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  1. MODEM FESTIVAL 2018 (Momento Demento) 6th Aug 2018 - 12th August 2018. Primislje, Croatia Modemheads, welcome to MoDem Festival 2018.! The date is set and planning for our next gathering can start... First of all, we want to thank you once more for your support and love given: HVALA! We learned a lot, especially in communication with you, and our mission is to implement this new knowledge into building bigger but more accessible and more humane MoDem. Your better comfort and safety is the primary goal. With our greener initiative, we want to live the words ecology and sustainability even more. Preserving the site as pure and untouched as we found it implies stricter 'leave no trace' policy. Except for the construction of new compost toilets we have big plans in this department and therefore we're going to need your help; so expect crowdfunding and other campaigns in near future. We continue to follow our vision to abandon the outdated concept that divides musical genres on 'main' and 'alternative' so each segment of the MoDem Festival will have equal treatment and approach. It seems that you liked new concept with three musical stages and at this moment we can only reveal that we are improving and developing it. But building chill out area worthy of our Festival is the main objective. You know what to expect - diverse musical content with an emphasis on psychedelic sound and out of this world visuals, installations and art. As you know MoDem is not expanding in numbers and tickets will be limited. We recommend that you buy yours on time. Early bird tickets will be online in mid-September. Other news are coming soon so stay tuned! With love and passion, MoDem Crew :: LINE UP :: MO:DEM FESTIVAL 7'th EDITION 06.08.2018. - 12.08.2018. [THE HIVE] AARDVARKK / ANAKIS / ANTONYMOUS / ARJUNA / BACK TO MARS / BACKGAMMON / BEARDY WEARDY / BIONIC / BUZZ / CENTAURO / CHROMATEC / CONFO / CRITTER / CTCDROPE / DINA & SHEV / DRURY NEVIL / DUST / EARTHLING / EUNOIA / EVOCATONE / EVP / FAGIN'S REJECT / FAKO / FAREBI JALEBI / FILTERHEADS / GINO / GIUSEPPE / GLOSOLALIA / GU / HARMONIC REBEL / HASHASHIN / HATTA / ILSE / ISOMETRIC / JUSTIN CHAOS / KABAYUN / KASATKA / KERLIVIN / KIM / KIMMEI / KLANGMASSAKER / LIQUID ROSS / MADIANBRAINS / MASSERN / MEGALOPSY / MICRODOT vs PINAR / MIKEL / NARGUN / NIGEL / NOMAD 25 / OKSHA / ONKEL DUNKEL / ORESTIS / PARASENSE / PELKS / PHOBOS / PSYCODE / QUANTUM MECHANICA / R2 / RADICE / REGAN / SHOTU / SIMIANTICS / SOUTHWILD / SPECTRA SONICS / SYNTHALIENZ / SYNTHETIK CHAOS / TADAYAN / TERSIUS / TIRIAL / TREANT / TSUBI / VAL VASHAR / VERT3X / VIRTUAL LIGHT / WHICHDOCTOR / WHITE WIZARD / WILL O WISP / WINPA / YUYA / ZZBING [THE SWAMP] ALCHEMY CIRCLE / ANX-VOID CONTROLLER / ASTRONOMY DOMINE / BAYAWAKA / BEATROOTS / BREGER / BRUJO’S BOWL / CLAUDIO PRC / CUBEX / DECOMPOSER / DJ JOSKO / EGO-T / EVIL OIL MAN / FABIO LEAL / FLORIAN MSK / GOLANSKI / GRUENER STARR / HEFTY / HERRMAN STÖHR / HYDRANGEA / HYPOGEO / ILLUME / INDRA / ISANTROPIA / JOSEPHINE WEDEKIND / KABI / KAPITANO / KLIMENT / KNOBS / KUJO / MARA / MARCIANA / MAYIX / MENTAL / MÜD / NATY SERES / NESS / NOISY BEW / NUYARAO / ODD / ØKAPI / ONIONBRAIN / ORGANIT / RE:SET / RICCO MAZZER / SENSIENT / SHADED EXPLORER / SHARAD SOOD / SOURONE / SPIRAL ARMS / SPROCKET / TIJAH / TRIBONE / TRIFORCE / VAL VASHAR / VOLSTER / XENOSCAPES / YETTI MEISSNER / ZVEZDA BETA [THE SEED] ABU AMA / ADA KALEH / ALUCINE / ANNA RUFF / ANTENDEX / ASTRONOMY DOMINE / BAYAWAKA / BENNY ILL / BETA / BILL ROBIN / BRØDO / CHILLIN GLOW / CLAUDIO PRC / D.Y. / DJ SAMSARA / DON’T DJ / DUBNOTIC / FABIO SESTILI / FADA / FATA & MORGANA / HAUMAE BY AGOSTINO TICINO / HEFTY / HYDRANGEA / INDRA / ISHQ / KAPITANO / KLIMENT / KNOBS / KUDJO / LO.RENZO / M.I.L.E. / MENTAL / METTAKIN / MIKE STELLAR / MODERN ERRORS / MUSIC MEDITATION / NESS / NO BORDERS BY DJ JOSKO / ØKAPI / PARVATI IN DUB / PRISMA / PRISMA & MARTIN BODER / RHAKSHA / RE:SET / SAPLEO / SHADED EXPLORER / SHIVACULT / TOO FAAR / TREVOR PIXIE / UTERO / VLASTUR / VOID CONTROLLER / WANDERWELLE / WINEX / XENOSCAPES / YVES TAQUET _______________________________________________ DECO & VISUALS :: STAGE DESING / LED LIGHTS & VISUALS :: - THE EXTRADIMENSIONAL SPACE AGENCY https://www.facebook.com/The-ExtraDimensional-space-Agency-171573809617725/ :: VISUALS & MAPPINGS :: - 1000 ERRORS - https://www.facebook.com/1000-Errors-Live-Visuals-Animation-115963475115487/ - DELTAPROCESS http://www.deltaprocess.it/ - TAS https://www.facebook.com/tasvision/ - LITEMOTIF https://www.facebook.com/LiteMotifVideo/ :: WOODEN ART INSTALLATIONS :: - FLIPZURD :: STRING ART :: - PETRIX - https://www.facebook.com/petriks?fref=ts :: GRAFFITI ART :: - JAKOB SPISS https://www.facebook.com/jakob.spiss _______________________________________________ INFO Web: www.modemfestival.com/ FB: http://bit.ly/2jHXXlY _______________________________________________ PRE-SALES TICKETS Online _ Hadra shop: http://bit.ly/205cB6v Ambassadors List: http://bit.ly/2qeYUBL _______________________________________________ PHASE ........ AMOUNT ........ No. TICKETS ....AVAILABLE UNTIL Phase 1 ....... SOLD OUT ..... SOLD OUT ...........SOLD OUT Phase 2 ....... SOLD OUT.......SOLD OUT............SOLD OUT Phase 3 ....... SOLD OUT.......SOLD OUT............SOLD OUT Phase 4 ....... SOLD OUT.......SOLD OUT............SOLD OUT Phase 5 ....... SOLD OUT.......SOLD OUT............SOLD OUT Phase 6 ....... €140 ....................2500.................SOLD OUT ATG ............. €150 .............. SOLD OUT > >>>>>>>>>>> MO:DEM FESTIVAL 2018. PRE-SALE TICKET INFO • Due to limited capacity the overall number of tickets is limited. • The tiers listed are all part of the pre-sale, as one tier sells out, we move to the next. • Tickets will be available online at www.hadra.net and from your local ambassador. • Tickets purchased through local ambassadors are exempt from the booking fee. • Integral part of our ticket selling policy includes providing a discounted ticket price for countries that have been undergoing financial difficulties, experiencing low wages and severe recession due to the world economic crisis. • Residents of the following countries are entitled to 20 € off the standard ticket price at the time of purchase: BOSNIA AND HERZEGOVINA, CROATIA, CYPRUS, COSTA RICA, GREECE, HUNGARY, LEBANON, MACEDONIA, RUSSIA, SOUTH AFRICA, SERBIA & SLOVENIA. • List of countries entitled to discounted ticket price is made according to our immediate capabilities and in no way reflects a realistic world economic situation. • Discounted tickets are only available in advance from your local ambassador (not available online or at the gate). Please note that you will require to provide proof of country of residency at the gate. • Pre-sale will run until 25. July 2018. or whilst stocks last. • Ticket sale at the gate is subjected to availability and will be announced after pre-sale close. • Ticket resale is allowed but in that case, it's obligatory that you change the name of the ticket holder. Please read and follow the guidelines of your ticket seller. Notice that this option is available till 25. July 2018. After that it is not possible to resale your ticket or change the name of the ticket holder! NOTE: Due to the Croatian tourist law each attendee is required to pay 4kn / 0,55 euro per day. This can be paid upon arrival directly to tourist board located at the gate of the festival. _______________________________________________ TRAVEL INFO Robinzon Kamp 47240, Donje Primišlje, Croatia 45.192991, 15.435222 BY CAR : - It's very simple . Write down Primislje , and few kilometres before you arrive , there will be signs for the festival . In case you don't have a GPS system , out festival location is exactly half way on the road between SLUNJ and OGULIN . Check google maps before and you should have no problem with finding the Festival . BY BUS : - There is bus service operating every day from Zagreb , Split , Zadar , Sibenik and other places to Sunj . We will post all the timetables 2 months before the festival , once when we are sure timetables will be fixed and won't change. Shuttle bus will be provided from Slunj with a reasonable price . BY PLANE : - In Croatia there is 6 airports : Pula , Rijeka , Zagreb , Zadar , Split and Dubrovnik. The most convenient to travel to is Zagreb , Zadar and Split , but in case you find some great flight deal ( and there are a lot of low cost airlines flying to all of the airports ) don't hesitate going to any of them . It may take you a little bit longer to arrive to the festival , due to interconnections , but its worth of saving money. BY BOAT : - There is a ferry service operating from Ancona ( Italy ) to Zadar . From Zadar is easy to get a bus to Slunj , where you can take a shuttle bus _______________________________________________
  2. The Hive is nucleus of MoDem Festival. Portal for outer space and inner self research. Fuelled by imagination and passion. Place where nature, art, creativity, technology and the spirits of the forest meet to create ultimate dance space for our psychedelic tribe. It's playground. Name Hive describes the energy and appearance of dance floor at the moment when stage comes to life, experiences are created, and musical explorations are made. Set in the most idyllic forest setting, surrounded by trees, natural beauty and shade. It plays host to an array of top quality underground psychedelic artists from around the world delivering some of the finest sounds of the past and present, and showcasing some of the new fresh and unheard sounds of the future. Without further ado we're proud to present to you the artists of MoDem Festival 2017. Love and passion, MoDem Crew #thehive #momentodemento #modem * Aardvarkk https://soundcloud.com/aardvark-368122317 * Alien Trancesistor https://soundcloud.com/alien-trancesistor * Alta https://soundcloud.com/alta-11 * Antonymous https://soundcloud.com/psyantonymous * Arjuna https://soundcloud.com/arjunajungle * Atriohm https://soundcloud.com/atriohm * Centauro https://soundcloud.com/centauro * Confo https://soundcloud.com/confo-music * Daksinamurti https://soundcloud.com/daksi * Dickster https://soundcloud.com/dicktrevor * Diksha https://soundcloud.com/diksha-music * Dirty Saffi https://soundcloud.com/dirtysaffi * Dust https://soundcloud.com/thedust * Earthling https://soundcloud.com/earthling * Electrypnose https://soundcloud.com/electrypnose * Elowinz https://soundcloud.com/elowinzmusic * EVP https://soundcloud.com/e-v-p-wildthings * Fagin's Reject https://soundcloud.com/fagins_reject * Filterheads https://soundcloud.com/filterheads * Frantic Noise https://soundcloud.com/franticnoise * Giuseppe https://soundcloud.com/p-30 * Golanski https://soundcloud.com/golanskidj * Grapes Of Wrath https://soundcloud.com/onkeldunkel * Guer & Oddicon https://soundcloud.com/oddicon * Harmonic Rebel https://soundcloud.com/harmonic-rebel * Jahbo https://soundcloud.com/jahbo * Justin Chaos https://soundcloud.com/justin-chaos * Kabayun https://soundcloud.com/kabayun Kasadelica https://soundcloud.com/kasadelica * KIM https://soundcloud.com/joakimfogelmark * Kimmei https://soundcloud.com/kimmei * LAB https://soundcloud.com/renlab * Lab Rats https://soundcloud.com/lab-rats * Loonacy * Loose Connection https://soundcloud.com/loose-connection * Madianbrains https://soundcloud.com/madianbrain * Mark Day https://soundcloud.com/mark-day * Mayix https://soundcloud.com/pistolerorecordings * Meerkut https://soundcloud.com/meerkut * Megalopsy https://soundcloud.com/megalopsy * Microdot https://soundcloud.com/microdot-24-7-rec * Nargun https://soundcloud.com/nargunlive * Nigel https://soundcloud.com/aardvark-368122317 * Noitrik https://soundcloud.com/noitrik * Nuky https://soundcloud.com/dj-nuky * Obliviant https://soundcloud.com/obliviant-1 * Onkel Dunkel https://soundcloud.com/onkeldunkel * Orestis https://soundcloud.com/0restis * Parasense https://soundcloud.com/parasense * Pelks https://soundcloud.com/pelks * Phobos https://soundcloud.com/phobos_looney * Psychonotik https://soundcloud.com/psychonotik * Psycode https://soundcloud.com/psyc0de * Quadraphonic https://soundcloud.com/quadraphonic-1 * Rave Comission https://soundcloud.com/the-rave-commission * Reality Grid https://soundcloud.com/realitygrid * Regan https://soundcloud.com/nano-records * REV https://soundcloud.com/troyrev * Sator Arepo https://soundcloud.com/sator-arepo * Shove https://soundcloud.com/shove * Simiantics https://soundcloud.com/simiantics * Southwild https://soundcloud.com/southwild * Sprocket https://soundcloud.com/sprocket * Sychotria https://soundcloud.com/sychotria * Synkronic https://soundcloud.com/synkronic-music * Tersius https://soundcloud.com/tersius * Treant https://soundcloud.com/treantmusic * Tromo https://soundcloud.com/tromo * Val Vashar https://soundcloud.com/val_vashar * Vert3x https://soundcloud.com/vert3x * Vertical https://soundcloud.com/vertical_parvati * Virtual Light https://soundcloud.com/virtual-light * Whiptongue https://soundcloud.com/whiptongue * White Wizard https://soundcloud.com/white_wizard-2 * Will O Wisp https://soundcloud.com/will-o-wisp * Winpa https://soundcloud.com/winpa * Wishi https://soundcloud.com/wishimusic * Xpiral https://soundcloud.com/xpiralmusic * Zzbing https://soundcloud.com/zzbing
  3. Hey Modemheads! We want to share something with you; video we received from our friends. While they visited MoDem Festival 2016 they captured some inspiring and breathtaking moments of last year’s edition. Although it shows a needle in a haystack of all the things happened, this visual fragments of memories triggered avalanche of flashbacks. We can’t wait for spring to reveal its colors so we can start the preparation for MoDem Festival 2017 (Momento Demento) Also we invite you to follow us on our official YOUTUBE channel Love and passion, MoDem Crew #modem2017 #momentodemento #demented #modemheads
  4. [THE SWAMP} Swamp literally and figuratively means diversity and variety, hence the change of the name. The Swamp is Mo:Dem's home for Dark Progressive, Psy Bass, Dub, Breaks, Techno, Glitch and other various styles of music. With PSYCHEDELIC as only common denominator and DANCE as the main philosophy behind it. With full seven days of non-stop music program The Swamp will be counterbalance to faster and heavier musical styles presented at The Hive. With 2017. edition we started to build the festival with new concept of three equal musical stages. This is first step in our evolution. 

Without further ado we would like to present you some of the biggest names of our scene along with high quality DJ's, live acts and undiscovered gems that will make Mo:Dem Festival even more unforgettable. Love and passion, MoDem Crew
  5. Dear friends and fans, we are glad to announce that EARLY BIRD TICKETS SALE STARTS ON 12th October 2016. Early bird tickets for MoDem Festival 2017 (Momento Demento) will start on Wednesday 12'th October at 12:00 pm CET. Early bird tickets are limited to 300 tickets and available at 90€ + bf. Please note that early bird tickets will be sold only online. We introduce ticket sales at our Ambassadors at second stage of presales. The exact list of Ambassadors and the list of countries with discounted tickets prices will be announced next week. Check the table with presale details and be sure that you get your ticket as early as you can. With love, MoDem Crew www.modemfestival.com
  6. MODEM FESTIVAL 2017 (Momento Demento) 24 July 2017 to 30 July 2017 Primislje, Croatia Time flies when you're having fun! And we are still trying to grasp the fact that it’s time for sixth edition of MoDem Festival. We certainly didn’t come so far on our own, and first we want to bow and thank all those people who have helped us to achieve all we have done so far. THANK YOU! We believe that always pushing forward, growing and learning is the way how we continue to improve and make MoDem Festival the unforgettable psychedelic experience. So after carefully reading your comments and critics from past year editions, we have put our effort into fixing the problems and improving the infrastructure to make your stay as comfortable as possible. In the 2017. edition you can expect additional changes and surprises. For now we can only promise that MoDem won’t stop improving and developing as the Festival. We are already working hard to make 2017. edition bigger and better. We are on the good path to offer you the unique festival experience on a high level of production, in one of the most beautiful venues nature can offer us. You know what to expect - diverse musical content and innovative installations, showcasing original and innovative psychedelic sounds and cutting edge visual and experimental art. As you probably already know MoDem is set in the most beautiful nature surrounded by trees and crystal clear waters. From the beginning ECOLOGY is important part of our story, and we have big plans in this department. As the new compost toilets were a big success, our plan is to push out the plastic ones completely in next few years. Be aware that MoDem politics is not about expanding it's numbers but investing in the quality and content, so tickets will be limited. We recommend that you buy your on time. Early bird tickets will be on-line in short period. So keep an close eye on our facebook page and website, check out global promotion parties around you... and most of all save the date for the most Demented experience yet. [THE HIVE] AARDVARKK // ALIEN TRANCESISTOR // ALTA // ANTONYMOUS // ARJUNA // ATRIOHM // CENTAURO // CONFO // DAKSINAMURTI // DICKSTER // DIKSHA // DIRTY SAFFI // DUST // EARTHLING // ELECTRYPNOSE // ELOWINZ // EVP // FAGIN'S REJECT // FILTERHEADS // FRANTIC NOISE // GIUSEPPE // GOLANSKI // GRAPES OF WRATH // GUER & ODDICON // HARMONIC REBEL // JAHBO // JUSTIN CHAOS // KABAYUN // KASADELICA // KIM // KIMMEI // LAB // LAB RATS // LOONACY LOOSE CONNECTION // MADIANBRAINS // MARK DAY // MAYIX // MEERKUT // MEGALOPSY // MICRODOT // NARGUN // NIGEL // NOITRIK // NUKY // OBLIVIANT // ONKEL DUNKEL // ORESTIS // PARASENSE // PELKS // PHOBOS // PSYCHONOTIK // PSYCODE // QUADRAPHONIC // RAVE COMISSION // REALITY GRID // REGAN // REV // SATOR AREPO // SHOVE // SIMIANTICS // SOUTHWILD // SPROCKET // SYCHOTRIA // SYNKRONIC // TERSIUS // TREANT // TROMO // VAL VASHAR // VERT3X // VERTICAL // VIRTUAL LIGHT // WHIPTONGUE // WHITE WIZARD // WILL O WISP // WINPA // WISHI // XPIRAL // ZZBING. [THE SWAMP] A_000 // AKASHA EXPERIENCE // ALAN BACKDROP // ANX- COMASECTOR // BAYAWAKA // BEATROOTS // BETA // BREGER // BRNWRX // BRUJO’S BOWL // BWOY DE BHAJAN //DECOMPOSER // DISFUNCTION // EGO-T // ELECTROCADO // ELECTRYPNOSE // EURYTHMY // FILT // FLORIAN MSK // FUNK GURU // HALFRED // HEFTY // HYDRANGEA // INDRA FT KARLO // JALI // JOHNY PABLO // JOSEPHINE WEDEKIND // KABI // KAPITANO // KIMMEI // KLIMENT // KNOBS // KUJO // LUIGI TOZZI // MAHIX // MAJAH // MENTAL // MINDWARE // MISS TICK // MODERN ERRORS // MUNSTROUS // MUSICA EX MACHINA //NESS // ODD // ONIONBRAIN // PELKS // PHILIPPE // PRISMA // RADIOACTIVE CAKE // RHYTHMFEELER // RYANOSAURUS // SOURONE // SPIRAL ARMS // SPROCKET // TIJAH // TOFFES VÄRLD // TRV // TUMMY TALK // XENOSCAPES // ZEITGEIST //ZENTRIX // HYPOGEO // MARCUS HENRIKSSON AKA MINILOGUE // QUANTA // VAL VASHAR _______________________________________________ INFO Web: www.modemfestival.com/ FB: www.facebook.com/momento.demento.psytrance/ _______________________________________________ PRE-SALES TICKETS Link: http://bit.ly/205cB6v Ambassador List: http://bit.ly/1SDiALm _______________________________________________ Phase 1 ....... SOLD OUT ..... SOLD OUT ...........SOLD OUT Phase 2 ....... SOLD OUT.......SOLD OUT............SOLD OUT Phase 3 ....... SOLD OUT.......SOLD OUT............SOLD OUT Phase 4 ....... SOLD OUT.......SOLD OUT............SOLD OUT Phase 5 ....... SOLD OUT.......SOLD OUT............SOLD OUT Phase 6 ....... €140 ............... 2500 ............10th July 2017 Phase 7 ....... €150 ....... Subject to availability ...... _______________________________________________
  7. MODEM FESTIVAL 2015 (Momento Demento) Welcome to MODEM 2015! - If you are here already, that is probably because you are as excited as we are about the next edition! We have moved the date little from last year to help accommodate more people at an easier time of year, so for 2015 the festival will be held between the 19-24 of AUGUST. Just like every year, we have already been working on the next edition for many months - Managing the logistics of such a demanding site is a very large and complicated job, but we still feel it is one of the most beautiful locations we could ever have for a festival, and continue with our efforts to improve all areas of the site - We want to make your stay with us as comfortable as possible while still maintaining that raw natural feeling of being out in the forest or by the lakes. This year, we have a special edition and a special reason to celebrate, as we will be hosting the official 15 year birthday of PARVATI RECORDS! - Without going into too much detail now, we can promise a full blown Parvati experience, along with a whole other range of top quality underground psychedelic artists from around the world, just like MODEM has become known and loved for. Love, The MODEM Team MAIN STAGE ● ARCHAIC (Parvati Records - GR) https://soundcloud.com/archaic-kostas ● ARJUNA (Parvati Records - IT) https://soundcloud.com/arjunajungle ● ASTRALEX (24/7 Records - Austria) https://soundcloud.com/astralex ● BABA YAGA (Parvati Records - Germany) https://soundcloud.com/babayagaparvati ● BACK TO MARS (Electric Power Pole Records - Brazil) https://soundcloud.com/backtomars ● BROTHERYS (Purple Hexagon Records - Germany) https://soundcloud.com/merrysmile https://soundcloud.com/sg4ry ● CENTAURO (Psynon Records - Cyprus) https://soundcloud.com/centauro ● CHRIS RICH (Bom Shanka Music - UK) https://soundcloud.com/chrisrich ● CONFO (Parvati Recrods - Greece) https://soundcloud.com/confo-music ● DATAURA (Digital Mind Records - UK) https://soundcloud.com/dataura ● DICKSTER (Nano Records - UK) https://soundcloud.com/dicktrevor ● DIRTY SAFFI (Bom Shanka Music - UK) https://soundcloud.com/dirtysaffi ● DRIP DROP (Harmonia Records - Greece) https://soundcloud.com/drip_drop ● DUST (Looney Moon Records - Italy) https://soundcloud.com/thedust ● EARTHLING (Zero One Music- Spain) https://soundcloud.com/earthling ● EAT STATIC (Mesmobeat Records - UK) https://soundcloud.com/eat-static ● ECT (Parvati Records - UK) https://soundcloud.com/misterjolly ● ECTOGASMICS (Parvati Records - Germany) https://soundcloud.com/ectogasmics ● ELOWINZ (Parvati Records - Brazil) https://soundcloud.com/elowinzmusic ● EVP (Wildthings Records - UK) https://soundcloud.com/e-v-p-wildthings ● FAGIN'S REJECT (Wildthings Records - UK) https://soundcloud.com/fagins_reject ● FLORIAN MSK (DMT Records - Canada) https://soundcloud.com/florian-msk ● GASPAARD (Sangoma Reocrds - Switzerland) https://soundcloud.com/gaspardking ● GIDRA (Parvati Records - India) https://soundcloud.com/gidra ● GIUSEPPE (Parvati Records - Italy) https://soundcloud.com/p-30 ● GOVINDA (Peak Records - Italy) https://soundcloud.com/govinda-nightrainbow ● GRAPES OF WRATH (Parvati Records - Denmark) http://parvati-records.com ● GUER (Momem Festival - Croatia) https://soundcloud.com/mo_dem ● HARMONIC REBEL (Psynon Records - Cyprus) https://soundcloud.com/harmonic-rebel ● HATTA (Grasshopper Records - Japan) https://soundcloud.com/dj-hatta ● HELLQUIST (Zenon Records - Sweden) https://soundcloud.com/hellquist ● IANUARIA (Bluehoursounds - Austria) https://soundcloud.com/ianuaria ● ILSE (Parvati Records - Denmark) https://soundcloud.com/ilse-hamburg ● INSANE CREATURES (Purple Hexagon Records - Spain) https://soundcloud.com/insanecreatures ● JAHBO (Parvati Records - Denmark) https://soundcloud.com/jahbo ● JUSTIN CHAOS (Zero1 Music - Argentina) https://soundcloud.com/justin-chaos ● KASADELICA (Uroboros Records - Israel) https://soundcloud.com/kasadelica ● KIM (Zero1 Music - UK) https://soundcloud.com/joakimfogelmark ● KRUMELUR (Zenon Records - Sweden) https://soundcloud.com/krumelur ● LIQUID ROSS (Liquid Records- UK) https://soundcloud.com/liquidross777 ● LUCAS (TIP world Records - UK) https://soundcloud.com/djlucasobrien ● MALICE IN WONDERLAND (2to7 Records - Austria) https://soundcloud.com/malice-in-wonderland ● MARA (Uroboros Records - Italy) https://soundcloud.com/mara-moon ● MIKEL (Parvati Recrods - Italy) https://soundcloud.com/mik3l ● MUBALI (Parvati Recrods - USA) https://soundcloud.com/mubali ● NARGUN (Parvati Recordds - Brazil) https://soundcloud.com/nargunlive ● NIGEL (Bom Shanka Music - UK) www.soundcloud.com/neonbookings/dj-nigel-shiva-valley-records ● NOMAD 25 (Psynon Records - Cyprus) https://soundcloud.com/nomad-25 ● NUKY (Bom Shanka Music - UK) https://soundcloud.com/dj-nuky ● OBLIVIANT (Looney Moon Records - Netherlands) https://soundcloud.com/obliviant-1 ● ONKEL DUNKEL (Parvati Records - Denmark) https://soundcloud.com/onkeldunkel ● ORESTIS (Sonic Loom Records - Greece) https://soundcloud.com/0restis ● PARASENSE (Bom Shanka Music - Russia) http://www.bomshanka.com/people/parasense ● PELKS (Modem Festival - Croatia) https://soundcloud.com/pelks ● PHASE (Looney Moon Records - Italy) https://soundcloud.com/phase-3 ● PHOBOS (Looney Moon Records - Italy) https://soundcloud.com/phobos_looney ● PSYBERPUNK (Subsystem - Switzerland) www.soundcloud.com/psyberpunk-1/ ● R2 (Looney Moon Records - Costa Rica) https://soundcloud.com/r2lab ● RASTALIENS (Phar Psyde - Germany) https://myspace.com/rastaliens/music/songs ● RIDDEN (Harmonia Records - Greece) https://soundcloud.com/ridden ● ROWAN (Peak Records - UK) https://soundcloud.com/dj-rowan ● SHANTAROLF (Midnight Sun Festival - Norway) https://soundcloud.com/shantarolf ● SHOTU (Hadra Records - France) https://soundcloud.com/shotu ● SIMIANTICS (Peak Records - UK) https://soundcloud.com/simiantics ● SOUTHWILD (Wildthings Records - Canada) https://soundcloud.com/southwild ● SPECTRA SONICS (Grasshopper Records - Japan) https://soundcloud.com/spectrasonicsmasaya ● SPROCKET (Bluehoursounds - UK) https://soundcloud.com/sprocket ● SYNTHETIK CHAOS (World People- France) https://soundcloud.com/yan-synthetik-chaos ● THE RAVE COMMISSION (Zero One Music- Mexico/UK) https://soundcloud.com/the-rave-commission ● TIJAH vs ONIONBRAIN (Uroboros Records - Brazil) https://soundcloud.com/tijahmusic https://soundcloud.com/onionbrain ● TOTO (World People Music - France) https://soundcloud.com/world-people-production ● TRISTAN (Nano Records - UK) https://soundcloud.com/djtristan ● TRON (Zero1 Music - Mexico) https://soundcloud.com/zero1-music ● ULVAE (Parvati Records - Portugal) https://soundcloud.com/ulvae ● VAL VASHAR (Zenon Records - Croatia) https://soundcloud.com/val_vashar ● VERT3X (Psynon Records - Cyprus) https://soundcloud.com/vert3x ● VERTICAL (Parvati Records - Denmark) https://soundcloud.com/vertical_parvati ● ZOOLOG (Parvati Records - Denmark) https://soundcloud.com/zoolog ALTERNATIVE STAGE ● AKASHA (Shanti Planti - UK) https://soundcloud.com/akashaexperience ● AVARIS (Independent - Greece) https://soundcloud.com/avaris-2011 ● BWOY DE BAJHAN (Shanti Planti - Denmark) https://soundcloud.com/bwoydebhajan ● CHILLIN GLOW (Hypnodelix Crew - Croatia) https://soundcloud.com/chillin-glow ● DATAURA (Digital Mind Records - UK) https://soundcloud.com/dataura ● DOVLA (Interchill Records - Croatia) https://soundcloud.com/dovla ● EAT STATIC (Mesmobeat Records - UK) https://soundcloud.com/eat-static( ● FLORIAN MSK (DMT Records - Canada) https://soundcloud.com/florian-msk ● GOATIKA (Goatika Creative Lab - Russia) https://soundcloud.com/goatika-creative-lab ● INDRA (Maia Brasil Records - Croatia) https://soundcloud.com/indra_dj ● JOHNNY BLUE (Mikalabella Records - Cyprus) https://soundcloud.com/johnny-blue ● JOHNY PABLO (WAPP Camelphant- Israel) https://soundcloud.com/johny-pablo-1 ● JUSTIN CHAOS (Zero1 Music - Argentina) https://soundcloud.com/justin-chaos ● KACELOGIC (Psyde Effect Records - Lebanon) https://soundcloud.com/kacelogic ● LANDSWITCHER (Shanti Planti - France) https://soundcloud.com/landswitcher ● MARCIANA (Independent - The Netherlands) https://soundcloud.com/backtomars ● MASTER MARGHERITA (Blue Hour Sounds - Switzerland) https://soundcloud.com/mastermargherita ● MUMUKSHU (Shanti Planti - USA) https://soundcloud.com/mumukshu ● NELSON MANDALA (Zealotry Music - Denmark) https://soundcloud.com/zealotrymusic ● OKAPI (Looney Moon Experiment - 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THIRD HAND PROJECT - TAAS VISUALS Tickets available here: http://goo.gl/ISOSB2 TIER 1 : Available until 31st Dec. 2014 / 70 € (+4 € bf) SOLD OUT TIER 2 : Available until 1st Feb. 2015 / 80 € (+5 € bf) SOLD OUT TIER 3 : Available until 1st April 2015 / 90 € (+5 € bf) TIER 4 : Available until 1st June 2015 / 100 € (+5 € bf) TIER 5 : Available until 1st Aug 2015 / 110 € (+6 € bf) More on the Door
  8. http://www.modemfestival.com Momento Demento Festival 2014 15th - 21st July Primislje, Croatia MO:DEM is back to blast, moving forwards into 2014 with its third edition and several improvements to the festival infrastructure for a comfy, funky, happy festie experience. The response to the previous edition has singled MO:DEM out for hosting one of the most exceptional line-ups on the festival circuit: so we fly with the same strategy this year; delivering a finely-researched music program that brings you sounds that are fresh, high-grade, organic and truly underground... Of course, we return to the same location - which is off-the-scale-beautiful! A spring-water river and natural green space make it immense for swimming, trekking, rafting, exploring... It's one of many reasons we will preserve it more than ever by dedicating the festival to the theme: Ecology. Ideas and visions for ecology and well-being will be inspired by a special program for workshops, therapies and practice sessions that include yoga: all taking place down by the river and next to the Art Gallery. Along with many other improvements over last year, the camping will be much more spacious, and for those that do not like the hill, a shuttle-bus service will transport you between Chill Out and Main Floor! 2014 is proving revolutionary for many of us: it will be a very special season indeed... So now is the time to either book your ticket or get in touch if you would like to contribute to MO:DEM as a therapist, healer or performance artist! The dance floor is going to be a VORTEX! Let's dive in... ------Lineup------ -Main Floor- “The only truth is music.” Jack Kerouac The Main Stage is a positive reflection of the talent that continues to emerge as a result of the impact made by the democratization of music production by technology. It’s a stage like no other, which is what differentiates the line-up and gives MO:DEM it’s unique value as a festival. Advanced methods of communication have made it possible to tap into this massive pool of creative talent and explore the infinite sea of sounds created by artists from every walk of life. Our fascination for exploring these new sounds and for discovering the artists who make them goes beyond the enormity of the mission involved in sieving through the mass of music that’s actually out there. Some of the most talented producers are the ones that spend more time in the studio and least on marketing their personalities on social media outlets. These are the people that we have enjoyed connecting with most, helping deliver a finely-researched music program that features fresh, high-grade and organic underground sounds. Music is selfless and good quality production no doubt arises from a place of love. We are thankful to all those who have shared theirs with us as we continue to develop the Psychedelic Stage as a platform for outstanding individuals that produce a wealth of rich and wonderful psychedelic music. LIVE : ARJUNA ( PARVATI RECORDS , ITALY ) https://soundcloud.com/arjunajungle DERANGO ( PARVATI RECORDS, SWEDEN ) https://soundcloud.com/derango DHARMA ( LOONEY MOON RECORDS , ITALY ) https://soundcloud.com/pigiu DISINTEGRATED CIRCUITS ( WORLD PEOPLE MUSIC , PORTUGAL ) https://soundcloud.com/disintegrated-circuits DUST ( LOONEY MOON RECORDS , ITALY ) https://soundcloud.com/thedust EVP ( WILDTHINGS RECORDS , UK ) https://soundcloud.com/e-v-p-wildthings FAGIN’S REJECT ( WILDTHINGS RECORDS , UK ) https://soundcloud.com/fagins_reject GASPARD ( PEAK RECORDS , SWITZERLAND ) http://m.soundcloud.com/gaspon-bessard GROUCH ( ZENON RECORDS , NEW ZEALAND ) https://soundcloud.com/grouchnz HARMONIC REBEL ( PSYNON RECORDS , CYPRUS ) https://soundcloud.com/harmonic-rebel HIGHSTYLE ( RITUAL RECORDS, SOUTH AFRICA ) https://soundcloud.com/highstyle HYPOGEO ( ZENON RECORDS , ITALY ) https://soundcloud.com/hypogeo HYPEREGGS ( LOONEY MOON REC, ITALY ) https://soundcloud.com/hypereggs HOTEP ( DIGITAL YONKIS , CROATIA ) https://soundcloud.com/psy_hotep HUTTI HEITA ( YGGDRASIL RECORDS , NORWAY ) https://soundcloud.com/huttiheita INSANE CREATURES ( PURPLE HEXAGON RECORDS , SPAIN/BRAZIL) https://soundcloud.com/insanecreatures JAHBO ( PARVATI RECORDS , DENMARK ) https://soundcloud.com/jahbo KABADROP ( INDEPENDENT , USA/GREECE ) https://soundcloud.com/kabadrop KABAYUN ( LOONEY MOON RECORDS , USA ) https://soundcloud.com/kabayun KABI TERSIUS ( DIGITAL MIND RECORDS / VANTARA VICHITRA , SOUTH AFRICA ) https://soundcloud.com/tersius/work-in-progress-unmasterd KAINED & ABLE ( ZENON RECORDS , UK ) https://soundcloud.com/kained KANKA ( YGGDRASIL RECORDS , NORWAY ) https://soundcloud.com/fotters/ KAOS ( GOANMANTRA REC , GREECE ) https://soundcloud.com/dimitris-kaos KASATKA https://soundcloud.com/kasatka KILLER B ( LOONEY MOON , SOUTH AFRICA ) https://soundcloud.com/killerben KIM ( GRASHOPPER RECORDS , UK ) https://soundcloud.com/joakimfogelmark KRONOS ( LOONEY MOON RECORDS , ITALY ) https://soundcloud.com/kronos-djset LOOSE CONNECTION ( FREE RADICAL RECORDS , UK ) https://soundcloud.com/loose-connection MALICE IN WONDERLAND ( HYBRID AUDIO SOURCE, AT ) https://soundcloud.com/malice-in-wonderland MARK DAY ( BLUE HOUR SOUNDS , UK ) https://soundcloud.com/mark-day MEERKUT ( HYBRID AUDIO SOURCE , FRANCE ) https://soundcloud.com/meerkut MUSCARIA ( BANYAN REC, AT ) https://soundcloud.com/paramuscaria NARGUN ( PARVATI RECORDS , BRAZIL ) https://soundcloud.com/nargunlive NIRIA ( SOLERSIS RECORDS , UK ) https://soundcloud.com/niria NOITRIK ( ALICE D / NOISE POISON / URBAN ANTIDOTE, ENGLAND ) https://soundcloud.com/noitrik OCCULAR ( BOM SHANKA MUSIC , UK ) https://soundcloud.com/occular ONION BRAIN ( UROBOROS REC, BRASIL ) https://soundcloud.com/onionbrain PARACOZM ( UROBOROS RECORDS , BRAZIL ) https://soundcloud.com/paracozm PARALOCKS ( KAMINO RECORDS , SOUTH AFRICA ) https://soundcloud.com/paralocks PARASENSE ( BOM SHANKA MUSIC , RUSSIA ) http://www.bomshanka.com/ PHASE ( LOONEY MOON RECORDS , ITALY ) https://soundcloud.com/phase-3 PSYBERPUNK ( SHAMAN ELECTRO, SWITZERLAND ) http://www.psyberpunk.ch/ R2 ( LOONEY MOON RECORDS , COSTA RICA ) https://soundcloud.com/r2lab REALITY GRID ( WILDTHINGS RECORDS , UK ) https://soundcloud.com/realitygrid RIDDEN ( HARMONIA RECORDS , GREECE ) https://soundcloud.com/ridden SHOTU ( HADRA RECORDS , FRANCE ) https://soundcloud.com/shotu SOLIDSTATE (HUMAN EVOLUTION / HYBRID AUDIO SOURCE, ITALY) SOURONE ( ZENON RECORDS , POLAND ) https://soundcloud.com/sourone SOUTHWILD ( WILDTHINGS RECORDS , GERMANY/CANADA ) https://soundcloud.com/southwild SPECTRALIS ( PIXAN RECORDINGS ) https://soundcloud.com/elemental_audio SPORE ( D-A-R-K rec. / Goanmantra rec , ITALY ) SPROCKET ( BLUEHOUR SOUNDS , UK ) https://soundcloud.com/sprocket SYNTHETIK CHAOS ( BOM SHANKA MUSIC , FRANCE ) https://soundcloud.com/yan-synthetik-chaos TIJAH ( UROBOROS, BRASIL ) https://soundcloud.com/tijahmusic TRON ( ZERO1 MUSIC, MEXICO ) https://soundcloud.com/zero1-music ULVAE ( PARVATI / PORTUGAL ) https://soundcloud.com/ulvae ZZBING ( WOODOG RECORDS , UK ) https://soundcloud.com/zzbing DJ : ALANITA ( UROBOROS / COSMIC CONSPIRACY RECORDS , BRAZIL ) https://soundcloud.com/djalanita AMAZON ( PEAK RECORDS , SWITZERLAND ) www.peakrec.com ANYA ( DAMARU RECORDS , RUSSIA / USA ) https://soundcloud.com/dj_anya ASTRALEX ( 24/7 RECORDS , AUSTRIA ) https://soundcloud.com/astralex BAKSHISH ( LOONEY MOON EXPERIMENT , ITALY ) https://soundcloud.com/bakshish-dwauw DALA ( NANO RECORDS, SOUTH AFRICA ) https://soundcloud.com/dala-nanorec FIDEL ( MODEM FESTIVAL , CROATIA ) FOG ( PEAK REC/ LOONEY MOON , ITALY ) https://soundcloud.com/fog-peak-looneymoon-rec FULL LOTUS ( BOOGIE WOOGIE FEST , UK ) https://soundcloud.com/full-lotus GIUSEPPE ( PARVATI RECORDS , IT / DK ) http://parvati-records.com/ GONZO ( MODEM FESTIVAL , CROATIA ) GUER ( MODEM FESTIVAL , CROATIA ) KENON (HUMAN EVOLUTION, ITALY) MICRODOT ( 24/7 RECORDS , AUSTRIA ) https://soundcloud.com/microdot-24-7-rec NAIMA ( SANGOMA RECORDS , AUSTRIA ) https://soundcloud.com/naimafee NA TI ( ZENON REC, ISRAEL ) https://soundcloud.com/na-timusic NIGEL ( SHIVA VALLEY RECORDS , UK ) https://soundcloud.com/neonbookings/dj-nigel-shiva-valley-records NOLAN ( ZENON RECORDS , UK ) https://soundcloud.com/nolan-shmolan-zenon-rec OR ( LMX, LOST THEORY REC, ISRAEL ) PHOBOS ( LOONEY MOON RECORDS , ITALY ) https://soundcloud.com/phobos_looney PSYCODE ( WOODOG RECORDS , UK ) https://soundcloud.com/psyc0de SI ( MODEM FESTIVAL / HYBRID AUDIO SOURCE, CROATIA ) https://soundcloud.com/si-momento-demento TOTO ( WORLD PEOPLE, FRANCE ) https://soundcloud.com/world-people-production VAL VASHAR ( ZENON RECORDS , CROATIA ) https://soundcloud.com/val_vashar VERT3X ( PSYNON RECORDS , CYPRUS ) https://soundcloud.com/vert3x -Chillout Floor- We are blessed with one of the most unbelievable chill out areas of all time, located on a wonderful island that is surrounded by clean, fresh, river water and plenty of flora and fauna. Elevating the sonic experience, it’s the ultimate escapade within the festival environment. The abundance of greenery is therapeutic and invites you to explore a truly psychedelic landscape. Adventurous travelers can follow the wooden staircase down from the Upper Level. Get to the bottom of the staircase to cross the bridge and walk onto the Island where the stage, music, art, decor, visuals, market, food and healing therapists will be set up. Here you can enjoy a vast selection of musical styles. Chill out to ambient grooves or IDM, dub, dubstep, breakbeat, psychedelic chill out, techno, glitch, psystep and abstract, experimental sounds – while bathing in the crystal waters of the Mreznica River – known to be the cleanest and clearest in Croatia. Right now, we’re busy building the line-up – so applications for artists that would like to play here are still open. If you can see yourself performing on the Chill Out Stage at MO:DEM Festival – then please send us your biog and a Soundcloud link to: chill.modemfestival@gmail.com. ------Tickets------ 80eur till 15 March (400 tickets) 90eur till 15 April (500 tickets) 100eur till 15 May (600 tickets) 110eur till 1 July (600 tickets) BUY TICKETS AT HADRA www.hadra.net/shop/new/product.php?id_product=1404 BUY TICKETS AT ACCESS ALL AREAS www.onlinestall.com/cgi-bin/stall2.pl?act=sp&s=Stall/Modem_Festival_2014 ------More Info------ For more info on the ecology strategy, updated lineups, and all other news, including travel information, please check out our official website: www.modemfestival.com Plus follow and like us on our Facebook page event. Event: www.facebook.com/events/242546269241263/ Page: www.facebook.com/momento.demento.psytrance We hope you will join us in 2014!
  9. ATTENTION FOLKS ; only 1 day left untill the end of presale ! Thank you everyone for your support so far — the response has been amazing. Capacity at the festival is limited to just 3 000 people — so if you want to be sure to have your place at MODEM, please book your pre-sale ticket by going to http://www.hadra.net or http://www.accesallareas.org See you SOON TIME and don't forget to like our FB page for the latest info and updates. http://www.facebook.com/momento.demento.psytrance
  10. Check out these two massive updates on our website! http://www.modemfestival.com/page/location/ & http://www.modemfestival.com/page/vi...y-art-gallery/ ----------- Please take notice that presale expires at 2nd of August!
  11. We are looking for talented holistic experts and healers, researchers and academics, ecologists and scientists to share their knowledge at workshops and seminars at MoDem this year. Please submit your details right here: http://goo.gl/jFj0o . (Artwork Of Olivia Curry: "Inner Harmony")
  12. On your way to MoDem.. RASTOKE, nestled in a remarkable canyon, in the suburb of Slunj (near the town Slunj), is a picturesque watermill village situated about 100 km from Zagreb along the main road D1. The River Slunjčica flows through the village, and over travertine rocks into the river Korana, creating many small lakes, rapids, waterfalls, and holes where otters can often be found in large numbers. Rastoke is often referred to as "The Small Lakes of Plitvice", as its lakes are approximately 33 km away, and have similar geology. Built in the 17th century, is a great example of the symbiosis of nature's fantastic creations and human technical achievements spanning many centuries, and is home to many mills, plus has a great ambiance and heritage. Due to this unique blend of architectural, historical and ethnographic heritage, in 1969 Rastoke was registered as an immovable cultural monument at the Regional Institute for Protection of Cultural Monuments in Zagreb.
  13. yo! 4 days left to get your 70€ tickets @ hadra.net or accessallareas.org Next phase ; 80€ - available until 1st of August . And yes,as we've promised..a gift for you ! Our first VA compilation with previously unreleased tracks is available for FREE download in WAV and Mp3 on our official web ! ENJOY www.modemfestival.com
  14. To stay in complete harmony, minimise our impact on this year’s beautiful festival location, and to ensure we give the best possible experience to festival attendees, we have decided to limit the number of tickets to 3000. There is less than 10 days left to get your 70€ tickets @ hadra.net or accessallareas.org So,don't miss out and grab your tickets now! Check these fresh pics taken on the location and some lineup updates on both stages ! http://www.modemfestival.com
  15. Our first Official Mo:Dem compilation is coming out soon in limited number of copies,and it will be available for free download! TRACKLIST: 01 Chris Rich & Module Virus - Space Face 02 R2 - Xzotik Adventure 03 Southwild - Mind Control Device 04 Dust vs. Whiptongue - Da Blah 05 Chris Rich - Back in the Cosmos 06 Harmonic Rebel - Threatened Secrets 07 Nomad 25 - M3ntal Gam3zz 08 Sprocket - Biomechanical 09 Synthetik Chaos - Momento Demento Bricolage 10 Disintegrated Circuits - The world thinks I'm a freak Stay tuned!
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