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V/A - Excerpts From The Databass 2


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Guest Kuldipsidhu

nice com' i remember when AP's track i listen first time time began with the

universe take me to another world and goaway with there very wicked track here

and transwave and prana this all track is good that you don't have this type

of music any more may be the time began with the universe i love AP's style

this are the real people who bring goa to me and take me with them so my head

is always moving even i don't listen to goa cause before i listen to goa i

don't know that i am live or i am dead but know this time i have my brain in

my head so i know about my life i have listen this cd i dont think that there

is any problem ap's style cause i don't listen to any one else i like my way

cause i know i am happy this way that why AP will never change ther style

cause they know that this is only goa and we love goa and we belive in goa


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For me it's pretty average compilation. There is only few VERY good tracks and

these are 1, 4, 8 i 9. Prana's tracks I don't really like, same goes to

Manmademan (his worst track I think?) and Doof's track is good but I heard

better remix elsewhere. So it gets only 5/10.

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Another Cd full with classics, I think we ALL know those tracks and that's why

this kind of compilations are NOT interesting anymore!! I like some tracks

véry hard though... (Power Source, Doof, Transwave)!!

Anyway, 3/10 for the compilation and about 6/10 for the tracks... Bom Shankar

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V/A - Excerpts From The Databass 2


Posted Image


Artist: Various

Title: Excerpts From The Databass 2

Label: Matsuri

Date: 1999


Track listing:


01. 08'07" Transwave : Helium

02. 06'49" Prana : Starchild (Total Eclipse Rmx)

03. 08'49" Astral Projection : Time Began With The Universe (Another Time Mix)

04. 09'09" Power Source : Goaway

05. 07'32" Doof : Born Again

06. 08'10" Rhythmystec : Plasmatic

07. 07'08" Manmademan : Elevator

08. 09'24" Quirk : Robotised

09. 07'00" 100th Monkey : Spiritus




Nice comp' with good and famous tracks like 1, 2, 5, 7 ( and 9 is pretty

cool ) but not always melodic. The one I don't like here is the AP's one (

maybe the worst they made ), and the best one here is the magic and powerul

GOAWAY, one of my favorite Goa track !!


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Guest uforia.1[at]email[dot]com

A solid compilation. Maybe one or two weak tracks (didn't care too much for

the A.P. one) but the rest are all class. Goaway is a bit of a common tune,

however, as I already own it on at least two other compilations, but it is a

very nice one. Favourite tune on this one changes every time I listen to it,

which is a testament to its staying power. Excellent compilation, definitely

worth your money. 8/10

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Ok. Absolute classics Goaway, Born Again, Spiritus, and Time Began With The Universe are the backbones of this compilation. These are in your pocket, but what else ya got? Helium by Transwave is decent, but isn't one of their best. Plasmatik is that gritty, experimentally psychedelic goa that Matsuri is known for, but it's an acquired taste. Elevator shows flashes yet doesn't reach its potential. Quirk is...well, Quirk. As someone who is into anthemic and melodic goa his music just doesn't fit the bill and just sounds noisy.

So the hidden gem for me is the Total Eclipse remix of Starchild. You will always have me with wobbly 303 madness and with this remix they put their stamp on it. It's always nice when a remix improves on the track and I believe this one did.

So yeah, another cool comp from Matsuri. Recommended.

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