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A new fullon track

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Overall I like the track. The structure is good and the melodies and bassline fit in together nicely. I think the melodies used are really cool and warm sounding. although maybe tweaking with the filters on the synth or "mutating" the notes some more would make the track sound a bit more "shroomy" ;-) The bassline is very good.


The drum track I am not too keen on, I think the drum samples used sound a little lifeless, maybe some tweaking with the velocities would help, but I think the kickdrum should go, it doesnt stand out from the bass enough IMO - although it may have been you intention to blend the two of course :-)..

The actualy drum pattern is fine however. There a percussion sound (first heard at 0:26) kinda like a finger click/snare with a reverb that I think sounds really fluffy and nice :).


The pads are too prominent in the mix - maybe you could add some nice psychedelic fx to help the rhythm along and make the mix sound fuller. I may just be being picky here, as I've always disliked pads in psytrance.


There a few coliding kicks between 1:10 and 1:20 that need sorting out.


Overall a great tune, the essential ingredients i.e the bassline and the melodies sound beutiful together :D The song does create pictures in my mind when I listen to it, which is always a sign of a good trance tune lol


I hope my "critique" was of some help mate.

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Very nice track, friend! It's so light and melodic that my soul starts to dance. :)

Maybe you should add some light fx's, e.g. pitch enveloped sounds. And i think maybe you need to normalise volumes of leads, but it's imho only!

Good luck!

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hi there!


well conceived, soft/light/travelling trance... smooth, good sounds, beautiful melodies... good track to relax to at home, or to listen while traveling... a bit to light to party with IMO, even in the morning :) call me a power seeker :P


good work, best of luck man

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Thanks for the feedback guys! (:




Thanks for the thorough review of the track, I've fixed some of the things you mentioned, such as the kickdrum and lowering the levels of the pads.

And you also said something about colliding kicks between 1.10 and 1.20, I didn't hear that :unsure:


thanks a lot!




I've, as you said, normalised the volumes of the melodies and for the bassline, it's all software (: all you need is patience and some good precise settings.





Well, indeed it's soft (; that was the intention (: i couldn't even imagine ever hearing this style at any party, could you? (:





Nope, no psytrance here (: all melodic and soft. I've as mentioned before fixed the kick a bit now, and I've uploaded a new version of the track which I will link to below.




Thank you all for your feedback! (:


And here's the link to the new version:


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The idea of the track is very good! The melody is dreamy and spacey, and the beginning makes want to hear more. I like how you put together different small parts with lots of panned delay and dreamish pads behind.


But the percussion sounds distorted, which doesn't fit the track at all. Maybe you wanted it that way? Well, i suggest you make a slightly more prominent kick and bass (i think the should "work together" more) and look over the hihats once again.


Maybe the entire song is clipping, but i think it's something with the hats and kick mainly, the snare is really tight and fits the track well.


Overall: great track, dreamy and very goa-ish. Keep it up!

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