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Full On Psy ! Need Criticism & Feedback !

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well... that's weird    :(


1. press play song on the page tha opens up when u click on the link


2. try dis abling any pop up blockers u may have coz it plays in a new window.


ya i know... but somehow... the pop up doesn t want to load the song

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It's very well done except the drums - they are a little dry and also way back in the mix... Nice spooky atmosphere but the melodies seem re-used.

Nice psychedelic rythmics that change when they should. Well done.

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I like it a lot, and to be honest I think the drums are perfect :P


I do however think the padlike synth in the first part of the song is rather disturbing, and it being there all the time amplifies the feeling of melodies being overused. Maybe remove it, and add some more psychadelic elements.

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Thx Daze


More Psychedelic elements huh... :D


point noted


Listening now, I like the dry drum sound at least on this system. great little sample at 3.30 ish too l. Not sure about the break at 4:15 though, kinda doesn't quite keep the beat going or give any sense of anticipation. It may need a little more variation on the hats as well.


some great sounds in there though, esp the "cha cha" at 5:15 ish.



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Hey Andy


Yeah the sample at 3:30 is quite funny...

I agree with the break, cud do with some more variations on hi hat as well, even the bass line, but this is like the 1st mix... will take it from here.. :)


Thanks for the feedback... much appriciated

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