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  1. Listened it again and noticed that the bassline is quite nice - light but strong sound. Is it hardware?
  2. Very nice track, friend! It's so light and melodic that my soul starts to dance. Maybe you should add some light fx's, e.g. pitch enveloped sounds. And i think maybe you need to normalise volumes of leads, but it's imho only! Good luck!
  3. I think it's a standart detuned saw lead: 2 (or 3 if you like) detuned saw osc's, some unison with spread and detune, some resonance, low pass filter...mmm...12 or 24 db\oct. The main elements are detune and unison. I use virus for all my sounds but I think I would use V-Station - it's good for detuned pads and leads.
  4. Found it! It's Little Blue Men - Dr.Snuggles Dilemma. Advise you to listen - beautiful classics.
  5. Looking for this amazing old track heard on a radio station archives. DJ called it Van Ohm but I think that's only russian pronounciation. Maybe you can help me to find?
  6. Hmm... maybe Hydroponic - Pull the String (V.A. Origin), Tikal - Audio Energizer (V.A. Wind Up) and Psydrop on his Fantasy seeds album. Now I begin to get closer to Psydrop basses.
  7. Yes, but this doesn't help a lot. The problem is I don't get a bass sound I like.
  8. I have the same opinion now. But the only synth sound I like for bass is vb-1. But I don't want to use it in all tracks! No variety at all! But can't get the same power along with nice sounding env and stable fat click.
  9. Hello everybody! Don't get angry for one more bassline topic! I really can't understand what's the problem for a long time. So, I have Virus B synth which I love much, but still can't get a fullon bassline from it. I usually make it this way: One Saw Wave OSC, 12db LP Filter, a bit resonance sometimes, then playing with different Cutoff, Env Amount, Env Decay And Sustain values. On Amp Env Attack is about 10-15 - it partly removes the awful click, Decay about a half, Sustain and Release are 0. This way I get a bass sound but it's very muddy and not so powerful at all. Then I begin to EQ it - cut the frequencies below 40Hz with highpass, above 3000 with lowpass - to minimize the click. Then I try to find frequencies that ade muddiness. It's always anear 120-130Hz, then I search for others - at the end I have about 8 Frecuencies notched a bit. After all my bass gets much cleaner - but it looses all it's power at all. So it's lost in the mix! But when I make a bassline with VB1 - it's VERY powerful and much cleaner to so I can do much less EQing. But VB-1 has very few parameters, so I can't get different types of bassline from it. Where do I go wrong? Maybe somebody use Virus for bassline and can help me? And thank you for reading all this shit! BoM!
  10. Just bought Virus B and have already got a problem with it. When i was playing on it in the shop all seemed to be ok. But when i took it home and started changing patches suddenly all letters changed with chaotic symbols and letters. Turning on/off several times helps a bit but not always. Synth comes with the latest 4.90 OS. Patched it again with it. Patching was ok, they all worked well about hal an hour. And then it repeated. Tried 4.80 - doesn't help. Should I try something else or take it back to the shop?
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