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    TrancÆdventure is a group of enthusiasts who seek to combine creativity, recycling, entertainment, music, living in harmony with nature and more.

    We organize positive events in order to bring together and connect people who share similar ideas, activities, natural and technological visions.
  1. - 4 DAYS ULTIMATE PSY ADVENTURE - IN THE BEGINNING THERE WAS SILENCE... Free acoustic thursday creating tribal spirit conection movie projections workshops drummers fire shows ...AND THEN OUT OF SILENCE CAME SOUND L I V E A C T S -:: ATMA ::- (BMSS Records) ROMANIA http://www.myspace.com/atmastudio -:: E - CLIP ::- (Iono Music) Serbia http://soundcloud.com/e-clip -:: SONIC ENTITY ::- (YSE Recordings) Serbia http://soundcloud.com/sonic-entity -:: SEVEN11 ::- (Aphonix Records / Narmada Music) SWITZERLAND http://soundcloud.co...n11-switzerland -:: ELECTRIC SHIMANA ::- (digitalFrequenz-Records) GERMANY http://soundcloud.com/electricshimana -:: ASKARI ::- (Synaestatice / Ganjatree Records) BELGIUM http://soundcloud.com/askariproject -:: ARIES ::- (digital frequenz rec.) ITALY http://soundcloud.com/mantonji D J S E T S -:: AGENT MUSHROOM ::- (TrancÆdventure, FlyingCarpet) SLOVENIJA http://mixcloud.com/agentmushroom/ -:: ALBY ::- (Psytronic/Soundsplatters) ITALIA http://soundcloud.co...djset-psy-xmass -:: ASI ::- (goa explorers, freeland) SLOVENIJA http://www.mixcloud.com/arsentkalec/ -:: AURORA NIGHTS PROJECT ::- (Aurora Nights) SLOVENIJA http://www.mixcloud....-stars-1982011/ -:: BABU SHIVAMOON ::- (O.C.B.) SLOVENIJA -:: CUICH ::- (TrancÆdventure, Psydezero) SLOVENIJA -:: Don DIGITAL ::- (Digital Delight) SLOVENIJA http://www.mixcloud....al__03_05_2012/ -:: EMPHATOGENIX ::- (Synthetic Dialog, Dancing Dragon) SLOVENIJA http://soundcloud.com/synthetic-dialog -:: HIPPI ::- (Synthetic Dialog, Dancing Dragon) SLOVENIJA http://soundcloud.com/synthetic-dialog -:: LUKY ::- (Purple Hexagon Records) ITALIA http://soundcloud.co...towards-the-sun -:: MAGICA ::- (MamisMagic) SLOVENIJA -:: MAHI ::- (Aphonix Records / Narmada Music) SWITZERLAND http://facebook.com/...hi/104615743658 -:: PSYCHOSOMATIK ::- (Synthetic Dialog, Dancing Dragon) SLOVENIJA http://soundcloud.com/synthetic-dialog -:: PHOBOS ::- (Looney Moon Records) ITALIA http://soundcloud.com/phobos_looney -:: REDBROWN ::- (TrancÆdventure) SLOVENIJA http://soundcloud.com/redbrown -::SHANTI SHAMBHO ::- (Bholenath psy) IRAN/SLOVENIJA http://soundcloud.com/shanti-shambo -:: SOUNDSLAVE ::- (freelance) SLOVENIJA -:: SKOKNIPALOKNI ::- (Forestdelic) SLOVENIJA http://www.mixcloud.com/SkOkNiPaLoKNi/ -:: TIANN ::- (Forestdelic, Mizzart) SLOVENIJA http://soundcloud.com/djtiann -:: WHITEWAFL ::- (independent) SLOVENIJA http://soundcloud.com/dj-whitewafl -:: ZERO ::- (Blacklight Records) ITALIA http://soundcloud.co...he-ride-144-bpm -:: ZVUUK ::- (Apsurdistan) SLOVENIJA http://soundcloud.com/nebulatovich C H I L L -:: MAHA SUN ::- (live) (Synergetic Records / Narmada Music) SWITZERLAND http://soundcloud.com/maha-sun -:: DJANE DIDIPOKA ::- (Freelance) SLOVENIJA http://soundcloud.com/didipoka -:: SHOSHANA ::- (MamisMagic) SLOVENIJA -:: X0CHIPILLI ::- SLOVENIJA http://www.mixcloud.com/x0chipilli/ D E C O / V I S U A L S - HiGashi - TÆ crew M O R E - psychedelic and progressive trance music - chill floor - intact nature - workshops - movie projections - exhibitions - performances - beautiful decorations - drink and food - free water - shops - green market - free camping area - WC and shower - children welcome - pets welcome I N F O T I C K E T S: Presale: LINK festival ticket - 30€ On the gates: festival ticket - 40€ 1day ticket - 25€ *Thursday free* - acoustic night gathering PRESALE AMBASSADORS: ITALY AUSTRIA CROATIA GERMANY SERBIA tickets online: ------------------------------------------------------------------- http://www.trance-ad...e.com/karte.php ------------------------------------------------------------------- KEEP CLEAN NATURE DO NOT DISTURB ANIMALS NO OPEN FIRE STRONGLY RECOMMENDED TO USE SOME REPELLENT AGAINST TICKS NO INDEPENDENT SOUND SYSTEMS FOLLOW AND RESPECT THE INSTRUCTIONS OF OUR STUFF http://www.zrsvn.si/...bonton1_916.pdf In the beginning there was silence and then out of the silence came sound... ceative artists, workshop mentors, and volunteers, contact us! tranceadventure@gmail.com ------------------------------------------------------------------- FLIGHT INFORMATIONS: (to Trieste) 40 km from Dornberk ADRIA : www.adria.si AIR DOLOMITI : www.airdolomiti.it AL ITALIA : www.alitalia.com BELLE AIR : www.belleair.it LUFTHANSA : www.lufthansa.com RYANAIR : www.ryanair.com VOLOTEA : www.volotea.com (to Ljubljana and Venice): EASYJET : [easyjet.com] (to Pula): GERMANWINGS : [germanwings.com] RYANAIR : [ryanair.com] SKYSCANNER : [skyscanner.de] CHEAPTICKETS : [cheaptickets.de] (to Rijeka): AIR BERLIN : [airberlin.com] ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ --- CAR INFORMATIONS: Ljubljana (Slovenia) to Dornberk by car: 100 km Trieste (Italy) to Dornberk by car: 40 km Venice (Italy) to Dornberk by car: 150 km Milano (Italy) to Dornberk by car: 400 km Villach (Austria) to Dornberk by car: 180 km Graz (Austria) to Dornberk by car: 300 km Zagreb (Croatia) to Dornberk by car: 230 km München (Germany) to Dornberk by car: 400 km ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ --- TRAIN INFORMATIONS: Slovenian Railway: [slo-zeleznice.si] Croatian Railway: [hznet.hr] Serbian Railway: [serbianrailways.com] Italian Railway (Venice to Trieste): [italiarail.com] Austrian Railway (Austria to Pula): [oebb.at] Interrail Website (Europe): [interrailnet.com] ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ --- BUS INFORMATIONS: from ITALY: http://www.veolia-transport.si/ http://www.bigliette...bus.it/privati/ http://www.drd.si/ from AUSTRIA http://www.ap-ljubljana.si/eng/ from GERMANY http://www.cazmatrans.hr/ CONTACT: >>> www.trance-adventure.com >>> tranceadventure@gmail.com >>> facebook.com/tranceadventure LOCATION: maps: www.goo.gl/b8yPg GPS: 45° 51' 48,50'' N 13° 43' 06,80'' E
  2. Hi everyone, Sometimes the story ends before it starts... We are really sorry to inform you that we need to cancel our event. We would like to thank all our friends, volunteers and all other people for hard work helping us organization and promotion. Once again we are really sorry for the inconveniences regarding cancellation, and we hope that you can somehow reorganize your summer program. TranceAdventure Team
  3. FACEBOOK EVENT 25 May at 18:00 until 27 May at 18:00 Location: http://g.co/maps/6sybc SLO Vabljeni na otvoritev festivalske sezone 2012, ko se je narava že dodobra prebudila, razcvetela in ozelenela. Tla so se že dovolj ogrela, da lahko za seboj pustimo zakajene prostore in vlažne kleti in se predamo sončnim žarkom in svežemu zraku. ENG You are invited to the opening of the 2012 festival season, when the nature is already well awakened, blooming and green. The soil is already warmed up enough to leave behind smoke filled rooms and damp basements while surrendering yourself to sunlight and fresh air. ITA Siete invitati a l'apertura della stagione 2012 del festival, quando la natura è già risvegliato, fioritura e verde. Il terreno è già scaldato abbastanza da lasciarsi alle spalle stanze piene di fumo e scantinati umidi, mentre voi stessi arrendersi alla luce solare e aria fresca. _________________________________________________________________________ LINE UP: ·٠•●ૐ●•٠· L I V E A C T S·٠•●ૐ●•٠· -:: KOORIE ::- didgeridoo LIVE (Trance Teleport-Maninkari Crew,Digital Freaquenz Records, PsyCro Records,Disco) - CROATIA http://soundcloud.com/koorieproject -:: SUDUAYA ::- guitar LIVE (Altar Records, Aboriginal Rec.) FRANCE http://soundcloud.com/dreaming-sun -:: TERRA NINE ::- violin LIVE (Altar Records) NEW ZELAND http://soundcloud.com/terranine/ ·٠•●ૐ●•٠· D J S E T S ·٠•●ૐ●•٠· -:: AGENT MUSHROOM ::- (FlyingCarpet) SLOVENIJA http://www.mixcloud.com/AGENTMUSHROOM/ -:: CUICH ::- SLOVENIJA http://soundcloud.com/cuich -:: DALTON ::- (Trance Teleport - Maninkari Crew) Oldschool Goa Set CROATIA http://soundcloud.com/daltonuniversaldancerecs -:: EMPHATOGENIX ::- (Synthetic Dialog, Dancing Dragon) SLOVENIJA http://soundcloud.com/synthetic-dialog -:: HEX A GONZO ::- (Alpha Beta Gemma) BULGARIA http://soundcloud.com/hexagonzo -:: HIPPI ::- (Synthetic Dialog, Dancing Dragon) SLOVENIJA http://soundcloud.com/synthetic-dialog -:: JOHAN ::- (save the rave | zen.it) SRBIJA -:: MANDA ::- (o.m. community | zen.it | tesseract) SRBIJA http://soundcloud.com/djmanda -:: NARD ::- (Psycordia) CROATIA http://soundcloud.com/nardj -:: PSYCHOSOMATIK ::- (Synthetic Dialog, Dancing Dragon) SLOVENIJA http://soundcloud.com/synthetic-dialog -:: PSYCOMISSION ::- Psycupilami b2b Hexagonzo (Alpha Beta Gemma) AUSTRIA -:: PSYCUPILAMI ::- (Alpha Beta Gemma) AUSTRIA http://soundcloud.com/psycupilami/short-mix -:: PURA ::- (save the rave | zen.it) SRBIJA http://soundcloud.com/dj-pura-save-the-rave -:: RADICAL FUSION ::- (Psycordia) CROATIA http://soundcloud.com/radical-fusion -:: RAVER ::- (save the rave) SRBIJA http://soundcloud.com/raver-savetherave -:: REDBROWN ::- (TrancÆdventure) SLOVENIJA http://soundcloud.com/redbrown -:: SIRIUS MUSIC ::- (Altar Records) NEW ZELAND http://soundcloud.com/terranine/sirius-music-live-aug-2011 -:: TIANN ::- (Forestdelic, Mizzart) SLOVENIJA http://soundcloud.com/djtiann -:: SOUNDSLAVE ::- SLOVENIJA ·٠•●ૐ●•٠· C H I L L ·٠•●ૐ●•٠· -:: SUDUAYA ::- *live* (Altar Records, Aboriginal Rec.) FRANCE http://soundcloud.com/suduaya ·٠•●ૐ●•٠· D E C O / V I S U A L S ·٠•●ૐ●•٠· - Alpha Beta Gemma crew - HiGashi - Pleme Deco crew - Synthetic Dialog crew - TÆ crew - Zen.IT Creative Society ·٠•●ૐ●•٠· I N F O ·٠•●ૐ●•٠· ENTRY FEE: 25e KEEP CLEAN NATURE DO NOT DISTURB ANIMALS NO OPEN FIRE STRONGLY RECOMMENDED TO USE SOME REPELENT AGAINST TICKS http://www.zrsvn.si/dokumenti/63/2/2007/bonton1_916.pdf web page: www.trance-adventure.com e-mail: tranceadventure@gmail.com location: http://g.co/maps/6sybc - psychedelic and progressive trance music - beautiful decorations - drink and food - shops - camping area - WC and shower - free water - children welcome - dogs welcome MORE: Other creative artists, workshop mentors, and volunteers, contact us! tranceadventure@gmail.com Line up closed. Please do not send us line up requests for this event any more. But you can send us requests for our August event http://www.goatrance.de/goabase/party/details/64181
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