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Shidapu - The Light Of Shidapu

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Shidapu - The Light Of Shidapu


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Artist: Shidapu

Title: The Light Of Shidapu

Label: Shiva Space Technology

Date: 1999


Track listing:


01. 09'00" Shidapu : Virtual Voyage

02. 09'02" Shidapu : Phantom Signal (Rmx)

03. 09'50" Shidapu : Prince Of The Dolls

04. 08'22" Shidapu : Equilibrium

05. 07'38" Shidapu : Diffusion

06. 06'00" Shidapu : Santorini

07. 09'17" Shiva Sidpao : Walk To Light

08. 07'30" Shidapu : In Dream

09. 05'45" Shidapu : Aquamarine




They better called this CD "The Power Of Erez" because it's awesome!! This is

almost the best CD I have!!! Most Of the songs are written by Erez alone or

with his Shidapu-friends, but there's one song that he wrote with Kessler...

And that song is Yihaaa!!!

All songs are awesome but Walk To Light And Diffusion are even better than

that!!! All songs (except Aquamarine) have more than 145 bpm so it's also

hard!! This Cd is really pure gold!!

Bom Shankar

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Guest Andre_Buter[at]yahoo[dot]com

I can't add anything here... Pure gold, just like you said anoebis!! Buy it


Light... Light... LIGHT!!! (Anoebis will know what I mean)

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Great album ! Maybe not as achieved as The Gathering, but it has the same

atmosphere. My favourite are In Dream with its mysterious melody, Diffusion

(perfect use of piano), Walk to Light, Diffusion, Virtual Voyage (there's a

remix on The Gathering, just as good, but different, more twisted) 8/10

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Guest Tequila

That's a very good album! Of course, we clearly hear the golden presence of his

majesty Erez:-) Indiscutably, this album is well made, and every track is a

pleasure to be listened to...especially Phantom Signal, Diffusion, and In


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Guest [Anonymous]

What's I.Max on about? Erez is credited with every track-most

are by him alone. The best is In Dream. Walk to Light is also good, the rest

I s'pose you have to be in the mood for cheese.

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GOOD Album ! But that?s not a very good one, cause some melodies here sound a

little too cheesy ... My favourites are Tracks 1&8 and the only one Track I

don?t like is Track 6 (and Track 9 is too short for an ambient Track)... I

think Track 8 was the beginning of the Infected Mushroom style in Erez mind

;-) Rating : 7/10

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Yeah... Erez is the man... Gotta respect all the projects that he's involved

in/has been involved in... And considering his age, it's really quite


This album is really hard and extremly dancefloor-friendly... But still with

the important psy-influence... This is a really cool album, and my personal

favorites are "Walk To Light", "Diffusion" and "Virtual Voage"... A real

classic in the Israeli genre!

Rating: 8,8/10 Bom shankar!

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Guest mikrozomme[at]bgvirtual[dot]zzn[

This is one of the best masterpieces ever made(after "Classical Mushroom").And "Diffusion is a pure

gem.The atmosphere is great and Erez is my god!He is the genius of our

time.So,don't hesitate but BUY this album.10/10

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First, it was released WAY before Classical Mushroom. And welp! it was ENTIERLY

made via Impulse Tracker, and all sounds like typical israeli NITZHONOT. Come

on people! is it truly what you dig?

I'm sorry about being that sarcastic but that's exactly what it is.

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Guest www.innerverse.com/ub

I wouldn't dis Impulse Tracker if I were you... some fantastic music has been

created using similar software (Fast Tracker 2 etc.) go to

www.innerverse.com/ub to sample the efforts of some of the most original

artists that no one knows about... and while the music is not made entirely on

trackers anymore (especially with the newer releases) if it wasn't for the

tracking scene the world would never have been blesses with the works of art

available at that site....! Rock on Shidapu!

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Guest Ravemail10

Boring and cheesy. I'm sorry, am I supposed to like this because a dude from IM

was involved in it? Sorry Erez, IM is god but this is crap. I got this only

because Erez was involved. It's very very cheesy. It's full of light (which is

a good thing), but it's toooo cheesy. I used to like this a long time ago

(even made a remix of their track Paradise, it's not on this album), but I

hate it with a passion now. If you want GOOD full-of-light music minus the

cheddar check out Doofs first cd - "Lets turn on". It's also quite evident

that it was made with a tracker. BTW, IMnsHO trackers did not bless the scene

with anything. What invented goa and psy were 3 Roland synths: TB303 (bass

machine), TR909 (drum machine) and the Juno 106 (synth). NOT trackers.

Trackers are what amateurs train with before they go on to make wonderful

music, like Erez did. What can I say about the tracker music on

Ultrabeat(www.innerverse.com/ub)? Well, it gives us evidence of the difference

between noise and music - Ultrabeats releases are mostly noise, and if not

they are _bad_ music. A good example of this is Sensphere's early releases: a

good deal of pointless banging about. Many people will disagree with me, and

good for them, it is none the less what I think. So if you show me one

fantastic track made with IT i'll shut up :-) I'll give this cd a 4/10 cause

it's a listenable but extremely cheesy below average album. Bom! - Raven

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Guest eden.solaris

What the fuck is this??????? After reading the reviews on this page I hurried

and bought this album... and felt like throwing it away after 15

minutes!!!!!!! Let me explain something to you: goaTRANCE is all about putting

you in a TRANCE and making you dream!!!! The only thing this album does is

make you have a headache!!!! Sounds more like someone playing around with his

instruments than actually trying to make some REAL music!!! But then again,

almost all goa songs made after 1997 sounds like that... 4/10, for some good

melodies that die off after about 30 seconds and make room for some shitty


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Guest jnemes1[at]hotmail[dot]com

I like all types of trance, from dark to melodic, morning, whatever. If you

are an obsessively anal audiophile, don't buy this. If you have no

imagination, don't buy it. I'll admit some of this album sounds dated and

childish, but as for raw "fun factor" it fucking rocks. There are some good

tracks here, and I consider it a must have for anybody who is truly into

goa/psy trance in all the forms and stages it has gone through. And when you

consider the age when these guys made this, and think about what you were

doing at that age, kinda makes you think eh?



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Guest Diepeveen

TRISTAN It really pisses me of when u write that shit... Whenever people talks

about how boring they find minimalistic trance like D.I.M.O. fx, u are the

first one to say "Evolve" or even better "Shut yer damn mouth, welp!" Did

someone say Doublemoral?!

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I just can't understand why some people so greatly seem to dislike this album.

Most of the tracks are great, and just few of them are "only" good... In

dream, sounds pretty much like Infected work on "The gathering", and last one

is ambientish, but still good. I think Phantom signal and Walk to light are

best songs. Very good CD, if you find, buy it. 9/10. Don't believe those

morons who say this sucks, because it simply rocks if you just understand this

old stuff which has more feeling than kick and percussion...Bom!

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Guest Maupau

This is one of my favourite albums, it's beautiful. My favourite tracks are

Diffusion and Prince of the Dolls but they're all awesome. I don't know, maybe

it's because I like this playful and energetic and enchanted atmosphere of it.

Put this on in the morning and you'll be smiling the rest of the day. Okay,

maybe the melodies can get a bit too much sometimes if you listen to this

album too often, but there's different music for different purposes. Sometimes

I like dark, hypnotic music and sometimes I like light uplifting music like


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