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Anybody making psytrance, what kind of equipment do u use? synths, programs etc.


I mainly use Reason and have various VSTs I use with Cubase, (mostly NI instruments) and have an Andromeda A6.



There's a whole section for this kind of topic called "Music making" ;)

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Its the centre-piece of the studio, I love it, Its better than u can dream of and Ive just finished paying for it. Really, when I first got it I had no real experience with synths, its my first bit of hardware, and the most synth programming I'd ever done was changing the filter on presets in Reason, now I know exactly what I'm doing its amazing and the quality and lushness is just mind blowing, now I'm addicted to hardware, so next in line are the Fantom XR and the V-Synth XT.


Remember when ur buying equipment and u have a tight budget, dont look at the most expensive one just to see what it looks like, u find u no longer want a basic midi keyboard (Roland A37) and u begin to think of ways around the budget (plastic) and end up spending 7x more than intended. (The A6)

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