But this one is has grown alot over the times I have listened to it. It's a

real good album and I give it 9/10 also.

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It's not as solid track-for-track as Mystic Cigarettes. In places it sounds

too much like Gab's Gift/Gab's Lab. In others it just gets repetitive and

bland. However, when it's good it's excellent! The record is especially

strong towards its middle (tracks 3-6).

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Guest ddrum11[at]hotmail[dot]com

I thought it was going to sound like the first album but then I

realised that if I was a musician would I do the same thing twice, no. That's

why this album is so good. If you put the two albums together you don't need

any other music cause it's all there. But this album definitly has the power

to stand on it's on. Well done boy's.9/10

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Guest Baboon

I love ambient/chill/down tempo..... and this is Excellent! very very nice work

on this album, the tracks are really beautiful and as said very psychedelic.

As I worship chill out music, this is actually one of my favourites...hmm... 9

or 10 ? I really think it's worth an full 10/10... don't you other chill

phreax think so? :-) Enjoy!!!

ps. Wellness Farm is INDEED soooo good, propably the best on this album...

Keep It Up Saafi Brothers! ;P

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This is pure psychedelic dub which is very very nice for my ears :=)... just

got it ... but so far I must say that the 2 "The Deep" tracks makes me feel

very good! awesome! hmm.. every track is peaceful and awesome... very very


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Guest Visi()n

mysterious, terrifying and very beautiful, such words i have found in poor

english to describe this wonderfull work by Gabreil le Mar & M Kohlbecker.

Great out of any marks. just listen to this pure music.

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