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Connect it to a MIDI channel ???


Maybe ...


It doesn't help I tryied it, it send a signal to reaktor 4 but no sound on Ableton Live no sound too. On Fl studio it played good. I have tryied it on various soundcards.

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im loading reaktor vst not fx and its not getting any sound of it and yes i can see the red light in the top turn on so i know its get signal ...

but when im using it in fx moad so i can hear sound and i see the signal and no problem at all

but i dont get it what you mean when you say

i would check that your sending midi data to it on the correct channel. Like most reaktor ens will default to midi channel one and if your sending it midi data on channel 2 in cubase you will get nothing.

how can i choose which channel to send it or which channel gets the information??? :ph34r:
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