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Found 6 results

  1. Artist: Asia 2001 Title: Amnesia Label: Avatar Records Date: July, 2005 1. Orion 2 (Corcovado mix) 2. Vertige (Goa Gil Burningman mix) 3. Rakshas 4. Psychadelia 5. Bengali 6. Eolis 7. Caribbean Night 8. Reykjavik 9. Sherkan 2 10. Dreamland (Space Cat mix) 11. Nomads of the future 12. Dawn to dusk 13. Strange world 14. Life storm 15. Lokayatikas 16. Hallu practical 17. 303 keops 18. Juno transportation 19. Lunar attraction 20. Ra 21. Epilogue (Asia 2001 vs Toires) "You call us monsters, but when you dream you dream of flying...and changing. And living without death. You envy us. And what you envy..." "We destroy." This cover has always confused me. Is that a f*cking dung beetle pushing a sh*tball? And what the hell does that have to do with Amnesia? Quirky. Speaking of quirky this album is quirky. On its face you think a remastered 2 CD compilation of the greatest hits of Asia 2001 and his other projects is a no brainer. And it is, but reading some of the album's idiosyncrasies you have to scratch your head. Identical tracks with different names, track times cut short...housekeeping crap. Nothing to write your congressmen about. Like he would give two f*cks anyway. And if he's anything like that Toronto mayor, well... "HOLY SH*T THAT'S A LOTTA CRACK!!" That dude is the 2nd coming of Chris Farley. It's uncanny. Where was I? It's not until you read further that some of the first discs will not play or skips like hell on a cd player. O...k? Not a big deal, because who listens to music on a CD player these days other than your parents. Which leads me to the nut punch. Some of those discs won't let you rip the tracks to your computer. The reason given for this is the total duration exceeds red book standards. What the hell do they have to do with anything? And what's a non-b*tch doing on the cover. Hold up...sex quiz. Find out my real... Back on topic, while most of the tracks are classic Asia 2001 there are some that could have (read should have) been left out. But how do you choose between your children? *rolls eyes* Yeah, yeah, I've heard it before. Start with the dreadfully boring full-on Space Cat remix. Yeah I know you mastered the CD, but I also seem to recall you being competent at goa trance. And the two plus minute outro was unnecessary. Still, not being able to rip tracks seems like a huge deal. How do you let that leave the factory with a defect like that? Most of the tracks (Caribbean Night and Psychadelia are unreleased) are on his albums or on compilations under a different project name. So if you want his best goa tracks in one tidy package and don't want to get ass raped for Psykedelia then you can't lose. Unless you happen to get one of those quirky discs. In which case let me know so I can take my kid out of school before you shoot up the place. Beatspace Psyshop Mdk
  2. Artist: Various Title: Retrodelic Vibes 6 - Vintage Memories Label: Avatar Records Date: July, 2018 1. Chromium Dioxide - Three State Logic 2. Venus Zen - Encens 3. Vermillion - BIC 4. Alfalfa - Amanite FX 5. Chinese Whispers - Synchro 6. Rakshas - Asia 2001 7. Moonstone - Spectral 8. Spellbound - Cwithe 9. S.E.T.I. - Psychaos 10. Animal People - Cydonia 11. Tribal Tool - Shakti Twins 12. The Beauty and the Beast (Total Eclipse Remix) - Sven Vath 13 Superluminal - Nucleus 14. Domino Effect - ManMadeMan & Domino As a collector of many things goa I was happy that there was another volume of the RV series and yet equally disappointed that it was only a digital version. Oh well no big deal...I think I can keep my OCD in check. For a little while. Anyway like all the previous entries in this series you have a few well known bangers, some not so well known and apparently some that weren't even released. The album itself is decent even without any stellar tracks because let's be honest...we have mined those hills for a long time and there just might not be any absolute stormers left uncovered. And therein lies the rub. If you're reading this then most likely you have most of these tracks. So as much as I appreciate the effort, this compilation really isn't that necessary. Still...any chance I get to rock out to Animal People I'm gonna do it. Psyshop
  3. Guest

    "V/A - Retrodelic Vibes 2"

    Retrodelic Vibes 2 (i forgot the 2 in the topic name ) Tracklist: 1. Masaray - Time Traveler Of Trance 2. Doof - Let's Turn On 3. Cydonia - Shambala 4. Electric Universe - Luna Overdrive 5. Psychaos - Spatial Distortion 6. Kopfuss Resonator & Jörg - Whipbird 7. Space Tribe - The Great Spirit (Hallucinogen Rmx) 8. Tim Schuldt - Karma 209 9. Witchcraft - Witchcraft Magic 10. Man White No Name - Sly-Ed Mastering by Avi Algranati (Space Cat) This compilation is dedicated to Goa nostalgic fans, giving them an opportunity of collecting a combination of old underground goa tunes & classical goa anthems. I'm not 100% fan of the tracklisting but for sure you can get wrong with Doof (Nick Barber + Simon Posford for this one) Let's Turn On, Shambala (notice here that Cydonia is composed of Dino Psaras,Steve Ronan, John Donno & Martin Freeland), Whipbird (Kopfuss Resonator=Mark Pfurtscheller + Timothy Farber; dj Jörg=Jörg Kessler from SST/SSJ), Witchcraft Magic (Whitchcraft are Itzik Levy aka Sandman, Green House Effect + Rami Shapira aka Chakra) & Sly-Ed; all these ones are brillant for me & deserve their place. I'm more or less convinced by the collector aspect of other tunes but that will be a very different-personnal perception from all goa-freaks. For example I never heard about Masaray before, the band is composed of Masayuli Kurihara & Ray Castle, Time Traveler Of Trance was licensed on Psy-Harmonics. The track is nice maybe just little puffing, why not. Luna Overdrive is a 303 goa work from Boris Blenn, i just think it's not very representative of his style & furthermore not one of his best productions (i.e Astral Voyage), but nothing bad of course & it's a personnal matter of taste. Concerning Psychaos, Spatial Distortion reminds me a lot another Joti Sidhu's tune : Dense Dawn (that results much better to my ears). I'm wondering which one did he compose the first, Spatial Distortion appears to me like just the rough work of the other. I only dig Space Tribe sound since his 'Kickin Up some Dust remix', before that i found his goa productions mediocre. Here it is an Hallucinogen remix , so i was hoping some improvement, i got dissapointed too. The Tim Schuldt track sum up the spirit of Retrodelic Vibes 2, the selection has been guided by a search, according to me, of mostly energic 303 eitheir goa classics or underrated underground goa stuffs. This means here some few artists not exactly appear in their traditionnal style. For Tim Schuldt the 303 lines replace his usual fat & heavy metal electric guitar riffs. If for you all or most of these artists name doesn't still mean something , go buy it; for the goa fans it'll be better at least to make a little check before.
  4. Artist: Varioius Title: Retrodelic Vibes 4 Label: Avatar Date: July, 2008 1. Slinky Wizard - Slinky Wizard 2. Spectral - Kundalini 3. Blue Planet Corporation - Antidote (Pleiadians Remix) 4. Total Eclipse - Tenskwa Tawa (Edit) 5. Endora - Joy 6. Hux Flux - Calculus 7. S-Range - Kym 8. Sheyba - Ancient Lands "Big pimpin' spendin cheese." This was undoubtedly the head of Avatar Records when they released this trip down memory lane. Like a redneck sitting on a powerball ticket he knew he had something good. Number 4 in the series is a real drop the mic moment when you can include such blistering tracks like the Pleiadians remix of Antidote. As if that track needed any help being a bad ass. But those Etnica boys...made it bad ass-ier. And then tracks like Slinky Wizard and Joy pick that mic right back up only to drop it again. Just leave it there. Maybe it'll sprout roots and germinate into another quality tree. Storming goa trance at its finest. I was all ready to proclaim Total Eclipse as the most overrated goa artist from the good ol' days (still a possibility), but his effort wasn't bad at all. Ancient Lands heard many times is still a good piece of tribal nostalgia. The Hux Flux track perplexes me, but it just goes to show you even bosses drop the ball now and again. It's not a bad track at all, but...Time Slices or STFU. S-Range was plying his dark sci-fi ways even back then with a track that let's you feel the atmosphere. It's more psy than goa, but the feel of it is positively alien. Psyshop Mdk
  5. Artist: Various Title: Retrodelic Vibes Vol. 5 Label: Avatar Records Date: March, 2012 1. Z To A - Next Stop Oblivion 2. Earth Nation - Alienated (Earth Mix) 3. Laughing Buddha - Andromeda 4. Technossomy - The Joker 5. Mandra Gora - Wicked Warp (Remix) 6. Crop Circles - Different Species 7. Morphem - Montage 8. Jaia - Mai Mai 9. Domino - A Star Is Born "I don't like uncomfortable silences." Obviously. How about just plain old regular silences? Would that kill you? That would explain why you're prattling on over what would otherwise be a decent track. Everything old is new again in our community and it seems every label has jumped on board this train. I'm not complaining; the goa trance from back in the day was wonderful so new mastering or a fresh coat of paint will always be appreciated. Avatar is one of those labels and this is the fifth chapter in their Retrodelic series. Police Academy, Nightmare On Elmstreet, Saw, Friday the 13th...all once proud franchises that had the life squeezed out of them until there was nothing left. Will this be the curtain call for Retrodelic? I dunno. You're looking at me like I got the inside scoop or something. The market's hot right now for the old goa so normally I'd say nope there is probably more scraping we can do in that nutella jar. But this came out 4 years ago. Been awful quiet for almost half a decade. The tracks here though are great. Well aside from the opening audio vomit. I don't know about mastering I only know what sounds good on my rig or headphones. And this sounds fine. Space Cat did the mastering and I gotta believe that guy knows what the f*ck he's doing. Classic goa that hasn't been beaten to death and shown up on every compilation touting old school bliss. The boom of The Joker, the melodic madness of Crop Circles and the silky smooth trance sounds of Jaia. So get rid of the bookends and you've got a pretty special trip down memory lane. Psyshop Beatspace Mdk
  6. Artist: Jupiter 8000 Title: Twisted Bliss Label: Avatar Records Date: February, 2004 1. Cylent Storm 2. 101 And Still Alive 3. Dust to Dawn 4. Atem rmx 5. The Memory 6. Inside 7. Break The Law 8. Bit Fire 9. New Moon 10. Rubber Dub "The purpose of this hearing is to determine if you are likely to break the law again." I am very surprised that this has not been reviewed. 2004 was a time when this place was crowded like an Indian commuter train. This is the second album from the Boris Blenn project Jupiter 8000 and I like it a whole lot better than his first one. It's straight psytrance, but before we were sick to death of full-on and it's maudlin predictability. Never one to go against the way the wind blows, Boris hopped right on this full-on wave, but he also dropped a little goa flavor in there. If I were to say a few words... Cylent Storm is innovative and solid. Know why? Cause since it came out I've heard this melody lifted numerous times by other artists. Part goa and part psy it's all good. 101 and Still Alive has some good acid lines as he twists that filter cutoff. Dust to Dawn bubbles like a hot cauldron of mismatched goa wear, but also growls with ferocity. Oh he knows how to party. "Where da white women at?" Atem Remix has the goa ripples as well along with the acid that apparently never left him. He's just gonna let that lead keep playing isn't he?. Don't wanna any interruptions when your trying to nail that chick with the nice ta-ta's. Got a sister you say? The Memory is darker with some of that Indian? vocal that screams exotic to a kid from New Jersey. You know once you leave the turnpike it's f*cking Deliverance out there. Inside thumps along and makes me remember when I first discovered psytrance. With a nice break and a rising lead that surges like a phoenix I'm all smiles. Break the Law? C'mon Boris. Won't someone please think of the children? Sure this track has the liquid bass and danceable lead, but it always leads to sitting on a curb with your hands behind your back in some tired Nikes and a Santa suit. Always. Bit Fire is creative and chunky. Once the low growl subsides he scorches with a guitar riff that we've all heard before. Some say guitars and psy don't mix and that somethings don't really belong together. Sounds like making the most of an opportunity to me. I dunno, I really liked it. It f*cking rocked. New Moon is progressive filler and Rubber Dub makes me think of one thing: Hooray beer! I know it's not Red Stripe, but f*ck that chick for not wanting to hook up on kiss cam. Man back then he really could craft a track. I mean he can still do it, but now he needs a wingman (aka Space Tribe). I like his albums and he is a true legend, but he's been putting out the same album for half a decade now. This one is quality psytrance. Is there a way we can go back in time and bring this Boris back? Imagine two Boris-es! While one is being uber creative he can also act as the shut down relay when the other starts to go in a silly direction. Win win I say. Avatar Records Mdk
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