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Hey everyone i just want to start off by asking if anyone has ever listened ot this CD? if you did what's your review on it. Well just one listen and I hate it, should i give it a few more listens?, my opinion is that it is bland with no real edge, it comes with a bonus cd-rom but that doesnt make up for the poor tracklist, heres the tracks


1 electric universe,online information

2 etnica,history

3 ololiuqui,valves

4 patchwork,trilobeat

5 shiva chandra,ground control

6 space tribe,make telepathic contact

7 star sounds orchestra,washington

8 tarsis,endless rising

could somebody give me an opinion on this one, because i think i wasted my time buying it.

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could somebody give me an opinion on this one, because i think i wasted my time buying it.


Anything with goa trance or psychedelic trance in the title tends to suck more often then not.


I agree with Ritual Om about the tracks: 1, 2 and 8 are good, especially 8.


Patchworks music tends to be nice, but it's not goa trance in any way.


Ololiuqui never really caught my attention, Valves was one of their better tracks if I remember correctly.


Shiva Chandra was one of those acts pioneering the minimal sound back in the days, but there's only a handful of his minimal compositions that are interesting, most of the time the ones with melodies.


As far as Space Tribe is conserned, well, don't expect anything groundbreaking, but still enjoyable from time to time.

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