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V/A - Let It Rip

Guest Deku81

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Guest Deku81

V/A - Let It Rip


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Artist: Various

Title: Let It Rip

Label: Matsuri

Date: 1997


Track listing:


01. 05'18" Digitalis : 3rd State (Freak Beats Mix)

02. 06'57" Manmademan : Welcome To The World

03. 07'00" Prana : Alien Pets (Free Tibet Mix)

04. 07'54" Syrinx : Tremolo Heaven

05. 06'09" The Visitors : Reality Check

06. 08'04" Joujouka : Re Psycle Frequency

07. 06'56" Deflo : Monomaniac

08. 08'43" Alienated : Lucky

09. 05'50" Environmental Science : Dog Tag




Noooooooooo this is not good! The picture of this compilation is breakbeat,

breakbeat, electric guitars and then breakbeat

again. I don't like any of those components in trance so to me this album is

a flop. It gets better in the end with Deflo

and Alienated tracks, but these two tracks are not reasons enough to buy the

album. Too bad, but it's an early production

from Matsuri and they have strenghten themselves since those days. Lucky

enough. [Rating: 3/10]

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Guest maldoror_x[at]hotmail[dot]com

Well... i think that is not so bad... this is my reviews Track by track:

1- digitalis: well i dont like much this tune... too softly and is misplaced in

this comp. probably in other type of comp. or in the digitalis album sounds

better... 4/10.

2- manmademan ... nice sound, very trance-rock but not appeal enough...6/10

3- prana ... cute sound but too limitative... 6/10

4- syrinx ... nice and dark... like it but i think the track is too long ...


5- the visitors... real rock, metal guitars remains me front line assembly...


6- Joujouka ... fantastic track much better that the mix in the joujouka album


7- Deflo ... nice strange sounds but the beat real sucks... 5/10

8- alieanated ... real cute dark psy trance but is a bit too long and sometimes

can be monotonous... 7/10

9- Environmental Science ... nice ambient track and breakbeat but too soft...



Average: 6,5/10

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Guest jx[at]netvision[dot]net[dot]il

People!!!!!! stop this crap!!!!

this is one of the most innovative compilation for its time (97)!!!

you`re nutz to not like it!!! manmademan - did you ever hear a track in this

style? i mean look at the emotional begining!! killer...

beautifully mastered and ordered, definatly one of the best for 97.. i tell ya


- Badshapeer

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Guest jgm4all[at]hotmail[dot]com

This compilation isn´t the worst but no the best out there, it has decent

tracks like Alien Pets, Tremolo Heaven, Reality Check and those from Jojouka,

Deflo and Alinated, specially that one from Deflo.

It gets very weird at times, too many strange voice samples in some tunes, but

still a good comp, a bit radical for it´s time. However this album was a nice

try to build the new style in psy trance that we have nowdays, less melodic

and harder. Average 7/10

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Guest squid[at]born-on-a-pirate-ship[d

very little of this actually works but one song really stands out in my mind

now that time has let me absorb this album... 'welcome to the world' by

manmademan is a fantastic old track, very artfully done. it takes you on a

voyage from birth onward, with beautiful little melodies and emotional and

well-placed guitars... excellent!

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Guest Jason - Los Angeles, CA

I haven't heard the Alien Pets remix, but the original is an amazing track. One

of the best build ups ever, next to Alien Pump by Tandu (Best ever). I've

listened the the rest of these songs here and there and was not impressed. I'm

not into the break beat Joujouka / Digitalis sound. Matsuri just isn't my

style anymore like it was when I lived in Japan. I'm glad I left in 97 before

they converted. Tsuyoshi had the best sound at one time, but evolved into

noise in my opinion. He tried to do too much. I wish he would go back to his

roots and start making more psycho psychadelic music like before. Geomantik

for example is a masterpiece. On the other hand, if you like this sound more

power to you. I'm not trying to put anyone down, just trying to stress my

disapointment in this evolution. I think Resonance Mood was the last great

Matsuri Comp. The rest went down hill.

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Guest christophe[at]mentalrider[dot]co

Let it RIP, guys, means "let it Rest In Peace"..it is nothing but the last

compilation from Matsuri...just for nostalgia, i'll keep my 3lp as a

milestone. So please don't talk about this comp being their early stuff!! This

was a period of doubt in the trance scene..labels had to restructure, redesign

their concepts (TIP for TIPworld, Flying Rhino, Blue room..this one recently

closed down..as well as return to the source..) So all this is history now,

let's go forward and remember those records, now to create today and

tomorrow's music..

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One of Matsuri's most eclectic releases, borrowing from industrial, breaks, and rock music. Manmademan's track is a standout with its heart tugging melodies, funked-up riffs, and liquid-neon washes of space guitar. Deflo takes us on a Skinny Puppy meets alien abduction sci-fi horror trip, and Joujouka's Re-Psycle Frequency combines Tsuyoshi's talent for knob twisting with the then in vogue big beat sound. Other tracks by Alienated, Prana, and Syrinx are a bit more conventional, but still bring the noise. Most of the offerings are quite dark, on the nighttime side of things, but retain a playful element.


Daring and confrontational, throwing away the Goa rulebook without sacrificing an iota of grooviness. This was the sound of the future in 1997, and few have ever caught up to it; highly recommended.

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