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Talamasca - Beyond The Mask

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Guest Jason - Los Angeles, CA

Telepathic Atmosphere should be in the top ten of all time tracks, and the Live

Mix is even a little better. Great song. Great album. I just ordered the new

one on Psyshop. Sucks I have to wait, but glad it's on the way.

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Guest Lestat / Talamasca

thanx , thanx , thanx , thanx!!!!!!!!!!!!but check my next album released now

if you read this!!!!it s called musica divinorum!!!!!then i ll read your

reviews again!!ehehe.....

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Guest Elax2002[at]hotmail[dot]com

Switch Off The Light, Open Up Your HiFi-system, Lie In The Bed.... Bingo! This

Is Absolutely More Than Just A Music, It's The Whole Feeling Of Being Out Of

This World... It's Kinda Like Being In TRANCE!


ps. Where Can I Buy These Albums. Not Recently Sold In Finland?....

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Guest diablo_mxmn[at]hotmail[dot]com

the hunted becomes the hunter: 9.7/10

the flow rmx: 9.5/10

wake up: 9.9/10

drops of madness rmx: 10/10

strangers: 9.6/10

telepathic atmosphere: 9.8/10

you are the machines: 8.8/10

halloween: 9.3/10

beyond the mask: 9.5/10


the whole cd: very good album (a bit outdated nowadays...) - 9.6/10

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Just looking back at Snow Dog in mid-2000 moaning about the 'Darkness

Trend'...poor thing, he must be lost, because every year things just get even

darker and harder. I wonder what he thinks of Big Wigs? hehe


Oh, and FYI, nice CD, but sounding very dated now by comparison to some of the

newer stuff.

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Guest marcelowww[at]icqmail[dot]com

track 1: 9/10

track 2: 6/10

track 3: 8/10

track 4: 9/10

track 5: 7/10

track 6: 10/10

track 7: 8/10

track 8: 9.5/10

track 9: 5/10

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Guest [Anonymous]

The remix of Drops of Madness is easily the best Talamasca (and probably 3D

Vision) track I have heard. The nice acid line, the amazing melodic

breakdown, the non-stop energy...

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Artist: Talamasca
Title: Beyond The Mask
Label: 3D Vision
Date: 2000

1. The Hunted Becomes The Hunter
2. The Flow Remix
3. Wake Up!
4. Drops Of Madness (Talamasca Remix) - Elixir
5. Strangers
6. Telepathic Atmosphere
7. Are You the Machines
8. Halloween
9. Beyond The Mask


"Now I'm warning you. It's going to be a wild ride. Don't pass out...no matter what happens."


There is a certain amount of cheese when it comes to Talamasca these days.


After all this is the guy who named himself DJ Lestat. Probably was cool 15 years ago, but now?


Actual photo.

Yeah, not so much.

Have to give him credit though, he was partly responsible for the creation of 3D Vision and that label turned out to be a scorcher delivering some of the best searing night time psytrance. This was his first solo album and believe it or not he is still releasing music. I haven't heard his latest album, but I have heard. of. it.


*gnashes teeth and drools a little too much*

Released in 2000 for it's time it must've been something. Minimal was on the verge if not already in full swing which is kinda funny because how can something that is minimal be full of anything? But this had melodies and plenty of bubbling goa elements. Throw in a truckload of sci-fi samples and he definitely made his mark. The Flow remix has a massive synth wall that tumbles down with liquidity and dark, brooding effects. That eerie break is a nasty bit of business. Strangers has a sample from one of my favorite movies Dark City and flexes some goa muscle. Halloween is another memorable goa track.

These days Cedric Dassulle is just another full-on maven releasing commercial stuff that is here today and gone tomorrow. Fair to say that this was his landmark achievement and up to now has yet to be equaled. It's powerful, atmospheric, and still sounds great today.


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1. The Hunted Becomes The Hunter
2. The Flow Remix
3. Wake Up!
4. Drops Of Madness (Talamasca Remix) - Elixir
5. Strangers
6. Telepathic Atmosphere
7. Are You the Machines
8. Halloween
9. Beyond The Mask

Powerful, dark, atmospheric dark Psy/Goa album that takes risks (!) and incorporates strong accents, synths, programming/mixing, accents, samples, and more.  

Beyond the Mask is my favorite Talamasca album. One of my only criticisms is the last track could have been better (more memorable) but it's not bad.

Highly recommended for fans of dark psy/goa trance. Love the Goa influences on this release!

Favourite tracks:  1, 3, 4, 6, 7, 8


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