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Kiss The Future 2 - Procyon


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Kiss The Future 2 - Procyon


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Artist: Kiss The Future 2

Title: Procyon

Label: Atomic

Date: 2000


Track listing:


01. 08'27" Saiko-Pod : Pling Pong

02. 08'25" Psychaos : Creative Anomaly

03. 08'20" NTSX : Dreamshot

04. 06'37" The Antidote : Chewbacca

05. 08'39" Tortured Brain Vs Steriliser : The Dealer

06. 08'25" Morphem : Zwergensaft

07. 07'00" Man With No Name : Deep Trouble In Outer Space (Original 94 Mix)

08. 07'03" Nucleus : Hovercraft (System Mix)

09. 08'26" Etnica : Simulate The Future




First the Saiko-Pod is a cool pumping dancefloor track with 2 parts. The first

one is mainly rhythmic, and the second one is more psychedelic with synthetic

sounds going from one ear to another quickly !

The Psychaos track is for sure a Psychaos track: usual rhythm And sounds. A

pretty repetitive tune but various enough not to be bored.

The NTSX thing is like a hardtekno track: big beat, industrial-like sounds...ok

track on a dancefloor i guess.

Antidote (Total Eclipse) guys are definitely mad with this angry track: Techno

influences again. everything is fat on this tune. Don't expect psychedelic

waves, the deal is mainly a beat-summonning-dancing-zombies track !!

Dino Psaras And sterilizer piece of music starts with the usual running rhythm

of tortured brain tracks...a guy talking in the background tells us the story

and after 3 minutes, the madness begins: the track makes me think of someone

running away, stopping, running again, getting out of breath. The drums are

used with expertise and there are big breaks with wizzy sythetic sounds and a

rain of kicks!

Morphem track is very fast...pumping. Some patterns are filled with a cool

recurrent theme. the end is more melodic and the whole result is very good!

This MWNN track as released by Oforia 2+ years ago...Typical MWNN music, very

psychedelic, good groove, good rise...but i dont like the break:too fluffy.

The track is good anyway but i prefer Pigs in Space remix.

Nucleus provide us with a monotonic track...waves of smooth sounds over a

rhythm..nothing else.

Eventually the Etnica track is very good! It vas written a long time ago and

it's a pleasure to see it on a compil. So it has a truly groovy kick/bassline,

the psychedelic sounds come after 2 minutes, increase after 5 minutes, more

psychedelic sounds come after 6 minnutes the track is like a cool story. The

rhythm is really perfect.

Overall we have once again a very good compil from Atomic. The best tracks are

1,3,4,5,6,9 to my mind. New sounds...very interesting...8/10.

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Another Atomic comp, once again psytechno with industrial influences in most of

the tracks. First track by Saiko-Pod, quite cool with these ping pong samples

going on between left and right. Older tracks like Universal Mind or Friagram

are better though. Second track by psychaos is good, nice bass, nice rythmic.

The two tracks coming after are pretty bad I think. The NTSX one sounds really

too much like bad techno. Chewbacca has an horrible guitar riff all the time,

and even if the chewbacca samples are funny, I hate this track. The Antidote

can do so much better ! Next track The Dealer, must be my favourite here.

Begins with a weird bass, then a very long movie sample enters and after that

the track litterally explodes, with a guitar played melody. Zwergensaft is

also good, I like the use of the electric guitar. Next the MWNN track... Well

it doesn't sound so bad in itself even if really old, but it's totally out of

place on this comp... Hovercraft is more quiet, with a subtile melody, good

track nothing much to say. Last track by Etnica, very good but a little

disappointing. More melodious than their latest tracks. Overall a pretty good

comp, but not the best from Atomic, I liked Electrosect and Single Cell

better. 7/10

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It's one of the worst compilations from Atomic. Saiko-Pod - interesting

samples, but they can do much better tracks. Psychaos - really, it's one of

the worst tracks he ever made, with this funny, simple, stupid acid tune. (I

like Joti's music a lot, but not this track). NTSX - again, sounds like from

early 90's really prmitive. Antidote - now it's much better, this one is good

And original one. Next track, mad And powerful, sounds like Tim Schuldt's

productions, hard samples. Morphem - very good And hypnotic track. Man With No

Name - nice discodelic sounds if U like Man, U like this track. Nucleus -

average And boring one, nothing special. Etnica's track is good, but also

that's any revelation. The best tracks 4,6,9. Title should be Kiss The Past.

Rating 5/10

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Guest Dandoo Forest

i love it:) Tortured Brain Vs Steriliser - The Dealer

this track it's so killer and mad and the rest of the trax r pertty cool 2:)


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this is a BORING cd! it's amazing how much the quality of atomic's stuff has

decreased with their last 2 comps ("kiss the future 2" and "serial killaz",

i'm not counting "corrosive breaks" because it was a different stile and it

was great). they were one of my favorite labels; at this point i really don't

know. go to www.thump-radio.com, and find the dino psaras (owner of atomic)

interview on there. there, he basically talks about how for many years he and

his fellow psytrance artists were making great music, but were never

appreciated by the mainstream public, so that's why they're shifting gears now

more towards the general electronica sound...how pathetic! what the hell has

happened to the ideals of this music and this movement? now don't get me

wrong, i'm not really what one would call a "grumpy old goa head" (i'm only

20), but this is seriously lame! at least most other labels still have their

heads in the right place! all that said, the classic MWNN track was a nice

touch, and the Etnica track is truly great, and gets 8/10; 3/10 for the rest

of it

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Guest adp028[at]mail[dot]usask[dot]ca

I think this was just too futuristic for "the many" to comprehend. Saiko-pod's

track is nothing short of a masterpiece. When the ping pong sound comes back

in after the intro, I experienced one of the most futuristic experiences I've

ever had. Do you really think you're smarter than KoxBox? To hear this track

(or any other on this compilation for that matter)mixed by a good DJ on a loud

soundsystem is an international, technological experience which very few

people get the oppotunity to have...You've gotten this far by listening to it,

try not let that go to waste. And the MWNN track was a brilliant touch...and

try to remember that melody does not necessarily equal fluff. The Morphem

track is up there with Saiko-pod...It's all brilliant, if you're into

futuristic culture do yourself a favour and pick this up.

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Guest mumbo00[at]hotmail[dot]com

Futuristic? Did You ever listen to other new stuff from other labels? It's not

future it's 100 steps in the past! Some of this track are primitive And I know

that lot of artists from this comp. can do better music, much better. Only

Morphem And Etnica are good. 5/10

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one of the best forward-looking and openminded comps

i like the way atomic is going ie take stuff from all kinds of music .... but

the common denominator is dancefloor destruction..... hhehehehe and wait until

u hear dino dj =)

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Guest rdorn[at]cyllene.uwa.edu[dot]au

one of the best releases from atomic. best tracks for me... the dealer and

simulate the future, but the rest are good too. no bad tracks actually.

still not sure what man with no name's 1994 track is doing on a comp called

kiss the future though. anyway 8/10

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Guest dano[at]dds[dot]nl

I think it's pretty fuckin'weird that Morphem's track "Degi Wah", which was

released on Digital Psionics' "Psionic Medicine" in 1999 apears on this compil

under the name "Zwergensaft". It's a killer track, but really, tricks like

this STINK !!!!!

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really dissapointed... Saiko Pod is the best... Frank E got a great new sound

(The Great Unknown by Kox Box is so damn great to)... One of the kings...!

ohh. by the way... really didn´t like Tortured Brains Tim Schuldt inspired

dist melodi (can u call it melodi?!?)... gives me nothing,,,

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