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Coolest sample ever

Guest Psymijis

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Guest a penguin

"Can you take these ecological system that has evolved on a planetary scale and stick them in such an incredibly small container with disproportion in amounts of atmosphere and soil and water and ocean and have these same principles basically functioning?"


"We can take these animals and systems and fit them into an incredibly small container and it still works."



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Guest trancer

This visitor somehow displayed the way aliens have been genetically altering the development of our DNA from our very beginnings, and that they had inspired our greatest spiritual leaders!!


Etnica - Vimana....


Let's meet on the other land..Let's unspeak about the unspeakable!!


Cosmosis - Alien Disco

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Tongues of Fungus sample in Sunkings' soul searching album is just so nuts !


As is the Henry of Rawlinson sample on Kumba Mela experiment album.


The samples on Klunk are from the Wacky races I think (Mutley not scooby ??)


Also there was an old tune with a sample that went something like 'I've pissed in my pants and nobody can do anything about it!'


I like samples that catch you by surprise, even when you know the track well !



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Guest Vasilis

AP - People Can Fly

"When you dream there are no rules. People can fly, anything can happen. Sometimes there's a moment as you are awaking, when you become aware of the real world around you. But you are still dreaming. You may think you can fly, but you'd better not try. People can fly." (From 'Kalifornia', starring David Duchovny.)


also Etnica - Mind Altering Drugs "Alter physical reality" (from 'Dark City')

and Trip Tonite (playa remix)

"We were drawn down long from a deep sleep, and awakened at dayfall by worried guardeners and made to be led thru dew wet jungle to the swift summit, over looking The sea.We had an intense visitation of energy.

When radio dark night existed and assumed control, and we rocked in it's web consumed by static, and stroked with fear." (All from the poem 'Far Arden', by Jim Morrison)


GMS - 1.3 Crumbs "I received this information from an aaaaaaalien."

Chakra - Liquid Troll There is hope for the future, when the world is ready for a new and better life

Crop Circles Lunar Civilization

"Personally, I'm convinced that there must be many, many higher civilizations in this enormous and incredibly ancient universe of ours"

and lots of others...

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Phony orphants - exebeche


I dont know how the sample goes but its the indian voice

talking about the stones laying long time in the sun... something like that.. hehe


But damn good sample... ;)

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Guest daksinamurti

hi guys

whats your favorite sample???

ill go for hux flux-- time slices(use some dr***)

synchro--born in california



there so many i have to overthink them :)

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Guest gallowglass

"i saw some weird stuff in there last night....weird, sick, twisted, evil GODLESS stuff.....and i want in" Cosmosis--Weird, Sick, n Twisted


"Have you ever seen fire in zero gravity? Comes up in waves.

Wave after wave. Slides all over everything. Its beautiful..." 12 Moons--Zero Gravity

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Guest Mergi

"Ships computer to all personal, this is an emergency override, all systems must standby. An asteroid storm is approaching the ship on collision course; this asteroid storm appears to be bound together by an electromagnetic energy vortex, like the one we ran into two years ago. Normally I wouldn't bother you boys with this problem, but as you recall my defensive circuits were destroyed that of the storm. Therefore you have thirtyfive seconds to manually activate all defensive systems" The Delta - Standby


I don't know exactly how it goes, I might've gotten something wrong...



"you've heard of the Yeti... ...that's originally one of the shamans Gods, the real name is Ban Jankri that means the shaman of the forest, so therefore nobody will ever find the yeti in nature. Because you have to go in trance and then you can find the Yeti easily" / "The Yeti last drink shnapps to so he's like a real shaman, and... ...if you wan't to contact him you have to put some alcoholic offerings in front of the forest" Hallucinogen - The Herb Garden

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Guest Towelie

"you know its like that you know i,v been in jail in a lot of countries......" From younger brother - dwarves


Ususally i hate all the samples taken from some movie aargh!

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Guest spacemonkey

"beware the beast man for he is the devils pawn.

yay he walks alone amongst gods primates, for he kills for lust or greed or sport.

let him not breed in great numbers for he will make a desert of his home as well as yours.

shun him, back into he jungle layer, for he is the harbringer of death."


(some gaps here there probably)


etnica - the beast man, brilliant!

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Guest lysergic

i really like it when the sample almost comments on whats happening in the music.. can set the mood so well..




space tribe - taking a risk

"somewhere in miles of fire(?), a spark jumps.... what triggers the transformation?" - then the music totally transforms and goes insane.


marchaos - corollary of flesh

"i know now that my wife has become (something)... i fear that the only way to stop those posessed by the spirits of the forest ..the act of bodily dismembermant.... i would leave now to avoid this horror, but for myself i have seen the dark shadows moving in the woods, and i have no doubt that whatever i have resurrected through this book is sure to come calling.. for me" - this sample sets the mood for one of the darkest tracks ever.

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Guest soyouth

"they gave me the lsd and they took me to the hotel.. i don't know what they've done to me but i remember it was horrible.

They gave you what ? llllllllllllssssssssssssddddddddddddddd.

Castration ! Double castration !"


More generally all samples taken form Fear and Loaghing are just great (1200 mic's, talamasca, psysex...) but i say that cuz i just love the movie :-)



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Guest psychotronic

the one from star wars in SBK - Morgenlatte

Wizzy Noise - Painful Memory :"Ellen is a woman who discovers the ultimate expression of love and the most exquisite pain"

Wizzy Noise - Radius : "Every night same dream same strange planet,why?

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Guest Quazzi

My favourite sample:


"..... wich means it is because of the beauty, that's is why a woman holds her breasts when she runs, not because the breasts is going to fall...."


Texas Faggott - Breast Boggie

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Guest perro andaluz

Lysergic>>> It's all over Raja Ram's Stash Bag 1, but I love it when it comes at the end of Zorba's "The Rush", it's a rush indeed!

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Guest Nefarious

Dark Nebula - "Beyond the reach of time"


and as Lysergic said, Marchaos - Corollary of flesh........


also Promon - Slemvext (ft. Jenova project) "Some of them are poisonous and they can make you sick, so look but don't touch unless you know which ones to pick, it's a mushroom, its a fungus, and its growing all around us and among us...."


Sung in a dainty nursery rhyme style, hilarious!!!!!!!

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I recently acquired Cosmosis Synergy. As with most new albums, I like to give them focused listening, so I took it downstairs to the gym in the apartment to listen to it while I worked out.


I got on the treadmill and started walking while listening to the music. Some albums take time to grow on me, but it was apparent this one grabbed me right away. As the psychedelic energy kept growing, I kept upping the power on the treadmill until I was clipping along at a hefty 4.2 mph. I was lost in a sea of fantasy as the music carried me away. I was on a trip of sorts as the music tweaked and twisted my brain, and then it happened.....


....so unexpected and out of the blue, the music paused and a male voice so matter of factly stated, "The drama is internal," and then the music started off again. I nearly fell off the treadmill I was laughing so hard. It was one of the moments of shroom-like brilliance where I was in a headspace where that statement suddenly was the most impressive, mindblowing, clear and funny thing I'd ever discovered in my life. It was that feeling where suddenly you've discovered such a fundamental truth and you can hardly grasp the implications of your discovery.


What is yours?


As an aside, I really like that track about the crossroads. I grew up in Clarksdale, Mississippi, USA which is where the crossroads is located at the intersection of state highways 49 and 61. To the side of the intersection there is a huge guitar where he sold his soul to the devil. I never realised the significance of that intersection until later in life. I find it incredible that I find a Goa track that mentions my little rural farm town where I was born.

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