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Earth Nation - Terra Incognita


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Seeing that there are reviews of old albums I decided to put small review of this stunning album by old trancers Earth Nation. They released only this album after extremely successfull hit ALIENATED which i find as one of the better trance songs from that period. This album is more on a chill side. It is not as trancey as that single but it is pretty good. Whole album is in slight mix and they put mixture of ambient and trance songs. There is famous THE IKARUS SYNDROME hit which is amazing and beside that there is brilliant TRANSFIGURATION, GREEN SKY IS RED, ELUCIDATE, AN ARTIFICIAL DREAM. There is one of the best ambient songs I've heard from that period: OUTBURST...Whoa, what a great piece of music. MENTALICITY is also great ambient track. This album may sound old for someone now but it is surely piece of classy album from beginning of the trance era. Everyone that are seriously into trance and ambient should have this one...9/10

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01 Way In (9:22)

02 First Interlude (1:01)

03 Transfiguration (9:11)

04 Elucidate (7:20)

05 The Ikarus Syndrome (9:01)

06 Second Interlude (1:58 )

07 An Artificial Dream (8:33)

08 Last Interlude (1:34)

09 Outburst (6:12)

10 Green Sky is Red (9:02)

11 Mentalicity (7:24)



ah after reading a review by seraph on psynews of this album I got my hands on this CD too. It's more on the commercial trance side than psytrance but again, back in those days there wasn't really a border between psytrance, "normal" trance and ambient and you could find names like Sven Vath, Total Eclipse and The Orb on the same comp...


Transfiguration is an EXCELLENT track, it has a very mytical feeling to it and it used a breakbeat instead of the "usual" 4 on the floor kick. To my ears it sounds more like an evolution of electro and it doesn't sound dated at all!!


The Ikarus Syndrome was aparently a big hit in its time but I find it's a little childish...


Outburst is a nice chill-out track which reminded me a lot of AP's syle.


The other tracks don't really do it for me... they're mostly on the chill-out side but for me the "Eye Q sound" is just too simplistic, it doesn't have enough layers. On the other hand this was made in 95 and 9 years later it sounds MUCH more creative than the crappy trance (or psytrance) released our days...


Conclusion hit-and-miss album which is more on the commercial side of trance (not necesarily a bad thing...). My main problem is that there aren't a lot of layers in the tracks but Transfiguration stands out as one of THE all-time electronic music anthems. I hoped that more tracks on this album would sound like it...

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Yes, Klaxer has right, the last Album of Earth Nation was Amnesie. It is not bad, but not so good like Terra Incognita.

The Album contains Progressive Trance, House, Techno, some Easy Listenig and Electronic elements.

Here is the Tracklist from Amnesie. CD-Code is RTD 103.1095.2


01. In

02. Funkyhim, Funkyher

03. Each Kind (with Lady P.I.T.A.)

04. Wating for the A-Train

05. Victorya's Secret (with Victory)

06. Higher (with Mark Jefferis)

07. Velvet Paradise (with J.C. Vandermynbrugge)

08. Amnesie

09. 'Ear Dis (with Mark Jefferis)

10. Freezing

11. Out


Each Kind: is more like a Old Popsong.

Victorya's Secret: is more like a classic Eye Q Track.


The melodie from the Track Mentalicity (From Album Terra Incognita), used Ralf Hildenbeutel later on the Track Hommage a Noire. ;)

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Here first album by Ralf:



Here collaboration work with Sven Vaeth:



Posted Image


Sven Vaeth made his first Album "Accident In Paradise" and thrid Album "Fusion" with Ralf Hildenbeutel too.

He starts, in the year 1991/92, with Ralf a sideproject called Barbarella.

Ralf Hildenbeutel released a Soundtrack "Hommage a Noire" and some singles.

Mingnon feat. Esra - Me voy sonando (This is not Heaven),

Odysee of Noises - Firedace,

Odysee of Noises - The Last Caprioles (This single contains three parts. Part one is written by A.C. Bousten aka Mathias Hoffman, Part two is written by R. Hildenbeutel and part three is written by B-Zet aka Steffen Britzke).

Hildenbeutel collaborated sometimes with Cygnus X (aka A.C.Boutsen) too.

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I must correct myself :D


Odyssee of Noises - Firedace,

Odyssee of Noises - The Last Caprioles


Odyssee with two "s" LOL


Because Odysee of Noises with only one "s" was with Sam Vision (aka Sven Väth), A.C. Boutsen and Stevie Be-Zet. ;)

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You really do get quite a mix here. Lemmiwinks is right, this was back when not all the genres were specefied. I liked Transfiguration (sort of a breakbeat goa style) and Elucidate was dreamy. An Artificial Dream didn't impress. The Interludes added a spacey feel of which I wish the album contained more.


The whole album felt like I was on an outer space journey, very desolate but not cold.



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