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Found 5 results

  1. Title: V/A Made In Mexico Label: Phonix Records Cat no. : PHODIGI017 Format: Digital download Release Date: (BeatPort 2 Week Exclusive): October 14th, 2016 World Wide Release: October 28th, 2016 Mastered by Dale Byl @ db Mastering Studios, South Africa More Info: https://www.facebook.com/db-Mastering-129239436996/ Artwork by Derren Nuttall aka Ink Junkie: http://phonix-records.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/10/Made-in-Mexico-Revised-180716a.jpg More Info: http://www.inkjunkie.co.uk/ Promo: After years of plotting, amigos Ishikawa and Psykoatl finally got together and began playing with the idea of a compilation featuring only Mexican acts making twilight and hi-tech psytrance. Over the course of many knob twisting and beat hacking sessions - they were able to assemble an explosive collection of works from the freshest talent that the Mexican psytrance scene has to offer today, aptly named Made In Mexico! This saga starts off with newcomers Epitaph and Talkin Dave. A haunting and mind bending story - Ishikawa and Psykoatl could not have thought of a more fitting way to start this magnum opus. Following up is the hyper melodic Dirty World, produced by rising star - 1.16. This is a deep story full of energy and violins, topped off with a serious bassline that means business. Now that the tone of the compilation is set, Thorus Wrath - runner up winner of the X-Side - Dominate Remixes competition - presents his winning remix. A real rumbler of a track, with his signature treatment to the bassline - there is no stopping this beast. Amplifying energy levels even more, Domination takes things to the next level with Mars Attacks. Full of furious energy - Domination leads an assault on the senses that is known to manifest itself in listeners through uncontrolled stomping. Just when you thought you could not handle any more energy - Roby and M.A.D (the super powered duo of X-Side and Eyetek), continue the sonic Invasion. There is no turning back, there is no surrender. Initiating motivation protocol! Not for the faint of heart, these 3 minds join forces to give you every adrenaline junkies dancefloor anthem. If this wasnt enough, whizz kid Outer Connection thrills with his unrelenting remix of Portuguese master Sidharthas Omniverse. A beast of a track, for maximum enjoyment and your safety - we recommended that this be played loud, preferably in a large open area. You have been warned! Moving on to the latter half of this release, Psykoatl and Ishikawa shift their focus on to deeper darker sounds. The Concept Nemesis (T.C.N), hot on the heels of his epic Exhausting the Limit EP, presents Subjective. A deranged twister, with production so clean - one cannot help but grin like a boy with a new toy. Keeping the darker mood going, The Evil Monkey explains to us his Isolated System. Equipped with sinister melodies, and enough energy to power a spaceship - this is one system that should not be tampered with. As the release approaches it end, listeners are treated to the triumphant return of mastermind - Akros. With Omega, Akros stays true to his original style and presents a cracker of a track which literally explodes with melodies to mark the end of this sonic adventure. Made In Mexico is the culmination of months of hard work from the Phonix Family with the sole intention of putting the spot light on Mexico and the new wave of talent that is all but set to take over radio waves galaxy wide! With that said, we humbly ask listeners once more to boldly go forth and again - take us to their speakers and push the limits of sonic manipulation! Viva La Mexico! TRACKLIST: 1. Epitaph Talkin Dave 145 BPM Written and produced by Andres Romero and Leonardo Novelo @ Epitaph Studio, Mexico 1.16 Dirty World 146 BPM Written and Produced by Irving Lagunes Gómez @ 1.16 Studio, Mexico 2. X-Side Dominate (Thorus Wrath RMX) 146 BPM Originally written and produced by Jose Luis Cruz @ X-Side Studio, Mexico Remixed by Manuel Olmos @ Thorus Wrath Studio, Mexico 3. Domination Mars Attacks 147 BPM Written and produced by Ricardo Barreto @ Domination Studio, Mexico 4. Roby vs M.A.D Invasion 147 BPM Written and produced by Roby Martinez Cantu @ Roby Studio, Mexico and Jose Luis Cruz and Claudio Pereira @ M.A.D Studio, Mexico/Portugal 5. Sidhartha Omniverse (Outer Connection RMX) 147 BPM Originally written by Nuno Santos @ Sidhartha Studio, Portugal Remixed by Kevin Rodríguez @ Outer Connection Studio, Mexico 6. The Concept Nemesis Subjective 146 BPM Written and produced by Franco Sanchez @ The Concept Nemesis Studio, Mexico 7. The Evil Monkey Isolated System 147 BPM Written and produced by Pablo Pérez Sahagún @ The Evil Monkey Studio, Mexico 8. Akros Omega 147 BPM Written and produced by Fernando Miranda @ Akros Studio, Mexico Track 4 released with permission from MMD Records Track 6 released with permission from Hypergate Records SAMPLES: Compiled by Ishikawa (Angad Kapoor/USA) and Psykoatl (Marco Reyes Balam/ Mexico) Available on shops everywhere such as: Beatport http://www.beatport.com/label/phonix-records/21766 Juno Download http://www.junodownload.com/labels/Phonix/releases/ DjTunes http://www.djtunes.com/label/phonix-records Still Fresh: The Concept Nemesis Exhausting the Limit EP V/A The Twilight Core Vol. 2 *More Info: Phonix Records: http://www.facebook.com/PhonixRecords http://www.phonix-records.com/ *Join our mailing list on our website for the opportunity to receive free CD's, free entries to parties and previews of upcoming music from Phonix Records!!! *For Bookings Info: angad AT phonix-records.com phonix-records AT gmail.com
  2. Artist: Z3ro Title: Interception EP Label: Fractal Records Date: February, 2014 1. Space Empire 2. The Resistance feat. Locked Locker 3. The War of the World 4. Mind Master feat. Z3ro "Join me, rise up with me, rise up on the wings of this slain angel. We’ll rebuild on the soul of this little warrior. We will pick up his standard and raise it high! Carry it forward until this city, your city, our city, his city, is a palace again! Is a palace again!" Holy sh*t is there a better orator than Al Pacino. This man could fire me up to punch a RPG toting terrorist in the dick. I didn't see the movie, but listening to the clip of his speech I was ready to take on the world. And this would be the perfect soundtrack to do just that. I knew I liked this guy. This is Javier Cortes from Mexico and half of the bombastic Speedball project. Knowing that will give you a better understanding of what you'll find in here. Heavy, thumping beats and acidic mayhem. I'm talking hurricane force stuff. And let's not forget that it's also loaded with ass wiggling material. These are quality tunes made for opening up that V8 on the interstate. I tell ya Fractal Records has been kicking some ass lately. When the hell did they become 3D Vision? *Javier not responsible for any speeding tickets or the revocation of anyone's license. Please drive responsibly.* Beatport Mdk
  3. https://soundcloud.com/ufo-lights http://www.internetdj.com/user/UFO_Lights
  4. Artist: Space Tribe Title: Time S-T-R-E-T-C-H Label: Spirit Zone Recordings Date: February, 2004 1. Infinity and Beyond 2. All reality is virtual 3. Timestretch 4. Giants 5. See the light remix 6. Reverse time 7. Alternate Future remix 8. Nothing is impossible "You know your own future...which means you can change it!" I'm tired of picking on Boris Blenn. Too easy. So let's take a look at his chiral non-superimposable mirror image Olli Wisdom. He was also active in the goa era though I would argue more well known for his album covers than his music. Everyone remembers the pope rocking out with some headphones. But he's also a businessman. Need fluffy lime green camouflage pants? He's your guy. Good God that sh*t is hideous. But like Boris he moved towards a full on style with an acidic edge. Darker with a science fiction atmosphere. And with this album you can hear the heavy acid use. It's now ten years old and some of the shine has come off. Indeed other artists and even he himself have taken the night time twilight sound to more aggressive and chaotic levels. This sounds rather tame today without a lot of the bombast that you might find from artists like Ex-Gen or Alienn. Now I want to say that even though it's getting a little long in the tooth, it's still a good album. Acid aplenty and good samples make this a good one for the dancefloor. I throw this on at home and it still rattles the windows. Recommended for lovers of this sound. Psyshop Mdk
  5. Artist: Various Title: Anairam Label: Replicant Records Date: December, 2013 1. Armagetlam - D_Maniac 2. Psykodeliak - Rabdom L 3. Exploding - Shuumat 4. Criminal Phenomenon - A-Mush 5. Bedtime Story (Iliuchina Remix) - Orca Hey baby, how you doin'? Guapa Lee you say? That's a nice maxi ep you compiled there. I'd offer you some assistance, but you seem more than capable of some heavy lifting. This is an outstanding ep that began horribly. Imagine picking up a ridiculously hot chick (or, dude I suppose...whatever you're into...I don't judge.) and right when she gets in the car she rips a lengthy, wet, and obnoxious fart. Roll down your windows nasty. Awkward. But don't get hung up on that smelly turd from d_maniac because you'll be richly rewarded. The rest is thumping nighttime psy with huge amounts of apsi. Acid per square inch. Some of the tracks have too much stopping and starting, but they're good enough to let it slide. A-mush rarely disappoints, but the Iliuchina remix steals the show. Dark and eerie with danceability set to maximum. Great job by most involved and here's hoping for a second date and an attempt at second base. Beatport Mdk
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