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Found 3 results

  1. SPACE TEMPLE out now on Sonic Tantra Psytrance Music Records! ॐ Space Temple ॐ is a masterful high-speed psychedelic trance compilation featuring some of the best artists from around the world. The Space Temple is an exciting multi-dimensional journey from darkness to light, and offers delightfully twisted cosmic visions of space, time, emotions and liberation. Please feel free to share! Tracklist: 01 - Kykeon - Mariscos - 166 02 - Ancient Aliens - Lost life - 176 03 - Twisted Kala - Day of the Goddess - 184 04 - Geometric Dark - Removing Cells - 185 05 - Sheogorath - Endless Fall - 190 06 - Toadstool & Tom Gotchi - Labyrinth - 192 07 - Forma Mentis - Sidameh - 194 08 - Xenolali[a] aka YMBX - Mecanismos - 196 09 - Professor Smokes - Pandemonium - 200 10 - Illumicorp and Fenix Mark - Naruto Revenge - 223 11 - Paratrip - You have No Idea - 180 12 - aGh0Ri TanTriK - Mad Mystic Magick - 210 13 - Strallo - Fritada de Domingo - 180 14 - Suirtoam - The Metal - 190 15 - Psydrax - Sol y Luna - 180 Audio Mastering by Tom Gotchi Artwork by Sid Download / Stream: https://sonictantra.bandcamp.com/album/space-temple https://sonictantra.com/download-release/va-space-temple-hitech-psytrance/
  2. Artist: Sidhartha Title: Into Immortality Chapter One & Two Label: Hypergate Records Date: April, 2013 Chapter One 1. Into Immortality 2. Yutopia Paradox 3. Single Atoms 4. Dominant Species Chapter Two 1. Sidhartha & TDR & Shaddai - Iori Yagami 2. Symmetrix & Sidhartha - Time Is Your Illusion 3. Sidhartha & Tryon - 4th Dimension Encounter 4. Sidhartha - Wonder In The Night What's with that little thing in the corner. Looks like a peppermint. Makes me want a candy cane. If acid and lasers are your preferred sweet than this is Christmas and Easter on the same day. Sidhartha has been around for a while and here he delivers two twilight EP's. The first one is all him and the second one he enlists some friends to help with the heavy lifting. Into Immortality- There is a certain amount of groove to be found here amidst the fast paced intensity. And it seems really fast. With the rapid pace I feel like he's trying to fit a lot in on the move. Like the drive thru guy at Wendy's attempting to hand me my order as I blow by him at 45 miles an hour. Not a bad bouncy opener. Yutopia Paradox- "If there are extra terrestrial beings out there where are they?" Wal Mart. Where else would they be? It begins as just generic full-on, but he eventually begins the acid shower and some great movement. Good, but not great. Single Atoms- Didn't care for this one. It was noisy and had the depth of a kiddie pool. Dominant Species- I guess this is where the drug use started because this is simply put an all out assault bursting with acid and thumping kicks. With just a couple of chances to catch one's breath it moves like a rhino through a door built for a smurf. Iori Yagami- It's on to part two and right away it seems more focused and deeper. Lots of juicy bits flying about with a powerful punch. The sticky icky is everywhere so bring a towel. The samples are muffled with more grunting and groaning than a late night Taco Bell visit. These guys know what I'm talkin' about... Time is Your Illusion- Who ordered the meal with extra lasers? This is a fat guy in daisy dukes on rollerblades without brakes going downhill. You can't turn away and there is going to be a lot of damage. Great lose your mind track. 4th Dimension Encounter- Teaming up with twilight Jesus (Tryon) it's more acid washes than the 80's. The ass shaking is in full force immediately as they paint a picture. But they don't use brushes. They use buckets. Wonder In The Night- With the final track it seems he wants to end on a less bombastic note. But it doesn't reflect who he is. It's rather boring especially placed next to the other monsters. Put that f*cking crash helmet back on. Two EP's. Lasers and acid. Powerful twilight music. That's what you're gonna get and that's what I woulda wrote if I could get away with a two sentence review. But that's not my style. I liked part two better as it was a straight up out of control freight train with no brakes. And I ain't Denzel. Beatport Chapter One Beatport Chapter Two Mdk
  3. Artist: Speedball Title: Reloaded EP Label: Fractal Records Date: May, 2013 1. Kingston 2. Universo 3. Locked Ball 4. Hyperion "Welcome to the f*cking universe!" Hells yeah! Where's my sippie cup? And who took all the motherf*cing Goldfish? Not since the invention of the taco has there been a greater contribution from Mexico. There. I said it. Speedball are Javier Durán Cortes & Raul Gonzalez and their debut album Human Disorder showed that they were not messing around. There are certain tracks you hear that stick with you. They never get old and always cause you to get out of your seat and dance like a crazy person. For me it was Fully Awake by Electric Universe. But it was also Buenos Muchachos by these guys who took that Goodfellas laden track and annihilated anything I've heard recently. Speedball take twilight music to that other level where only a mentally unstable few dare to tread. It's acid laden and carries a big kick and rumbling basses. This is music that unleashes the wrath you may have pent up, and all you can do is look back and hope you have clean underwear. Futuristic hyper trance with an intense pace is the name of the game on 75% of this EP. I can only assume that Kingston was the product of a very fruitful journey to Jamaica. Make some new friends did ya? Irie man, irie. Sometimes our music disappoints and does the same old tired song and dance. With all the releases I suppose it's to be expected. These guys however helped to restore my faith in the good old psytrance beatdown. Suck it Oakenfold. Beatport Mdk
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