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Found 3 results

  1. NEXT ON BLACKLITE RECORDS:HASMODAI - LIMBIC EXPRESS EP / OUT FEB 2ND 2016 Artist: Hasmodai Title: Limbic Express EP Label: Blacklite Records Catalogue No: BLKLEP026 Mastered by Ido Ophir Artwork sketches: Alejandro Almazán Artwork finalization: Ayalien Release Date: 02/02/2016 Tracklist: Track 01: Hasmodai, Nukleall: Synthetic Bliss (Original Mix) - 140 BPM W&P by Alfonso Salinas and Alessandro Mistretta @ Hasmodai Starship (MX) and Blacklite Studios (IT) Track 02: Hasmodai, Dr. Hoffman: John’s Mind - 143 BPM W&P by Alfonso Salinas and Cris Robles @ Hasmodai Starship (MX) and Hoffman Studios (MX) Track 03: Hasmodai: Limbic Express (Original Mix) - 145 BPM W&P by Alfonso Salinas @ Hasmodai Starship (MX) Preview: Produced by Blacklite Records 2016 More Info at : www.blackliterecords.com
  2. Artist: Various Title: Blacklite Tubes Label: Blacklite Records Date: November, 2011 1. Out of control FLEGMA AND ZYCE 2. Total Integration PURPLE RAVER 3. Ayahuasca Reset NUKLEALL 4. Pink Noize LOUD 5. Exact Dosage M-THEORY 6. Ancient Plants (Barkode rmx) NUKLEALL 7. Super Conscious HYPNOISE 8. Galactic Mantra (Wizack Twizack rmx) OVNIMOON AND VIA AXIS 9. Impulse Response (Rack Riders rmx) GHOST SIGNAL Blah blah blah Blacklite Records blah blah blah Italy blah blah blah blah psytrance blah blah blah remixes blah blah blah cool cover. Got it? Out of Control- "It's a headless blunder operating under the illusion of a master plan." Ladies and gentlemen, your government! But seriously...it's your government. These two have made more quality tracks than I have friends when people realize I have a pickup truck. All of a sudden it's "Can you help me move Mike?" or "Would you let me borrow your truck?" Fair weather friends aside this is firmly rooted in the Psy-gressive genre (if that even is a genre or a just a label) with a big beat and flashy lead. The sample is pretty good and repeated several times as effects echo and whizz past. Pretty good. P.S. Sold the truck so I assume my "friends" will disappear. Good riddance motherf*ckers...you never filled the tank up anyway. Total Integration- "Consider the possibility of the reaction." Yes let's do that. The possibility of my reaction being is quite high. Full-on with a lengthy time signature change will do that to you. It's not terrible by any stretch and even has some very good layered effects and melodies. Just didn't connect with it. Ayahuasca Reset- Somebody's been playing some Lazer Tag. Do kids do that anymore? No? Man, I don't know what's cool anymore. It's only a matter of time before my kids start treating me like a leper and ask me to drop them off a couple a blocks from school so their friends don't see. But there are a lot of lasers in this thing. The really sweet part comes with two minutes left when the 303 barks and the bubbling froths over. At that point I woulda went into full-on goa mode cause that woulda killed. Not bad, but nothing to get your knickers in a twist over. Pink Noize- "It's a sign...something has happened." It all begins during the break for me as this thing swims in a oscillating soup. The lead grows from a low rumble to a sharp roar as the track builds in intensity. Storm warning as this becomes a concussive wall of force. It's an unrelenting beatdown that should force a lot of smiles from the kiddies. Exact Dosage- "The drugs we gave you have a fairly serious side effect. Dehydration. Your head is probably sore, your throat dry. If you don't eat or drink something soon, you're going to start hallucinating." If you love the machines are everywhere vibe you could do a lot worse than this. It bristles with electronic energy as those effects zip past leaving a trail of ones and zeros in their wake. Good power and a great sample make this a solid track. Ancient Plants (Barkode Remix)- The intro is very high-tech with undulating computer layers and machinations. It's another thumper that hits in waves, pumping and skidding with short synth stabs and running leads. Twilight music that is quite tasty. Super Conscious- "The reason we exist in the world of limit...the conscious world...is to access the infinite. To access...the Super Conscious." Gurlgling and bubbling sounds jockey for position with patently electric interference as the bass line rumbles. Lots of sounds to get plugged into and this really gives off a cyber vibe. It's driving and pumping with a dark taste. Galactic Mantra (Wizack Twizack Remix)- Damn you Tommy. Damn you to hell. I hate the original track with it's robotic voice telling me all that it is. Read my lips...I DON'T F*CKING CARE! It seems all the remixes I have heard insist on leaving that damn sample in there. So here you go doing the same thing, but ah...you throw a little goa twist in there with 2 minutes on the clock. And you know what? It was awesome. Why couldn't that be the dominating feature? Please tell me your working on another remix of this track that leaves that voice out and expands the goa parameters. Impulse Response (Rack Riders Remix)- This is a Nukleall & the Purple Raver remix with a good ending track that has effects cascading over that bass line. They do that tempo change thing again but it works here. Pretty full with twists and turns. With only their 2nd release, Blacklite Records have churned out a pretty solid compilation. Most of the tracks are good with some standouts like the Loud as well as the Flegma & Zyce effort. What it's missing is that track that really knocks you over. It's not essential, but with several strong tracks it's worth checking out. Let's see what they do with their next disc. Psyshop Beatspace GoaStore Mdk
  3. Blacklite Records is ready to blow your mind with a new compact collection of tracks: Blacklite Tubes! The most innovative and ultraviolet compilation now available has been designed and produced for you giving rise to an exciting level energy burst. Blacklite Records has selected some of the world’s contemporary top projects, the result is a deep, uplifting and tranced-out experience. A complete transformation of reality’s perception will lead you to a fluorescent musical soundscape, where amazing and vibrating colours will glow and surround you all around!!! Always looking to the future, Blacklite Records writes another bright chapter of its great adventure! www.blackliterecords.com Blacklite Records - The Upper Consciousness Music Label Artist: V.A. Title: BLACKLITE TUBES Label: BLACKLITE RECORDS Release date: 06 DEC 2011 Distribution: WORLDWIDE Info and booking: info@blackliterecords.com TRACK LIST: 01 - FLEGMA & ZYCE - OUT OF CONTROL – 08:26 w & p Dalibor Delic & Nikola Kozic @ Tesseract Studio (SB) 02 - PURPLE RAVER - TOTAL INTEGRATION – 07:38 w & p by Lucio Munari @ Blacklite Studio (IT) 03 - NUKLEALL - AYAHUASCA RESET – 07:49 w & p by: Alessandro Mistretta @ Blacklite Studio 04 - LOUD – PINK NOIZE – 08:24 w & p by: Eitan Reiter & Kobi Toledano @ Loud Studio (IL) 05 - M-THEORY - EXACT DOSAGE – 07:40 w & p by: Marcello Baccheschi & Rob Nichols @ Recycle Studio (UK) 06 - NUKLEALL - ANCIENT PLANTS (BARKODE RMX) – 08:00 w & p by: A. Mistretta. Remixed By: A. Mistretta & S. Ruta @ Blacklite Studio. (IT) 07 - HYPNOISE - SUPER CONSCIOUS – 08:12 w & p by: Juan Fontoira and Jaime Camara @ Hypnoise Studios (SP) 08 - OVNIMOON & VIA AXIS - GALACTIC MANTRA (WIZACK TWIZACK RMX) – 08:40 w & p by: H. Stuardo, R. Corrales and C. Varela. Remixed By: T. Axelsson @ PrimeNormal Studio (SW) 09 - GHOST SIGNAL - IMPULSE RESPONSE (RACK RIDERS RMX) – 08:30 w & p by: A.Mistretta, M. Sapino. Remixed By: A. Mistretta & L. Munari @ Blacklite Studio (IT) Produced by Blacklite Records (www.blackliterecords.com) Compiled by Blacklite Records (www.blackliterecords.com) Mastered by Ido Ophir @ Domestic Studio Artwork by Ayalien (http://ayalien.deviantart.com/) Distribuited by Arabesque,www.arabesque.co.uk, release on November 2011
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