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Found 13 results

  1. Artist: Tickets Title: Dreaming of Places Label: Timecode Records Date: December, 2008 1. Intro 2. Dark Fears 3. City In Japan 4. Harpsicheek 5. Finish What You Started 6. Aurora Borealis 7. The Quest Rmx 8. Circumstances 9. Massive Attack - Heat Miser (Tickets Remix) 10. Sympathise and Mesmerize Karma-karma-karma-karma-karma... Bringing back a classic! I mean...well, I didn't, uh...I didn't think it was a classic when it came out. But, like celebrities doing community service you pick up a few things. After his album Timelapse I was expecting more of the same and was a little disappointed he didn't deliver. No, you know what, disappointed wasn't the right word. I wasn't ready. This is a different direction yet he still hangs on to the signature Timecode rawness and brutality. The thump and acid are still there, but it's a deeper work. No longer is it just four on the floor power. It's rooted in cinematic grandeur not unlike Talpa's The Art of Being Non. Layers invite dark minor key exploration with a focus on atmosphere. Creativity abounds and it also brings that danceable Timecode swagger. It's like when the Beasties Paul's Boutique came out. I didn't get it, and thought those guys were done. I wasn't ready. And they f*cking kept on till that one guy died. But just feast on that Circumstances climax. Quality work that I can now appreciate. Looking forward to his next album. Now...can someone tell me what the f*ck Harpsicheek is? Beatspace Timecode Bandcamp
  2. Free download http://timecode.bandcamp.com/album/gaggalacktixvibes-1-free-download Tracklist 01 PoEt & DJ Pieces Stimulus Bubble 147 BpM 02 Frosty Fennic Danky North-Pole 146 BpM 03 Drumatik Happy Tsunami 147 BpM 04 Ingrained Instincts Just A Ride 146 BpM 05 Ra Root Half Baked 146 BpM 06 Diksha Day By Day 148 BpM 07 Upavas - There Is No God 147 BpM 08 Fannalism Freedom 148 BpM 09 Mlle Vitale & Synthetik Chaos No Human 154 BpM 10 Sequoya & Cosinus Ubuntu 150 BpM Free music for free people! Freaky gathering for freaky people In 2016, the Gaggalacka festival is going to celebrate its 15th anniversary! Reason enough for us to invite all of you for an accoustic ride through the musical facets of the festival in form of this Compilation Trilogy. As the result of a collaboration with our favorite labels Sangoma Records, Purple Hexagon Records as well as Glitchy.Tonic.Records we will be able to offer you a comprehensive overview of all the varieties of psychedelic music that is being offered at a regular base during the 3-day-festival. We managed to fill not less than 3 compilations and more than 3 hours of what we consider a tasty pick of Psytrance, Twilight, Twisted and Forest, reaching out far into the more experimental sounds of Psygressive, PsyTechno, Glitch and Downbeats. Partially, the tracks are contributions from upcoming artists who have been part of the recently launched Gaggalacka Tour. So keep your eyes and ears open for Psychedelic Sound Engineers of the future.. Part 2 soon on Purple Hexagon >>> purplehexagonrecords.bandcamp.com Part 3 soon on Glitchy Tonic >>> glitchytonicrecords.bandcamp.com For free download click buy and add 0 as your price ... or feel free to donate something! http://timecode.bandcamp.com/album/gaggalacktixvibes-1-free-download
  3. Our new Android Spirit - Overground EP just came out on BMSS Records! >>https://pro.beatport.com/release/overground/1613282 Android Spirit happily present their first EP "Overground" on BMSS Records. The German based duo consist of Tickets and Daksinamurti who have been in the psychedelic scene for years. Last seen together on their collaborative album " Synthetic Organism", they return to deliver more music for maniac mornings. The first track "Overground", an homage to early Goatrance, has a mechanical edge to it and a grinding dramatic character reminiscent of the times before Goatrance emerged from the underground, and was both recognized and demonized by mainstream media. "Overground" is reminiscent of the days when Goa was the Mecca of Psychedelic culture. Track two is Android Spirit's interpretation of the BMSS head, Boom Shankar and Soul Kontakt's track "Simulated Reality" which came out as a blistering piece of crackling morning euphoria. The edit is smoother, flecked with psychedelic nuances, orchestral highlights and a reinforcement of mechanical undertones. https://www.facebook.com/AndroidSpirit
  4. VA - Tanuki Tandava compiled by Daksinamurti & BuzZ (Sangoma SANG08) Artist: Various Label: Sangoma Catalogue: SANG08 Release: March 2015 Format: CD/Digital Mastering: Scorb @ TRK Mastering Artwork: Ashtak Sing (Trilochana) 1. Distant Touch & Daksinamurti Tanuki 146 2. Asimilon & Occular OK? 146 3. Gaspard Confabulatory Creature 148 4. Illegal Machines & Synthetik Chaos Satellite Riders 148 5. Yab Yum Earthquake 150 6. Babagoon Holographic Source 152 7. Gibber Twilight Zone 150 8. Synthetik Chaos vs Fighting Shadow Spunfix 148 9. Highstyle Night Shade 148 10. Hookers vs ZZbing Neuro Jam 146 Promotext: Sangoma Records proudly presents this mind-bending compilation by BuzZ from Japan and Daksinamurti from Germany, who will send you on a musical journey to discover the Tanuki an ancient magical being significant to Japanese folklore. After an action filled week in Japan they decided to join forces, and this release is the result of a friendship regardless of any cultural, language or timezone barriers. A cosmic fusion between East and West, which found its common ground in their love for psychedelic music. Playful and groovy music apart from stereotypes await you with a strong focus on crispy clear production highlighted by clean mastering by Scorb. Buzz and Daksi have gathered some of their favorite artists and new talent to showcase their interpretation of nighttime music made to be played outdoors under the moon. Sangoma Records Homepage: http://www.sangomarecords.com Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/sangoma-recs Fb: https://www.facebook.com/sangomarecords https://www.facebook.com/pages/BuzZ/1390190927889004 https://www.facebook.com/Djdaksi
  5. Artist: Various Artists Title: Ironic Creatures compiled by Izzy & Cosinus Label: Sangoma Catalogue: SANGCD06 Release: February 2014 Format: CD/Digital Artwork: Jazzmine @ Blue Hour Sounds, Kaliptus Mastering: Alex (EVP) @ Wild Mastering get our music here http://timecode.bandcamp.com/ 1. Psyberpunk vs Hyperfrequencies – Rajastan Twist 2. Aseem vs Yudhisthira – Psykick Ability 3. Chris Rich – Chew The Fat 4. Synthetik Chaos – Vitale Destruction 5. Illustrator – Universo Synth 6. Tweakers – Memory Card (Version 2) 7. Muscaria vs Oran Mor – Oona’s Desire 8. Southwild – Organic Grains 9. Kabayun – Visions (Kabadrop re-edit) 10. Braincell – Atom Smasher After two years of serious Internet hustling and critical listening, two unordinary DJs from the Sangomafia are proud to present their first compilation, Ironic Creatures. Michael and Izzy’s taste are particularly unique in their own way. So they decided to munch on what they thought was the best of each other’s – which is what makes this one so special. This compilation takes you on journey from some lush morning gaspers to some grabbling night-time flexers, through the sounds of the rainforest, down to the bottom of the Mediterranean, back to the Moroccan dessert. You name it, we got it. If you want to get technical, fullonforesttwilightorganicextravaganza (Look it up in the Urban Dictionary). Just hear it out for yourself. Then clap your hands and stomp your feet and thank the universe for this beat. www.sangomarecords.com https://www.facebook.com/sangomarecords Cosinus: https://www.facebook.com/Cosinus79 Izzy: https://www.facebook.com/pages/DJ-Izzy-NYC/217848781594346?fref=ts http://timecode.bandcamp.com/
  6. Dsompa – Shinan EP Format: Digital Catalogue: TSANEP05 Release: October 13th, 2014 Artwork by: Hazard Hope Mastering: Alex (E.V.P) @ Wild Mastering 1. Dsompa – Lost Theory 2. Dsompa & Kabayun – Gravity 3. Dsompa – Beings 4. Dsompa – Quené Sangoma Records is back from the summer break and blessed to announce the first EP from Hamburg based Dsompa. A DJ for Peak Records since 2009 and a familiar friendly face at many international psychedelic events. “Shinan” is a term from the Peruvian Shipibo – Conibo tribe from the Amazon rainforest which translates to “ Idea, Mind, Transaction”. Their unique culture is highly influenced by shamanism, in which the medicinal and visionary use of ayahuasca is practiced. The geometrical decorative designs, which the healer sees during his visions, can be found in many objects from everyday life, such as pottery, clothing, etc. The artistic traditions of the Shipibo have inspired this release and can also be traced in the music as well, and in the cover art by Hazard Hope. The listener awaits a lysergic multi dimensional driven landscape, with a good dose of groove. Enjoy the ride and allow the compound of this music to have an effect on your consciousness. Mastered by EVP Wild Mastering www.facebook.com/WildMastering www.facebook.com/dsompamusic www.soundcloud.com/dsompa Shipibo info : http://de.scribd.com/doc/46544001/Shipibo-Ayahuasca-Shamans-Part-1
  7. Creating Sacred Space http://www.mixcloud.com/Daksinamurti/creating-sacred-space-pt1-daksinamurti-2014/ This first part of a multi hour set comes in a forest friendly daytime outfit, a good dose of groove transitioning into more uplifting hypnotic soundscapes and beyond. This contemporary tale wants to give back a little bit of magic to our modern civilization, which in many ways works on fear - leaving one with the impression that the world is an unsafe, hostile place. To be healthy, man has to experience the setting we are designed for: nature. Since the early days of mankind and in many shamanic rituals, sacred space is created by invocating the spirits of the four cardinal directions - South, West, North, and East - as well as the sky (father) and earth (mother). These share the basic concept that all of life is inter-related and inter-dependent and everyone within protected. Also sacred architecture, like temples and places of worship, function in a similar way - making "transparent the boundary between matter and mind, flesh and the spirit." It is the invitation to retreat deep into the wilderness, sacrificing modern comforts for the benefits of greater autonomy and freedom, proclaiming new (old) forms of communal space for gathering and participation. By opening sacred space we leave behind profane affairs of ordinary life and allow us to enter our inner worlds. Unfortunately, laws and regulations as well as commercial interests often contradict and sabotage these needs making it a highly political affair to create new and sustain the last existing spaces. Creating sacred space by providing a place for dance, laughter and worship, could be the remedy of our time and carries the ability to repair, harmonize and even bring around healing. www.sangomarecords.com https://www.facebook.com/Djdaksi
  8. Lemurians – Trip Tonight EP Label: Timecode Records Cathalogue: TCDIGI014 Format: Digital Release: May 2014 Artwork: SangomArt 1. Lemurians – Trip Tonight 2. Lemurians – Soulwax 3. Lemurians – Frequency 4. Shift – Don’t you know (Lemurians rmx) Undiscovered and hidden like secret gemstones, these Lemurians tracks have slumbered, waiting for its time to see the surface. In the dawn of a new rise of the legendary label “ Shiva Space Technology”, the Lemurians are sending out their sacred frequencies as a first sign of new life. These deep sonic twisters written by Andy and Janosch will recapture some golden moments to send us again straight into orbit with their trademark sounds, groove and ambience. Timecode Records - Timeless music. Beatport: http://www.beatport.com/release/trip-tonight/1289547 Bandcamp: http://timecode.bandcamp.com/album/trip-tonight-ep Psyshop:http://www.psyshop.com/shop/Downloads/tcc/tcc1dw014.html Beatspace: http://beatspace.com/8092/Timecode+Records/LEMURIANS/Trip+Tonight/detail.aspx
  9. Artist: Android Spirit Title: Synthetic Organism Label: TIMECODE Catalogue: TCCD031 Format: CD/Digital Release: january 17th 2014 Artwork: Meskalart Mastering: Scorb@Trick Music Tracklist 1. OMdma 142 bpm 2. Kirobo the Robot 143 bmp 3. Swirl in Unity 145 bpm 4. Born in the Desert (feat. Distant Touch) 145 bpm 5. Targaryen Blood 144 bpm 6. High as a Kite 147 bpm 7. Freedom South Africa 146 bpm 8. Tokolojoe 144 bpm 9. Tickets – Remember (Android Spirit edit) 147 bpm Timecode Records presents the debut album of Android Spirit, a Marburg (Germany) based project by Josef Summs (aka Tickets/Brethren) from South Africa and Till (Daksinamurti) from Germany. Both artists join forces to go beyond the barriers and boundaries of the natural realm to create an atmosphere of undiscovered audio frequencies filled with alien technology and ancient imagery. Inspired by their surrounding and musical background they combine the best of both spectrums to send out hypnotic and ecstatic frequencies into orbit. Retrodelic Goa vibes paired with South African energy and influences of both temporary night and morning music makes this album a sonic hybrid suitable for any time of the day - Twilight 2.0. This release also contains a collaboration with Timecode’s newly signed artist Distant Touch. Robotic music with human emotion. https://www.facebook.com/AndroidSpirit https://www.facebook.com/Timecodesa http://www.timecode.co.za contact&bookings: timecode@timecode.co.za
  10. Title: Timecode Anestetic Artist: Various Label: TIMECODE Catalogue: TCDIGI012 Format: Digital Release: 02.12.2013 Artwork: Psyphoria Mastering: Mekkanikka Tracklist 1. Rinkadink –Elements of Water 2. Mad Maxx vs Deeper in Zen- Rainbow Body State (Mekkanikka rmx) 3. Android Spirit – Scar Face 4. Iliuchina- No turn Back 5. D_Maniac - (Es) Cape Town 6. Orca & Shameless – Step Back 7. D_Maniac & A-Mush – Music & Fire 8. Phyx vs Tryambaka – Item 9 9. Tickets – Deep Blue Ocean 10.Sick Addiction – Masked Addiction 11.Deedrah – Reload (Tickets rmx) Promotext: Timecode Records and DJ Anestetic join forces, once again, to deliver another compilation of danceable psychedelia, just in time for the long outdoor season of South Africa’s summer. Since Kartuxo, the Portuguese DJ has been collecting stamps for his already well-used passport as he hops around the globe from gig to gig, using the opportunity to collect the material that is on offer with the compilation’s eleven tracks – each one representing a year that the label has been in existence. The collection fuses the talents of iconic Portuguese producers such as Tryambaka and D_Maniac with the established character of longtime Timecode representatives like Phyx, Tickets and Android Spirit. The twilight sound also has its moments, courtesy of producers like Rinkadink, Orca and Mekkanikka. Listen out for the remix of Deedrah’s classic, Reload, as well as a new take on a track by Mad Maxx. The album is musical anesthesia – relieving pain without eliminating sensation. http://www.facebook.com/DjAnestetic https://www.facebook.com/Timecodesa https://soundcloud.com/timecoderec get our music here: >> http://timecode.bandcamp.com
  11. Our new EP got out, for now exclusive on bandcamp and soon on beatport, junodownloads and many other plattforms Universcience - Breath of the Universe EP Tracklist 1.Singulartity 2.Illusion of Paradise 3.Breath of U Sangoma records is happy to announce it’s first EP by the russian duo Universcience. Elena and Sergey deliver us their vision of modern psychedelic Goatrance. They combine classic elements and shape them into a modern, forest friendly outfit - perfectly fitting the early morning or afternoon dancefloors. Hypnotic morning music for the mind, body and soul! get it here: http://timecode.bandcamp.com/album/breath-of-the-universe-ep
  12. Title: Spirit Voices compiled by Daksinamurti & Gata Freak Artist: Various Label: SANGOMA Catalogue: SANGCD04 Format: JewelCase Audio CD /Digital Release: December 2012 / Jan 2013 VA/ Spirit Voices compiled by Daksinamurti & Gata Freak 1. Ianuaria - The Theory of Elements 2. Yudhisthira - Bhumandala 3. Primordial Ooze- Impact Theory 4. Gaspard- Get with the program 5. Southwild - Twiddle My Dot 6. Synthetic Chaos - Nothing is fucked 7. Via Axis - Light Portals 8. Yudhisthira - The Room (Braincell rmx) 9. Soladria – Ussr Signal 10.Etnica - Surpressive Fire Greetings inhabitants of the blue planet! Sangoma Recs presents a new dose of tasty medicine for your ears – this time compiled by label owners Gata Freak & Daksinamurti. The two present a very special selection of contemporary psychedelic gems, tested on various dancefloors around the planet. Music with soul - prescribed by your sonic witchdoctors - combining ancient knowledge with modern technologies for an ecstatic trance dance experience. A perfect treatment for all aimless wandering “Mzungus” out there in search of something real. Organic and driving grooves, melodies with the vibe of the golden Goa days and new surprises await you on this spicy audio & visual journey. Authentic music written by some of the most creative and unique artists within this scene ranging from trance veterans like Etnica to leading contemporary artists and big names of tomorrow. Music with love, peace and compassion - communicating to all living beings. Let the spirit voices guide you through the night. “The old dream of progressive humanism is fading fast. There are still those who dream of the conquest of the biosphere by the technosphere, the human control of biological evolution through genetic engineering, and so on. But attitudes are changing around, and within, many of us: there is a shift from humanism to animism, from an intensely mancentred view to a view of a living world. We are not somehow superior to Gaia; we live within her and depend on her life.” Sheldrake (biologist) 1994 http://www.sangomarecords.com http://www.facebook.com/sangomarecords http://www.facebook.com/Djdaksi
  13. Timecode is back Title: Android Wave compiled by Tickets Artist: Various Label: Timecode Catalogue: TCCD030 Format: JewelCase Audio CD /digital Release: Feb/March 2013 1. Hujaboy & Tickets- Open Water (140 bpm) 2. Distant Touch - Power of Six (145 bpm) 3. Tickets & Terrafractyl - Welcome to the Zoo (144 bpm) 4. Audialize - The Doctor (147 bpm) 5. Android Spirit feat. Dillan M - April 2nd 1968 (146.5 bpm) 6. Lemurians - Expect the Unexpected (145 bpm) 7. Earworm & Tickets - Plastik (145 bpm) 8. Abomination and Android Spirit versus Constructor- Kiffen (146 bpm) 9. Menog - Drop of Water (145 bpm) 10. Sulima - Object 008 (146 bpm) Mastered by Artifakt Timecode is back and happy to announce it's 30th cd release. Android Wave is compiled by no other then our longterm stallward Tickets. Ten surfable soundwaves by various artists from all over the blue planet. This release contains various onetime collaborations with Hujaboy,Terrafractyl, Earworm - the comeback of acts like Lemurians, Menog and Abomination who havent released on Timecode for a while, the introduction of Timecode's new act Android Spirit and others like Audialize, Distant Touch, Sulima, Dillan M and Constructor. Summertime Jamrock filled with a lot of surprises, tested on various dancefloors will get you going like a looney lobster on paper. Keep an eye out for the Tickets and Android Spirit Album later this year. http://www.timecode.com http://www.facebook.com/Timecodesa http://www.facebook.com/ticketscreations http://www.facebook.com/AndroidSpirit
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