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Galaxy - The Science Of Ecstasy (Chillcode)

Guest Le Lotus Bleu

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Guest Le Lotus Bleu

Galaxy - Science Of Ecstasy (Chillcode)




1. Castle In The Sky

2. On The Moon

3. Venus Cat

4. Meet The Buddha

5. Science Of Ecstasy

6. La Casa De Can Raco

7. Disidentification

8. Silent Soundscape

9. Sunrise At Aguas Blancas


Galaxy (Boris Blenn aka Electric Universe) delivers his 3rd album on Chillcode, written, produced & mastered by himself at Bluebeat studio.


1. You're experiencing a long & sweet wake up lost in a hazy environment.The place is peacefull, you're alone or at least everything is eitheir still sleepy or hidden. At 2'36 a very far way bird singing succeeds to catch your attention. Proceeding to a 360 degree checking in order to find a presence, human, animal or insect; you begin incounsciously to hypnotyze yourself from 4'30. You're lurching & are now not far to fall on the ground. That's when at 5'43 you're listening to a backgrounded short twittering that maintains you correctly standing. At 6'07 you feel a swift fresh air on your face that makes you closing your eyes. Your eyes opened back again, let you see the same place you were 5 seconds before but all gets progresively animated & the sleepy or hidden elements are now revealing step by step to your current vision. Walking & exploring the place, drives you at 9'08 in front of a door. Holding up your head, you're discovering a Castle In The Sky wholly made of white trancelucid clouds...


2.You decided to open the door & enter inside the castle. Unfortunatly, just after penetrating behind the door, the castle vanished. Nevertheless something strange is hapening from 0'30, you're propulsed through an invisible corridor outhere somewhere through the Galaxy between the stars. You're losing the time & speed's notions. From 2'34 all is very dark now, you don't see no longer the earth under your feet which doesn't contribute to reassure you. You got the impress to be alone in an empty dark place. You're desesperating yourself, all the more your invisible corridor doesn't propulse you anymore like if it brought you to its terminus. Suddenly you see a shooting star in the distance which seems to makes you a wink by an own flashing at 4'48. Some few time later, the shooting star arrives near where your invisible corridor have let you on an invisible plateform, you just need to jump in order to ride it. That's exactly what you do at 5'34. The trip with the shooting star is completly different from the previous one with the invisible corridor. All is now back to light switch on, you're recovering too your notions of time & speed. The trip is more comfortable & the atmosphere gets happier. Looking over your shoulder, you're scruting with a great care the place where the corridor let you. A total amazement grows in your body as you're now realizing that you were waiting for the shooting star somewhere On The Moon... in the dark side of the moon! That could explain why you were able to perfectly listen to spatial engineers in communications with earth probably working on a close spatial scientific station around 7'50. Looking now straight forward you again, you feel soon the shooting star speed decreasing drasticly...



3.Your Shouting Star has ejected you promptly whitout any kind of consideration on a new beautiful, luxuriant, warm & welcoming planet. You seem to be like in a jungle surrounding. In a less forested area your brain get hook by the presence of a frozen lake totaly contrasting with all the others warm elements. On this lake, you notice a small extremely thin waterfall at 2'28. Indeed the water falls drop by drop & what is magical, consists in the mutation of the water drop at the top of the waterfall into a icy drop when hitting the frozen lake. It's the result which is particularly bluffing, as it's creating a fairy melody like someone playing vibraphone. Sometimes even birds gets fooled by the trick & are answering by a chant immitating the melody like from 3'45. It's obvious something not common comes from this waterfall & you decide to check if a hidden passage exists. You're walking through the waterfall, & discovers the entry of a cavern. After some steps, you can read somewhere on the rocks an old inscription 'Venus Cat'...


4. Something immediatly draws your attention : a far loud & deep murmur which gets amplified thanks to the architecture of the cavern. So you're thinking the cavern must be gigantic with several possible ways through it.Penetrating deeper & deeper inside, the melody coming outside from the lake still present is changing of tone now (1'45) & sounds more hesitant like a warning. The murmur gets more intense, louder & louder, closer & closer too from 2'40. At 3'20 the magic melody from the lake comes back to your ears but like never heard before, more mature. Still progressing through the cavern, you're now facing (3'57) water vapours; surpringly you don't understand where they could come from. Some meters further you got the solution:an old immersed volcano. A little character is sitting at proximity of the crater, delighted with your presence, he starts a long speech: "I'm the keeper of the volcano, my mission is to look after him. He's awakening since thousands years consequently i didn't sleep too much, we called him Buddha due to his growling which looks like to the meditative Buddhistic sounds. So you just Meet The Buddha..." he says smiling.


5. Sitting yourself next to the keeper, this one pursues : "...The volcano abates (from 0'00 upto 2'13), his vapours dissapear & he's falling in a new coma" tells the keeper. "The question is how long will it last?" he follows. "If you observe carefully nature, you'll understand how complex, attractive, fascinating & teaching it is. Human Beings have more or less uncousciously copied it for their inventions. That's why i chose this job, it participates in my Science Of Ecstasy which i'm trying to developp" he concludes. Oh, i'm speaking so much & i didn't even introduce myself... My name is Can Raco."

"It's a real maze here, if you want i can be your guide to sort out you from here by the opposite access."he says. You decide to make a sign of the head to approove his proposal & starts to follow him through the cavern's maze...


6. Before letting you leaving away, Can Raco gave you a little purse to bring to his familly. "Just follow the signs written with La Casa De Can Raco on them, it's easy..." he finishes with an entertainy's tone in his voice, just before returning in the cavern. Very motivated, you start walking. Strangely this access to the cavern leads to a dry area full of pebbles, like a desert's premise thus your rests aren't good & you feel difficulties for evolving (from the 0'01). The variety of landscape is awfully monotonous:pebbles or sand and very few vegetations excepting some cactus. The weather is nice maybe too much, the insolation looks out for you (5'34) : your head softly starts to turn. From 6'05 the situation is confirming by the sound of your own steps in pebbles resonating & hanting your spirit. 6'45 you're going still forward under the furnace & the tiredness gets closer. At 7'40 after hours of walk, you feel totally exhausted & lies down the sand with hope to get some rest although you're under the full sun...


7. A little chime welcomes you whereas you're waking up in the middle of the night. Someone must have carried you to this new place during your sleep. The chime is still active, it wasn't a clock & was probably listenable since a long time. Indeed, the sound is coming from the Can Raco's purse. At 3'56 mystified, you decide to open it & check the content. Inside you only finds one coin, on one side is written 'night o' matic', on the other 'Disidentification'. All this, let you literally perplexed by this pleasant starlit night (4'03 to 4'26). Now that you've set the coin his free from his purse, it seems to sing his melody louder. Later on (5'17) , it even starts to sparkle at the air contact...


8.More your hand was recovering the weird coin & more a mutation was oprating on yourself. The coin helped you transforming in a fish! Your environment has changed once again like by magic. You're in an

aquatic Silent Soundscape. All is made of several shades of blue with a dominant turquoise. There are very few signs of lifes by here, it's so calm. Sometimes ( like at 0'25, 0'37 0'51...) a ban of little fishes passes at high speed in front of you. At 2'21 you meet the real first citizen of this sea, a crab. A friendly crab although he could avoid to feel the need to play with his claws on you. The crab is a sympathic companion but you prefer abandoning him. You was thinking you has get rid of the crab when at 3'28 you immediatly recognize the sound of his walking & his claws. This companion seems to be you more affectionate than a poulp, he doesn't want to let you go anymore out of his claws. That's when at 5'13, he carefully looks your pendant with the strange coin which has the gift of drives him petrified. As a consequence he escapes in the opposite way that you was trying to go. Once again, you don't understand anything to what just happened to you, you take this tranquility's opportunity for swimming toward a more enlightened part of this sea...


9. This white light calls you, you can't resist. You jump over the surface of the sea & you discover the Sunrise At Aguas Blancas. Your coin-pendant still attached at your neck is reacting while you were outside the water. A new & last metamorphosis is happening: you're just recovering your human beings shape. Sitting on the sand in the position of the lotus, you're contemplating this natural spectacle of the nature. The first sunbeams hardly tickle your visage, the ebb & flow of the sea are rythming the awakening of the sun (from 0'04 to the end). This natural process is quite slow for sure but you has irremediably lost the time's notion as a knowledge tought to you by Can Raco of The Science Of Ecstasy...




9/10 recommended

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Ummm, yeah, VERY good album in deed. Boris Blenn can't miss it, even with the ambient. Here is another cosmic, and toned down album. For my taste, it could have been done slightly more faster or sharper, but as a whole, this album is very good...8/10

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boriss blenn did it again... perfect crystal clear sound and very emotional...


only less variaties, and that's the fault lot's of producers make...


they create an unique sound, very good but they use it all the time over & over...


and at the end of the cd you had it... that's something you need to avoid imo...

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