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Hallucinogen - Bubble 'n Tweak

dr papa

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Bubble'n'Tweak is good imo, but a little to happy vibe for me.


I like Stretch Tastic, his cooperation with tristan on US2 much better. That tune has the right hallucinogen touch. Just boring he couldn't do the whole tune himself because the elements that don't sound hallucinogenic (i assume they are the tristan part) are not at all as good as the hallucinogenic ones (for example the twisted voice and some nice submelodies).

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I think it's pretty good - nothing mindblowing, but better than 95% of new psy released today. Great use of the 303 as well! The last track on the comp was horrible though - I guess guitars in psy-tracks just isn't my thing.


Simon doesn't use TB303

It's SH-101 sound (i think)

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i meant to say that psytrance is so at a commercial level that someday you will play games with psytrance soundtraxxx.  :ph34r:


Yesterday I was watching a TV program about tuning cars :) and they played psytrance...
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