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Joking Sphinx - A La Recherche De La Banane Pyramide


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Joking Sphinx - A La Recherche De La Banane Pyramide


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Artist: Joking Sphinx

Title: A La Recherche De La Banane Pyramide

Label: POF

Date: 1997


Track listing:


01. 09'52" Préparatifs Et Départ

02. 07'02" Les Montagnes De Mackarel

03. 03'56" Dans La Forêt De Moukaouane Zolbi

04. 07'47" Le Grand Méchant Loup

05. 08'51" Course Poursuite

06. 06'51" Refuge Cannibale

07. 03'40" Marmite Et Court Bouillon

08. 08'54" Kapouttage

09. 08'52" Conquête De La Banane Pyramide

10. 01'54" Fais-Le Yourself




GOOD Album ! That's oldschool psytrance, very psychedelic And melodic !

However there are 3 Bad Tracks (cause too short) : Tracks 3,7,10 ... my

favourites are Tracks 5&6 !

Rating : 7/10

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  • 6 years later...

I bought this record with my hopes up.


Unfortunately I found it highly dated. There's lots of similar material from the same era, this doesn't stand out for me. The last track is also very disturbing. There's nothing that turns me on in a sampler track.


don't want to use much time describing material that I dislike.


5/10 would be appropriate, admitting it has few moments that have some sense of beautiful melody...

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