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Found 1 result

  1. Album: Particle Displacement Artist: Various Artists Genre: Progressive Label: Glitchy Tonic Records Compiled by: Splund Size: 220MB License: CC Price: Free and Donations Track List: 01 - Anfo - Mission Y 02 - Fidjit - Generator Modifier 03 - Reactant - Calm Down (Paracozm Remix) 04 - Krystal Skulls - Microponto 05 - Noize Pirates & Tribal Machine - Robotic Hobbits 06 - Ellis Thomas - Land Of Enchantment 07 - Frakatix - Matière Noire 08 - Phasenverschiebungen - Ego-Death 09 - Creative Juices - Bottom Feeder 10 - Paracozm - High Pressure (SourOne Remix) 11 - The Greys - Intergalactic 12 - Ricco Mazzer - The Portal Sometimes, It is extremely difficult to find really good Progressive. I was a bit concerned after realizing Particle Displacement was a Various Artists album, but after giving it a listen I was immediately surprised. These guys really know how to set the mood! Taking on a darker and psychedelic tone, the folks over at Glitchy Tonic Records take us on a smooth ride through the quantum cosmos. Let's take a look at the deliciously groovy and uniquely stylized tunes in this "particle displacement". Anfo - Mission Y Wooohhh, that intro takes me way back to the club scenes of 90s house, yet it adds a certain, special something that makes it different. Special sounds fill in the gaps, making the slowly building style a bit more interesting. It is a very minimal track, layering each beat on top of each other until my brain orgasms. What an excellent build up! I can definitely tell every detail was worked out to perfection. Those deep gargling robot voices are a nice touch as well. It is hard to resist dancing to this progressive implosion of euphoria. I really enjoy how the beat breakdowns around the two minute marker, adding a snare drum with marvelous taste in quality. This is definitely my favorite part of the song, and everything past it is golden. "The mission is accomplished" in this one. Easily one of my favorites on the album, offering a classic old school vibe. Fidjit - Generator Modifier Taking more inspiration from the psytrance crowd, Fidjit starts this song with a satisfying crunch of atmosphere. A handful of really nice beat lines are brought in, and they progress into a "sound generator" voice sample that can certainly move crowds. A little bit of Stutter Edit, a plugin used for glitching, is brought forth and the track takes a turn into another well done climax. By using a bit more synth leads, Generator Modifier takes on a psychedelic feeling without straying too far from the original crystal clear house / progressive ideals. Reactant - Calm Down (Paracozm Remix) Calm Down sticks to a constant beat centered underneath a blanket of brain shifting textures.. The voice samples and piano rolls are a swell touch to the dark world. Being less of a house track that the previous two, it definitely chases after moods closer to Darkpsy. It is very well layered, and I do enjoy the style, but I am left searching for a bit more euphoria presented in previous tracks. "Do you have any idea why you might be in here" is a great theme, and my favorite portion is after four minutes. It has its moments, but I feel the first few minutes are a bit bland. Everything else is great! Krystal Skulls - Microponto. The collection of sound fronts ontop of monster-like voice clips create a super solid opening. This is a perfect way to introduce the heavy bass around the fifty second marker. A few good ole' popping psytrance synths move on in, greeted by an excellent assortment of percussion. It is moments like these that make me think to myself, "Damn this is good". Krystal Skulls is a great producer with the ability to bring anyone and everyone into his world. Now, that is music! It is easy to lead yourself astray from the intentions of a track when creating it, especially for Progressive. In Microponto, nothing ever gets old and everything is so clean. The four minute marker is also ultra sexy. Grand job. Noize Pirated & Tribal Machine - Robotic Hobbits "What is this crazy rock and roll music???" Ohohoh, I am digging this groove. It's smooth and intense like a giant, heavy waterfall flowing into my ears. Wave after wave, I move my body back and forth to the well mastered orchestra of vibrations. It is quite engulfing. My favorite thing about this track is the simplistic, yet effective synth pattern that riffs beneath the bass in small, healthy doses. Then everything chills out a bit and leaves a fresh taste in my mouth. Ice cold. Ellis Thomas - Land of Enchantment Straight out of Darkpsy culture, a story of demons echoes as a small, effective buildup comes into play. The structure of Land of Enchantment comes to its full fruition around three minutes. There is a noticeable gain in quirkiness after four minutes, however, and the sound isn't all that good. The beat is a little off, while the sub bass distracts me from the progression. The beginning is just fine and I wish it stayed with its original flow. The outro was interesting. Frakatix - Matière Noire I find myself surrounded in a heavy, delicious environment as soon as I hit play. Closer to Full-On, this style reminds me of Xerox and Illumination, yet a bit simpler with added organicness. I love the drum kit very much so. It also has a nice balance in pace, changing the lead at various times to spice things up a bit. I love to hear diversity, and that is important in the most basic of songs. Well mastered, well centered, and well made. Phasenverschiebungen - Ego-Death A nice use of Komplete, commonly used by Solar Fields, can create deep vibes. Phasen expresses his talents with this software clearly, surrounding listeners with long pads and clattering percussion in this ten-minute track. Dancy and clear, he uses a wide variety of instruments to satisfy psychedelic house cravers. The song is more involved than previous tracks, paying attention to multiple layers of sound. This is needed in such a long track, or else it would get boring. I was afraid it would be hard to listen to after a while, but the length is perfect in my opinion. It is even melodic at points, offering a different experience. Nice! (correct me if I'm wrong about the Komplete software) Creative Juices - Bottom Feeder Heavy and dark! I love it. This song matches the album artwork quite well, reminding me of pulsating biospheres. That layered bass brings me back to Astral Projections style, but a lot slower. It starts to get really good when a few of the synths repeat on jussstt the right level. Then it all turns around after 5 minutes. I really enjoyed that move to darkness! I want to play this on the dance floor whenever I get the chance. Quality song. Paracozm - High Pressure (SourOne Remix) It has a slow buildup, but it starts to get interesting around the two minute marker. I don't really like the beginning of the song, but I enjoy how it switches over to a different pace at four minutes. It uses a great combination of bitcrushing and synth textures. I personally feel this is the good part of the song and I really like the wobbly style it takes on. I am sure people can enjoy the simple beginning, but I personally got bored after a while. It is wonderful after that, however, and gets really interesting. I thoroughly enjoy the outro. The Greys - Intergalactic Oh hell yeah. That is a great beatline! The industrial clinking and clanking in the backdrop reminds me of a factory. I can see people walking past each other in a busy train station as I sit on a bench. This takes me on a journey more than any other track on the album. It has a well defined organization of buildups and climaxes. Strongly varied, it begs me to listen for more. The natural sounds used are highly entertaining. There could easily be a music video produced to this song. Rocco Mazzer - The Portal The Portal is theatrical, certainly groovy, and action packed. Using more great voice recordings, Rocco messes around with danceable beats and addicting patterns. A bit funkier than other songs, its mellow and chill out values release progressively until people start dancing. It's simple, but pure, created with a bit lower BPM. Then, at six minutes, it picks up the pace and melodically adjusts its sounds to move heads up and down. It is a great ending to the album! OVERALL: With nice craftsmanship in beat progression, sound after sound is added to form a nice, concrete structure of euphoric buildups and climatic juiciness. Capable of laying down Full-On and Progressive styles, the artists program a castle of gooey bass thumps, addicting synth patterns, and well varied sound fronts. There are only few moments I do not enjoy. Things do get repetitive at times, and It could certainly use more variety, but there are many tracks I can identify as having unique styles. Everything else is smooth and creamy, forming a constant smile on my face. This is recommended for most Progressive / House listeners. For those of you who crave a little mix of darkness in your music, this is for you. 8.5/10 Download here on Ektoplazm (MP3, FLAC, WAV) - Review by FatKidWitaJetPak (Nick Sumbles) - Special Thanks to Ektoplazm for the download bandwidth.
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