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ISRAliens 2 - Bizarro

Guest Dreamer

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Guest Dreamer

ISRAliens 2 - Bizarro


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Artist: ISRAliens 2

Title: Bizarro

Label: HOM-Mega

Date: 2000


Track listing:


01. 07'10" I-Zen Feat Duvdev : Into the Matrix

02. 06'45" Liquid Metal : Golem

03. 08'24" Psycraft : Dream On

04. 08'17" BLT : Clear Vision

05. 09'06" Oforia : Raw (Psysex Rmx)

06. 09'15" Infected Mushroom : Classical Mushroom

07. 06'32" Dark Soho : Terra Sancta

08. 07'15" Passenger : All Systems Go

09. 08'08" Green House Effect : Superfly




My favorite Hom-Mega release! Different than the previous "full on" Hom-Mega


Israeli trance at its BEST. DJ Eyal Yankovich compiled 100% unreleased tracks


Track 1 is a slow bpm track from Infected, has a beautiful melody, great sounds

combined with the singing of Duvdev! at the end of the track it gives us the


special infected charm that only they know how to create, and they do it very

well :)

From now on the tracks moves to a faster bpm, I liked Track 2, Track 3 is even


It starts with a soft acoustic guitar sounds then a strong bassline starts to

take action

and along with it another guitar suddenly burst in a funky line.. slowly the

track bulids

a shape of crazy wildness (reminds me of Doof's Angelina if anyone remember)

but then

at this point of getting your brain twisted, it relaxes with that same acoustic

guitar line

that sort of take you back to reality but then slowly the insanity part kicks

in again!!:)

Track 4 is by BLT (Yuli Fershtat), also one of the best tracks in this


Very danceable! Already took me to many places after deep hearings (and I only

got this cd today!)

Excellent work on the rhythm, those metallic snares and the distorted sounds..

Track 5 is an exclusive remix by DJ Goblin to Ofer's Raw track. It's so funny

to hear Goblin's

craziness taking over Ofer's deep sounds.. will make you smile for sure :)

Track 6 is a good track. would sound awesome to someone who didn't hear other

Infected Tracks before..

but for me it doesn't sound too special.. I understand now why Erez told me he

didn't want to put it in

the Classical Mushroom album even tho the name of the track is Classical


I did hear it in parties sometimes and it does it's job well :)

The Dark Soho track gives a deep spacy feeling.. good rhythm work, sounds a bit

like Infected,

I guess its a special sound syndrome of all young artists living in Haifa area

in Israel. :)

Their previous released track The Fusion is much better tho.. (start preparing

yourself for their

new premiere album in 2 months from Sphere Records!)

As for Track 8 by Passenger, I don't know why but I couldn't connect to it.

Although I do dig

older stuff from MFG and Passenger (Guy Zukrel). They're one of my favorite


The track by Izik Levy ends this compilation with that same familiar Sandman

sharp style that sounds

as if it was taken from a horror movie.. towards the end of the track its

getting softer.

Overall this compilation is a must have! The BEST Hom-Mega release so far.

I guess that these days its only available in Israhell, so either you buy

yourself a ticket to Israel and buy it here,

or just try to be a little more patient. :)

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Guest Kvin2000

I didn't like this one as much as Blind Vision did though it is not bad. I do

like the first slow track by infected, the Psycraft track which is awsome even

if you don't like electric guitars (the first guitar sounds on the track sound

a lot like Pink Floyd), and the Green house Effect track (sandman) which is

the best track here in my opinion. The other tracks are pretty good too.

Classical mushroom is one of the worst Infected tracks but it is still not too

bad. Overall, an intresting release 7/10

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Guest Dreamer

I must say that I didn't give the Dark Soho track enough credit, but now after

hearing it some more, I'll add that its a brilliant track...

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Wow. THAT is a goood compil. The new tendencies, experiments and much more are

gathered in this compil.

there is no bad track, there..some are certainly a bit too...experimental, but

it remains psytrance.

I especially like the Raw remix And the Dark Soho track, and the unforgettable

Classical Mushroom. buy. 8/10

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Guest Infected Max

Killer compilation..The best Hommega ever!!


The best track is Dark Soho, the best surprise is for sure Psycraft...twisted

atmosphear with the guitar!!


Like the samples of the little girl And all the breaks in the tracks!!!


Personally i think that the man aim of a DJ is to make ("normal" people like

us) discover new feelings, new tracks, new bands, new styles...


Eyal did his job perfectly...8/10

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Guest dejavu[at]hotmail[dot]com

superfly sounds like a horror soundtrack..



oooou scary :)

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Guest psytrancer

Very nice indeed, once again Hommega are pointing the way - lets hope plenty of

people read the signs. The first track sounds like Howard Jones on E - ie

very eighties but with typical Erez And Amit madness. Love the oforis track

and again Dark Soho impress. GHE album should be very cool too....8.5/10

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Pretty good comp ! As on Full On 4, Best Tracks here are the Mushies (Tracks

1,6) and the Green House Effect (Track 9) ones ... other Tracks are not Bad,

but not unforgettable in my opinion ... Track 6 is really the best one here

... Yes it's not as good as most of the Tracks in Classical Mushroom, but it

is AT LEAST better, in my opinion, than Classical Mushroom's Track 2 (None Of

This Is Real) ! When I was listening to Track 5 I was asking myself where it

was so good, then I heard a really good melody, and thought "Yes that's a good

transition in the Track !" But that was NOT a transition in the Track, but the

beginning of Classical Mushroom !!! Good choice to put Track 5 then 6 Eyal !

However I have to admit that we can hear this Track took less time to build

than the Tracks in Classical Mushroom ... I also was a little disappointed to

hear Eyal's voice (I suppose) at the end of Track 9 ... that's a cool idea,

but you should have made a 10th Track for this ... cause I'll have to cut it

with a software to save it on mp3 ...

I think mixed Tracks on VERY GOOD ALBUMS is not a bad thing (Hallucinogen And

Infected Mushroom albums), but definitely NOT on comps cause the quality of

Tracks on comps is very variable and that's why I rarely listen to a WHOLE

comp in its entirety after 1 month, most of the time 2-3 Tracks on it ! So I

add some of them to other very good Tracks from other comps ... but that's

impossible on mixed comps !!! I would like to put Classical Mushroom in a

personal comp, but the mix of the beginning can't be properly cut ... there's

still 1 note from the previous Track remaining ...

Rating : 6.5/10

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Guest jsbedard

THE MOST CHEEZY COMPIL I NEVER LISTEN TO. All tracks on this compilation are

very soft, without power or energy. Nothing to see with the other classic

israeli stuff. Very disapointing performance from psycraft, blt and i-zen.

Sounds like a video game. Nothing is killer here. IF YOU'RE LOOKING FOR A


0/10 ... very very disapointing

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Always when I drive to play far away I listen to a cd in my car,

this time I did it on the way back from south desert of Isael, I listen to

bizzaro and it was graet, not exactly fullon, not to much wierd not to much

progressive, just nice tracks with a good order on the cd. I am not surprised

from a good cd from Hom-mega. DJ Gidi - Hovek olam

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Guest Pretty__poison[at]hotmail[dot]co

I just bought this album but I must say: I love it.

Especially track 1,7,8 And 9.

I played track 8 before I went to work and I was so happy. The song was inside

my head. Best song from Passenger so far.

Classical mushroom is a bit dissapointing. I liked the cd more. But still a

nice track :-)


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The Passenger and Dark Soho tracks are both killers. The Oforia track is not

bad. The rest is disposable, but the Dark Soho track at last lives up to the

huge expectations people on this board have built up around the poor guy. I

wasn't sold on "The Fusion" (too noisy for my taste, and breaks into triplets

- which I don't really enjoy). Whoever designed this cover has some important

psychological issues. It's very, very hard to look at. More art from this

fellow, please!

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Guest rouge[at]madasafish[dot]com

This Album is great. cant stop dancing around my bedroom.

I am From Liverpool, England.

I must report the strange side effects that

I have got from the New Album " Bizarro ".

The psy sex remix of raw is very weird and

every time I hear that Dark Soho track my head melts.

All very good music. keep up the good work.


Keep it Full on !!!


Matt Debouge (Ian Hopkins Stupid internet name!)

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Guest geese[at]gnn[dot]ch

Hi everybody


I have just bought that very groovy goa-cd

(Israeliens 2 - "BIZARRO").

Never heard any sound like that!!!!!! Just phenomenal!!!

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Guest jsbedard

I've tried so much time to listen and listen this compilation. Damn, it's soooo

£¢¤"/$%? ... bad. The only track i can listen without stopping the cd player

is the psysex remix of RAW. the others track are very bad man. The new

infected mushroom style is disaponting if you've listened to "The Gathering"

album before. Dark soho have done better works that this track too. Strange to

see that so much people can enjoy this music...

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Guest ove.christensson[at]mobigym[dot]

Great compil! Altough im a bit dissapointed in the 2 infected mushroom songs,

the first one is pretty hard to listen to, you cant relax as well as you cant

dance. Well, the Dark Soho track is brilliant, so is the track by Liquid

Metal. 8/10.

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  • 2 weeks later...
Guest dreadcore[at]hotmail[dot]com

Excelent compilation, all the tracks gives me something new and infected

mushroom - classical mushroom is one of the best infected mushroom tracks ive

ever heard!! The voice samples that show up after 06:37 gives me freezez on my

back everytime!!!Its not so verry often i buy a comp and all the songs are

quite good!!!hommega released one of the years best comps, i can

say!!!!Smashing comp i give it 9/10!!

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  • 4 weeks later...
Guest Ehsanur

Great release from Israel! The first track is the worst,that singing is bad!

Not listenable,not danceable,not downloadable to your musical nervasystem.

The Psycraft track is nice,I like the guitar...it adds something to the music

and its not that heavy,riffy guitars which made SUN Project famous(?). Liquid


was highly appreciated after the contribution in "Ressurection" and the

BLT-tune is ok, but very ordinary and passive. Oforia's "Raw" remix is lovely;

strange,wicked,childish,groovy,dark and it never bores you. Everytime I listen

to it,I find some new elements in this top-notch song. And now Infected! The

beginning of this Shroomy-song is pure awesomity.

Passenger,like MFG, almost never disappoint! Dark Soho

has it: great psytrance and promises a lot for the Dark future. Sandman aka

Green House Effect rounds of this

great cd with somewhat misleading title. I was thinking about Superfly in that

Curtis MayfieldBlaxplotationHarlemCanBlackBoogie CanYou dig it?-sort of way.

Well,I guess its stupid of me to expect something like that from a psychedelic



8/10 -Bom Ehsanti Brahman

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Guest manicmagicmmushroomman[at]hotmai

twisting trip through trance. teasing tintinabulation, tortous tonal tonics +

truely terryfing tunes. Trippy, temultous, topless tamagotchi's!!!!! Ten/Ten

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This album show that israeli trance is becoming definitly commercial and

simple. Nothing to be facinated in this compilation, even nfected Mushroom is

becoming soft, commercial and non psychedelic. 0/10 for this ass-sucking

commerical MADE-in-Hommega shit.

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Guest tom[at]bogman[dot]com

DId you know the samples in Oforio-raw (Psysex remix) are from south park.

Twisted! Also the samples from Psysex-LSDance on Bizzaro 1 are from Fear and

Loathing in Las Vegas (This is not a good town for psychedelic drugs!) I like

this use of strange samples, and I liked ths compilation a bit. I would'nt buy

it again if someone stole it off me! 7/10

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