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Zodiac Youth - Devil Circus


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Zodiac Youth - Devil Circus


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Artist: Zodiac Youth

Title: Devil Circus

Label: Dragonfly

Date: 1997


Track listing:


01. 07'27" Devil Circus (Elysium Mix)

02. 06'04" False Prophet (Man With No Name Mix)

03. 06'03" Atoms (Angelfish Mix)

04. 07'19" Mr Redeemer (Elysium Mix)

05. 08'13" Mighty Blutwurst (Black Sun Mix)

06. 07'54" Fast Forward The Future (Hallucinogen Mix)

07. 06'01" Don't Smoke Acid (Elysium Mix)

08. 13'07" Fast Forward The Future (Voodoo People Mix)




Many people like Track 3, I find it much too repetitive ... other Tracks are

"listenable", but none of them is really good ...

Rating : 3/10

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Guest omega604[at]goatrance[dot]com

not a totally bad album but nothing impressive. none of the tracks really stand

out. good thing i found it used for a ridiculously low price because I

wouldn't dish out full price for this. besides, the vinyl pressing SUCKS and

it sounds like you're listening to it through a bed matress. I hope the CD

isn't like this too :)

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More of a compilation than a zodiac youth album, nice groovin' melodies and fx

from the usual suspects, the hallucinogen track is good if a little cliched by

now, mr redeemer, devil's circus and atoms also have their moments

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Guest Slidingtrancer

It's a solid album. Nothing to get cheering about and nothing to get angry

about. Soothing, ecclectic at times, also repetetive and not coherent at times.

Nuff said!

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Guest Rabbitakis[at]hotmail[dot]com

This album was a very good release back to 1997 it contains mixes from the top

groups of 1997 and it was one of the best cds of that year. Devil Circus was

one of the best track in 1997 was played all over the parties in the world and

FastForwardThe Future is a brilliant remix by Hallucinogen(the Lord of Acid).


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Guest Quetzalgoatl

All of the tracks are a bit repetitive but he uses beautiful sounds, so it's

not that bad. There are also two nice chill out tracks (7&8). I also don't

like most of the samples he uses. I have this album for about a year and a

half and I never listened to it because I thought of it as being bad, but

recently I gave it another chance and I have to say I've heard much much much

worser music than this. Now I'm glad I have it. Anyway best tracks 3,4 and 5.

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Guest * Vlad *

Similar to Sun Project, Green nuns, old Juno etc..

Excellent Full On Goa Trance , production quality is perfect.

Most of the tracks (especially "fast forward..") were classic hits on the

1997/1998 winter Goa season with their colorful/ powerful/ uplifting/

Psychedelic grooves.

There's even a rocky flavour to some tracks, probably due to the fact that

Zodiac Youth = Youth (Killing Joke) + Zodiac Mindwarp.

The opposite of boring Minimal/Clubby techno that's tryin (unsuccessfully) to

take over real Goa Trance ;-)


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Don't have the album but I have DEVIL'S CIRCUS, FALSE PROPHET, MR REDEEMER,

FAST FORWARD THE FUTURE and DON'T SMOKE ACID and I can say that is rather

good...It is more heavy and mediocre at the times but DEVIL'S CIRCUS and FALSE

PROPHET are the best ones...

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It is a trance masterpeace, all tracks are good and there are very good tracks here, aswell, Elysium - don´t smoke Acid, Hallucinogen - Fast forword the future, voodoo people - fast forword the future, and the very beaitufl hidden track, all of them are masterpeaces IMO. A bit cheesy though

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I thought it absolutely brilliant on release and enjoyed it for many years. When I listen to it today though, I find it wears thin pretty quick so I don't think time has treated it favourably. But I don't know, I suppose it remains a good album, just not the sort of stuff I enjoy at this point in time.

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