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  1. Cybernetika Thanks for the feedback Abt the bass yeah im gonna lower it and give it a little more decay so its more smoother... Explosions at 10 Khz ... that can be arranged... for ur friend Hopefuly will have a an updated version up for some serious comments agai !! Thanks a lot !!
  2. Just had a listen to the updated version... Well it doesnt sound distorted ... which is good About the bass.. well i think the lenght of every note is a bit long or maybe the decay is set high.. so its not punching in and out rather just flowing . also u cud try to compress it first and then overdrive it a little so it sounds punchier
  3. Heres an updated version of the track... It still needs a lot of work on the breaks, transitions, mastering & EQ but u get the basic picture Lemme know what u think.. Suggestions/Criticism/Feedback and Brutal Honesty welcome !! http://www.acidplanet.com/artist.asp?PID=551724&T=2935
  4. Hey Andy The bass line is good.. its the actual sound of the nass that i didnt like... but then again thats just my opinion... The distortion sounded like too much compression or limiting at some stage !! apart from that its nice !!!
  5. Its nice but sometimes things sound a bit distorted and the bass doesnt sound so good IMO... needs some work !!
  6. I like it ... only thing yeah the sound quality... compress the master, then EQ it and then limit It heheh ..
  7. Hey ppl... ne tricks u have to make some good breaks. im a little new to making psy trance, just made one yet.. Some tips and tricks will help !!
  8. Well i like the production , but it sounds like a bit distroted did u compress/ limit the shit out of it ? maybe go a little easy on it !!
  9. Very nice production.. Dont like the synth that kicks in at 1:58 and i agree with daze the synth at 3:53 is not my cup of tea, and at 4:35 its all goin out of control... .. the pad at 6:16 sounds like forced upon the track.. i think u just need to work on the melodies, and the synths could be more psychedelic.. all in all good production, keep it coming... !!!
  10. Hey guys which vst synths do u use the most ? i like 1. Albino 2. Vanguard 3. Moog Modular
  11. I really like ur style .... Nice traks , but again i have to say that the bass line lacks power... everything else is spot on.
  12. I cud only get like 1min 14 sec of the track, unless thats what u put there... whatever i heard was nice ...
  13. Hey Andy Yeah the sample at 3:30 is quite funny... I agree with the break, cud do with some more variations on hi hat as well, even the bass line, but this is like the 1st mix... will take it from here.. Thanks for the feedback... much appriciated
  14. Very Nice build up... very different( in a good sense) nice bass line but it needs power, i wud personally tweak it a little more, maybe compress it a little or overdrive !!! but overall good work... keep it up
  15. Thx Daze More Psychedelic elements huh... point noted
  16. well i think u need a break from music , or maybe the style of music. i get sick of psy trance after a while so i take a 2 wekk break, listen to only chill out or some jazz and then when my brain is empty again , i get back at making psy trance ...
  17. Thanks qa2pir, I agree about the drums being a little dry ...., will try to fix it and tweak everything to near perfection... heheh thanks for the feedback
  18. well... that's weird 1. press play song on the page tha opens up when u click on the link 2. try dis abling any pop up blockers u may have coz it plays in a new window.
  19. Full On Psy ? Dont know if i cud say that ! Neways my first attempt at full on psy ! Unmasterd Raw Bounce Feedback and Critcism Welcome !! http://www.acidplanet.com/artist.asp?PID=545179&T=1762
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