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V/A - Made On Earth

Guest AtomicCow

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Guest AtomicCow

V/A - Made On Earth


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Artist: Various

Title: Made On Earth

Label: Blue Room

Date: 1997


Track listing:


CD 1

01. 09'43" Saafi Brothers And Groove Titan : Occidental Sadhu

02. 07'56" O-Men : Funfar

03. 12'19" Planet BEN : Ant Invasion

04. 09'37" X-Dream : Freak

05. 07'50" Typhoon : Portnawack

06. 08'49" Apollo 3D : Nature Song


CD 2

01. 06'46" Juno Reactor : Laughing Gas (On The Other Side Mix)

02. 07'58" Noosphere : Noos-Sleap

03. 09'08" Sandman : Spawn

04. 06'58" The Antidote : Auscultation

05. 08'29" Cwithe : Memory Leak

06. 08'01" Total Eclipse : Untitled




This was the first Goa cd I ever bought and I got it in Best Buy (one

of the few goa cd's that somehow made their way there). Most of the

tracks were released on other compilations/albums. This compilation

definitely has an outdoor feel with tracks that stand out from the

usual goa sound (not always with good results). It's not that they

are experimental or breakbeatish...they are just different. Few

party stompers here, mostly morning stuff with liquid sounds although

some tracks are very spooky. My favorites: Ant Invasion (track 3, CD

1) which has some of the greatest percussion ever, slowly developing

into sinister melodies. Totally mindbending. Nature Song (track 6,

CD 1) is a relaxed bubbly track with a bit of soft 303-like sounds,

beatiful. Laughing Gas (track 1, CD 2) is very smooth and has nice

melodies. Noos-Leap (track 2, CD 2) is very liquid flowing right

through your head. Spawn (track 3, CD 2) is very dark and has a great

interplay of bass and lead lines with twisted maniacal laughter

samples. The other tracks have some nice ideas here and there but

don't grab me. You think "Yeah that's some nice noodling

there...great sounds...that melody sounds kinda weird...I can't take

it anymore" My biggest complaint is that they could have crammed in

another 5 tracks. If you don't have the great tracks mentioned above

and Freak (or the X-Dream lovers will shout at me) or you enjoy little

explored corners of psychedlic trance then you should consider getting

this especially since it should be very easy to track down. 8/10 on

some days 5/10 on others.

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Listen a few times if necessary to Occidental Sadhu until it grabs you. This

is, for my money, one of the best Saafi Brothers tracks ever - one of the best

tracks ever, full stop. Ant Invasion is nice but definitely aging. Freak is

an all-time classic. Noosleap is also worth having. Most of the rest is

disposable. 6/10.

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Guest phase418[at]hotmail[dot]com

This is the disc that got me into goa also! I bought it

a mall CD shop. I thought to myself "It's 1998, almost a new melinium...and

SOMEBODY..SOMEWHERE ..has to be making some PSYCHEDELIC...LSD fueled

electronic music."

I had bought Moby, Orbital, and even Paul Oakenfold at the recomendation of

shop clerks and "ravers"...but was

deeply dissapointed within a few minuites of each disc.


I was specifically searching for the anwser - some

kind of music I hoped was out there...I could hear it in my head...but noboody

in my "Jungle and breakbeat" town knew where I could find it.

Then I saw "Made on Earth" while searching through a crummy techno section of a

pop CD store.

On the cover there was an orange sticker that said "Goa Trance!" and it caught

my interest. I knew that Goa wa sosmewhere in india, and I liked the sound of

"trance" techno. I looked at the back cover, and the song names

sounded "spiritual". I had a strong feelign about it, so I bought it. i took it

home, that Friday night...and played it. I fell in love halfway through the

first track. I remember thinking...."this is so 3-D ...so complex and evolving

sounds.....FUCK YES! I found the music frequency I have been dreaming of!"

. And ever since, I have had the deep pleasure of listening to 3-d audio

holographic soundscapes made by people who dare to think, live, and dream on

the cutting edge of explored human consciousness. thank you!

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Guest BlueSpectralMonkey

and its too bad it took me a couple more years to figure out how good it really

was, and this album catapulted me into the musical universe that now nearly

rules my hearing. i agree about the best saafi track ever. the others are

all well aged and still can rock a party if played at the right time and mixes

well.... buy it used or download it if youre done getting all the new releases

and into the older stuff.

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Welcome to the weird world of goa trance...this how this compilation sounds like...this short compilation is filled with weird psy classics : ANT INVASION, FREAK, LAUGHING GAS, NOOS-LEAP, SPAWN, OSCULTATION and some pretty spiritual goa stuff : OCCIDENTAL SADHU, PORTNAWACK, UNTITLED...All in all, very good compilation of old school goodies...8/10

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Ant Invasion is not ageing. Well it's ageing like good wine :) One of the best tracks ever!


The compilation is mediocre, three great tracks (Ant Invasion, Occidental Sadhu, Freak) and the rest are mediocre or bad.

But the cd case is great :)

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The compilation is mediocre, three great tracks (Ant Invasion, Occidental Sadhu, Freak) and the rest are mediocre or bad.



Come on, it is not THAT bad... :D

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What's interesting about this release is that it has two suomi-producers from Finland. Apollo 3D and Omen. Great tracks too! I wish this compilation would have focused more heavily on that suomi-goa sound rather than just put a bunch of different sounding tracks in a box and call it a day. The biggest problem with this compilation is, that soundwise, it's just all over the place. Medicore comp I agree, unfortunately.

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