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Found 6 results

  1. 🎧 Cosmic Selection Vol.1: A Psytrance Journey by DJ Django 🌌 This DJ set is dedicated to Progressive Psytrance. I’ve carefully selected tracks from my personal BandCamp collection, which I love incorporating into my top-psycret DJ sets around the psytrance neighbourhood out there, among my live performances. -Tracklist: 1. Sonic Species - Flow Rider 2. Animato, Solarix - Expecting You 3. Altruism / DJ Thatha & Burn in Noise - We Found Peace 4. Bellatrix - Meditanationism 5. Silent Sphere - Radical Love 6. Dolby Caramel - Life Explorers 7. Dj Doppler - Codes Of Life 8. Bitkit & XoXo & T.I.T - Dragonfly LINK: MixCloud In the realm of psytrance, we’re all stardust dancers, moving to the universal symphony. Press play and feel your senses become one with the cosmic energy of creation. -Peace and Bass- Dj Django *artwork by: Gemini Art Lab
  2. LISTEN&SUPPORT Links DESCRIPTION:Dive into the pulsating depths of sound and imagination with the latest progressive psytrance single-release from the Mushlight headquarters, 'Dolby Caramel - Life Explorers.' Set to the heart-thumping tempo of 140 BPM, this sonic masterpiece isn't just another track; it's an exploration of uncharted musical dimensions, seamlessly blending the realms of music and sci-fi into an extraordinary sonic experience. Drawing inspiration from the enigmatic depths of space, 'Life Explorers' fuses the spirit of psychedelic trance with a progressive, futuristic twist, venturing into unexplored realms of sound. The track's composition employs innovative techniques that redefine the limits of electronic music, crafting a unique voyage that's both groundbreaking and enthralling. It's a musical odyssey that challenges conventions and ignites the imagination, rightfully earning its place among the vanguard of progressive psytrance and distinguishing itself as a standout release of 2023. As the beats unfold, you'll find yourself transported to an interstellar realm where melodies weave stories of cosmic exploration. These meticulously crafted melodies intertwine with a hypnotic rhythm, sweeping you on a voyage through the unknown. The fine selection of sounds constructs a unique psychedelic landscape, resonating with echoes from distant galaxies and the enigmas of the universe. Prepare to be captivated by the seamless fusion of sci-fi elements and psychedelically melodic soundscapes. 'Dolby Caramel - Life Explorers' pushes the boundaries of electronic composition, weaving a tapestry of sounds that are both visionary and uniquely imaginative. The track pulses with an energy that transports listeners beyond the confines of the ordinary, offering an unparalleled experience of sonic discovery. Take a journey in the sonic cosmos of 'Life Explorers' and witness the convergence of visionary artistry and musical ingenuity firsthand. Mushlight Records proudly presents this transformative release, extending an invitation to join the ranks of true explorers within the realm of electronic music.
  3. Hey, music Explorers! The new single track release 'Life Explorers' by Dolby Caramel is now available for Pre-Order on Bandcamp and Beatport. The date of release is on December 18th. Secure your copy now and be part of the music exploration in Life and Multiverse beyond! -LINKS- BEATPORT BANDCAMP
  4. Out Now on Furthur Progressions Records exclusive to Beatport! 0dB - 'Tarantism' Buy your copy here: https://www.beatport.com/release/tarantism/2226575 0dB is the progressive psychedelic project from Justin Blij who originally hails from Cape Town, South Africa but is now based downunder in Sydney, Australia. Signed to Furthur Progression Records as a label producer and DJ, 0dB sculpts every sound in his music with ultimate care and the result speaks for itself - deep rolling basslines, intricate fast flying percussion rhythms, rip roaring leads, loads of psychedelic FX and melodic floating grooves. Tarantism is the debut EP from 0dB, which includes two psy progressive tracks laden with positive energy and emotion, and is bound to get any dancefloor grooving and smiling to these psychedelic beats.
  5. Side Effects - 'Glory' (Spectro Senses Remix) out 12/03/18 on Reincarnations Recordings! Reincarnations Recordings are extremely happy to welcome the mega talented Spectro Senses back to the label - with an absolute belter of a remix. The original track - ‘Glory’ by Side Effects, was released a few years back on the mighty Iono Music - who kindly made this special remix release possible. Spectro Senses took the bull by the horns and created what we can only describe as a progressive master piece. The track is a true adventure from start to finish; filled with little dark twists, inviting stabs and a truly haunting synth hook. If you are a fan of pure progressive psytrance you simply can’t afford to miss out on this very special release! Click here for a preview: https://soundcloud.com/reincarnations-recordings/side-effects-glory-spectro-senses-remix https://www.facebook.com/reincarnationsrecordings/
  6. ‘Sound, Colour, Tempo’ is the debut EP from South African born producer Neutrino! Out on the awesome Further Progressions Records on the 29th January 2018! This outstanding debut release consists of two powerful progressive dance floor tunes, both churning out equal lashings of melody, solid bass lines and thought provoking vocals. The title track, ‘Sound, Colours & Tempo’ intertwines bass and melody to create a smooth, gargantuan soundscape. ‘Infinite Beings’ delivers on deep pulsating grooves with searing, intricate melodies dancing throughout the staves of this driving dance floor ripper. Listen to samples & pre-order here: https://www.beatport.com/release/sound-colour-tempo/2187113 Find out more about Neutrino via his Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/Neutrinomusic Listen to his sounds here:
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