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Found 2 results

  1. Artist: Space Tribe Title: Time S-T-R-E-T-C-H Label: Spirit Zone Recordings Date: February, 2004 1. Infinity and Beyond 2. All reality is virtual 3. Timestretch 4. Giants 5. See the light remix 6. Reverse time 7. Alternate Future remix 8. Nothing is impossible "You know your own future...which means you can change it!" I'm tired of picking on Boris Blenn. Too easy. So let's take a look at his chiral non-superimposable mirror image Olli Wisdom. He was also active in the goa era though I would argue more well known for his album covers than his music. Everyone remembers the pope rocking out with some headphones. But he's also a businessman. Need fluffy lime green camouflage pants? He's your guy. Good God that sh*t is hideous. But like Boris he moved towards a full on style with an acidic edge. Darker with a science fiction atmosphere. And with this album you can hear the heavy acid use. It's now ten years old and some of the shine has come off. Indeed other artists and even he himself have taken the night time twilight sound to more aggressive and chaotic levels. This sounds rather tame today without a lot of the bombast that you might find from artists like Ex-Gen or Alienn. Now I want to say that even though it's getting a little long in the tooth, it's still a good album. Acid aplenty and good samples make this a good one for the dancefloor. I throw this on at home and it still rattles the windows. Recommended for lovers of this sound. Psyshop Mdk
  2. Artist: Jupiter 8000 Title: Twisted Bliss Label: Avatar Records Date: February, 2004 1. Cylent Storm 2. 101 And Still Alive 3. Dust to Dawn 4. Atem rmx 5. The Memory 6. Inside 7. Break The Law 8. Bit Fire 9. New Moon 10. Rubber Dub "The purpose of this hearing is to determine if you are likely to break the law again." I am very surprised that this has not been reviewed. 2004 was a time when this place was crowded like an Indian commuter train. This is the second album from the Boris Blenn project Jupiter 8000 and I like it a whole lot better than his first one. It's straight psytrance, but before we were sick to death of full-on and it's maudlin predictability. Never one to go against the way the wind blows, Boris hopped right on this full-on wave, but he also dropped a little goa flavor in there. If I were to say a few words... Cylent Storm is innovative and solid. Know why? Cause since it came out I've heard this melody lifted numerous times by other artists. Part goa and part psy it's all good. 101 and Still Alive has some good acid lines as he twists that filter cutoff. Dust to Dawn bubbles like a hot cauldron of mismatched goa wear, but also growls with ferocity. Oh he knows how to party. "Where da white women at?" Atem Remix has the goa ripples as well along with the acid that apparently never left him. He's just gonna let that lead keep playing isn't he?. Don't wanna any interruptions when your trying to nail that chick with the nice ta-ta's. Got a sister you say? The Memory is darker with some of that Indian? vocal that screams exotic to a kid from New Jersey. You know once you leave the turnpike it's f*cking Deliverance out there. Inside thumps along and makes me remember when I first discovered psytrance. With a nice break and a rising lead that surges like a phoenix I'm all smiles. Break the Law? C'mon Boris. Won't someone please think of the children? Sure this track has the liquid bass and danceable lead, but it always leads to sitting on a curb with your hands behind your back in some tired Nikes and a Santa suit. Always. Bit Fire is creative and chunky. Once the low growl subsides he scorches with a guitar riff that we've all heard before. Some say guitars and psy don't mix and that somethings don't really belong together. Sounds like making the most of an opportunity to me. I dunno, I really liked it. It f*cking rocked. New Moon is progressive filler and Rubber Dub makes me think of one thing: Hooray beer! I know it's not Red Stripe, but f*ck that chick for not wanting to hook up on kiss cam. Man back then he really could craft a track. I mean he can still do it, but now he needs a wingman (aka Space Tribe). I like his albums and he is a true legend, but he's been putting out the same album for half a decade now. This one is quality psytrance. Is there a way we can go back in time and bring this Boris back? Imagine two Boris-es! While one is being uber creative he can also act as the shut down relay when the other starts to go in a silly direction. Win win I say. Avatar Records Mdk
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