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Found 2 results

  1. Artist: Lamat Title: Master Control Label: AP Records Date: 2005 1. Aerobic 2. Neovibration 3. Hi Thinking 4. Master Control 5. Reborn 6. Chemical Disorder 7. Loudness 8. Teletranceporter "Maybe you're being paranoid." Who's ready for some full-on? Sigh. Dunno what happened, but when I bought this over a decade ago I was in love with it. The aluminum siding on the 'ol doublewide was shaking back then I can tell you. This is the debut album from Marcos Sanchez from Mexico and I think it was his best. But it's lost something. Or perhaps as the years have gone by I've gained something like a healthy distaste for full-on. It's very melodic and high tempo with euphoric synth sounds, but that bass line tho...Tough to get past that and it's in every track. Nah scratch that...it's an outright chore to choke this one down. Lasers are fired at a hectic pace and the shiny quality to it just seems a little too much in your face. There is no easing into any track it's just thrust upon you. Wham, bam, thank you ma'am. Either it hasn't aged well or I've aged myself out of this music. I feel like that old guy yelling at kids to stay the hell of my lawn. Marcos...get the f*ck off my lawn. AP Records Bandcamp
  2. Artist: Han Solo Title: Hyper Reality Label: AP Records Date: October, 2008 1. Numbers 2. Delysid 3. Mutants 4. Hyper Reality 5. Lamat - Fenix (Han Solo Remix) 6. Infrasound 7. Smoke It 8. Wild Humans "One of the things you learn after years of dealing with drug people...is that you can turn your back on a person. But never...turn your back on a drug." What about a person on drugs? I ain't turnin' my back on this guy either. Hey wait a minute! I know this guy. Man he hasn't aged a day! He actually looks younger! Weird Science...classic 80s movie. In the spirit of the sh*t sandwich that was the new Star Wars movie I decided to tackle the album from a much younger and more Mexican Han Solo. I mean did you see Harrison Ford limping about on the set? I think they CGI'ed his walker out of the shot. Anyway this is Jose Mauricio Fernandez Galvez whose parents were apparently afraid all the good names would be taken so they loaded him up. Well all his names created a pretty good full-on album. Now I know it hasn't been cool to like full-on since 2002 and I've even piled on like the rest of you. And let's face it the genre has deserved it. But with this album there's a lot of development. Whether that translates into the "good" type of full-on I'll leave up to you, but I sure enjoyed it. It's not just straight ahead stuff (other than the machine gun bass line), but the kind of up-tempo cheese that is light hearted. There are samples in every track (many of them drug related) and if you're on the hunt for some darkness, turn away. This sh*t burns vampires. But it's supposed to, and it fulfills its mission of good time music. Layers abound and the whole production is very shiny. I will say that listening to this all the way through was exhausting. But I suppose if you ate like a fat f*ck over the holidays you need to have this on repeat. If that wasn't enough to satisfy your guilty pleasure you filthy animal, it asks the important questions. "Are there a lot of Dutch people in Amsterdam?" I dunno dude. I dunno. Beatspace Psyshop
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