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Found 13 results

  1. Hey folks, Looking for some gentle sounds to fall asleep to? Perhaps a consciously carved, immersive sound journey for your yoga practice or ceremony? Maybe your just whacked after a long day & need to recharge / recalibrate! Whatever your intention, these dreamtime sounds should help a little...simply stop, breath & allow the music to weave its magic A big thank you to all these artists for their super nourishing sounds! Please take a moment to check out their other work if you like what you hear 1. Pitch Black - Did You Get the Message 2. Sinepearl - Phenomena 3. Antonio Testa - Lumumba 4. Beatfarmer - Droplets (ocean mix) 5. Deya Dova - Transmission from the Bird Tribe 6. Liquid Bloom - Roots of the Earth (Shanti & Wei-Chi Field Ambient remix) 7. Sync 24 - Walk On Spheres 8. Astropilot - Wingzz 2004 9. The Bhaktas - Om Mani Padme Hum (feat. Kelsang Chukie Tethong) 10. Dear Gravity - Voyager (Salt Of The Sound remix) 11. Eskostatic - Spring Harbour 12. Wolf Tech - Lost In A Dream 13. Carbon Based Lifeforms - Metrosat 4 (Remastered) 14. Shaman's Dream & Bluetech - Calling Spirits 15. Kaya Project ft. Pooja Tiwari - Souls Entwined (The Ambient Drift Mix) Infinite Blessings & thank you for listening!
  2. Hey friends, Happy to say that the new edition of my Dreamtime Diaries series is now ready. Deep, contemplative, psychedelic sounds for when your craving a little shanti space Sending oodles of love & gratitude to all the artists for their healing sounds, & the positive impact you have on my life. If you like what you hear, please take a moment to check out their other sounds. 1. Zen Baboon - Spotting Leopards 2. Desert Dwellers - Give Thanks 3. Eskostatic - Serpentines & Valleys 4. Lynx Point feat. Lilah Woods - India Landscape 5. Quasar - Fourth Dimension 6. Indigolab feat. Zoe - Winds (Gentle Breeze Dub) 7. Zen Baboon feat. Becky Whitcombe - Orchestra 8. Invisible Inks & Ateris - Nightfall 9. Solar Fields - Insum 10. Ascent & Argus - Daylight Again 11. Ashnaia Project & Stellar - Tara Mantra 12. Yaima - The Sacred Enjoy!
  3. Hey you! Looking for a chill space? Or maybe a little shanti time to sit back & chill, process, or recharge from the seasonal madness? Then get comfy, press play & loose yourself in these blissful psybient sounds for a while. Tastes best when served chilled A massive thank you to all the artists for their super nourishing sounds & continued inspiration! You rock my world! 1. Xspance & The Gnome - ASJ 0.1 2. Porangui - Iluminar (Stratosphere remix) 3. Gayalaxy - Eyes of God 4. The Human Case - Chella Kutty 5. Grains of Sound - Trees Tell Me Their Secrets (Methuselah mix) 6. Data Rebel - Ullinish - Leven 7. Chasing Dreams - Vessel 8. Metamorphis - Mystical Dimensions 9. Green Beats - A Touching Trip (Lab's Cloud remix) 10. Bluetech - Oleander (Phutureprimitive Symbiotic remix) 11. The Human Case - Nova 12. Santiago Niño - Star Maker (Natural Life Essence remix) 13. Momentology - Have Intention (feat. Uqualla) 14. Charlie Roscoe - The Divine is in You 15. Manu Riga - Indigenous Rights (Suduaya remix) 16. Carbon Based Lifeforms - 780 Days PS: Remember sharing is caring! And if you like any of the artists sounds, please check out their other releases. PPS: This will be the last Dreamtime Diaries for some time, as I am taking some time out to travel in 2018. Massive thanks to everyone for all your support over the last few years, truly appreciated. You can look forward to more immersive psybient journeys, possibly a radio show, & a new release full of self produced sounds on my return Looking forward to sharing with you all. Till then, stay chill! One Love <3
  4. When I say.. LOVE, the sound comes out of my mouth, it hits the other person's ear, travels through this byzantine conduit in their brain through their memories of love or lack of love and so much of our experience is intangible. So much of what we perceive cannot be expressed, it's unspeakable. When we communicate with one another we feel that we have connected and we think that we're understood, I think we have a feeling of almost spiritual communion and that feeling might be transient but I think it's what we live for. Tracklist: 01. Open Source - Ultra Deep Field (Love Edit) 02. Open Source - Alto Sax 03. Open Source - Never Forever (Love Edit) 04. Open Source - Too Weird To Live 05. Open Source - Days Of High Adventure (2017 Edit) 06. Open Source - A Great Dream (2017 Edit) 07. Open Source - Space Kablooie 08. Open Source - Blessed All Forms Of Intelligence 09. Open Source - Heartache (Love Edit) 10. Open Source - Aesop's Myth (Short Edit) Follow Open Source on: Facebook | Soundcloud | Twitter | Instagram | Mixcloud
  5. Hi Folks, Here’s some gentle, ambient sounds to sooth your space. Perfect journey music. Or maybe you’re just looking to chill after a long day / night. Whatever your intentions, these super nourishing sounds are only likely to assist with your process. Massive thanks to all these artists for the inspiration! Please take a moment to check out their other sounds if you like what you hear 1. Liquid Bloom - Bless the Waters (Ambient Instrumental mix) 2. Sinepearl - Emergance 3. Asura - Ascension in Blue 4. solar Fields - Dialogue With a River 5. Logical Elements - Giant Sculptures 6. Desert Dwellars - Give Thanks (Vajra mix) 7. Brombaer - Valley of the Wind 8. Andrew Heath - After the Noise 9. Charle Roscoe - Flute Temple 10. Wolf Tech - Strong Feelings 11. Shaman’s Dream - Medicine Prayers Infinite Blessings & thank you for listening!
  6. Hey everyone, Come, get comfy, as we flow deep inside, taking some time out to refresh, recharge & recalibrate with this extended edition of the Dreamtime Diaries series, “Cultivators of Light”. Massive thanks to all these artists for their wonderful music, & continued inspiration. You truly brighten my world 1. Wolf Tech - Everything Is Real 2. Chronos - Shawasana 3. Liquid Bloom - Ceremony of the Heart (Re.Generations mix) 4. Dimmat - What is Your Password 5. Vpg Ambient - Day in Nature 6. Gnomes Of Kush - Finding Tranquility 7. Alba - Askodakora 8. Martins Garden - Ava 9. Ashnaia Project - Peaceful Loneliness 10. Ace Ventura - Brave New World 11. Younger Brother - Shine Electronic 12. Shamans Dream - Jai Hanuman 13. Charlie Roscoe - Another Surrender 14. Source Vibrations - Alchemical Fire 15. Sinepearl - Miryjudi Goes South 16. Om aka Ovnimoon - Algun Dia 17. Erothyme - Inside of Every Curl 18. Cubering - Mass 19. Indigolab - Starlit Chaser 20. Lab's Cloud - A Bright Sunrise 21. Sundial Aeon - Lunar Sunset Theatre 22. Continuum - Sausage Fingers 23. Oco - Hollow (Balance remix) 24. Data Rebel - Curve (@datarebel) 25. Aes Dana feat. Mizoo - Lolite 26. Dead Melodies - Certain Beasts 27. SiebZehn - Space Probe 28. Sync24 - Replicant 29. Logical Elements - When Soul 30. Younger Brother - Tetris 31. Cubering - Birdman Infinite Blessings & thank you for listening!
  7. Hi everyone, I wanted to let you all know about my new mix, Dreamtime Diaries Vol 6 - Warm Fluffy Blankets A return to my dreamtime roots, this mix is for all the dreamers, chill time seekers & journeyers of consciousness, come be still, & let this mix wash over you, taking you to wherever you need to be. As always massive thanks & appreciation to all the artists for their wonderful music & inspiration. 1. AstroPilot - Midgard Earth (Erot mix) 2. S1gns of Life - Stratosphere 3. Dead Melodies - For a Wonder (ft. Oneira - alternative version) 4. Easily Embarrassed - From Atmospheres to the Deep 5. Man of No Ego & Logical Elements - Saving Dreams 6. Zen Baboon - Chocolate Sushi 7. State Azure - Vertigo 8. Cat Friendly - The Influence of an Architect 9. Musetta - Ophelias Song (Lauge's lunch mix) 10. Above & Convenience Store - Infinity Elevators 11. Herbstlaub - Softly Hidden She (Stray Theories remix) Enjoy! PS: Remember sharing is caring! All comments & feedback very much appreciated.
  8. So how is it? Are we up in a few years? 1. Funding 2. Active commenting (I have seen posts with not a single comment) 3. Sleeper members (should them be activated like sending e-mails: we miss you) 4. Guests; without this option psynews posts could not be shared in some but, hey, do the spying folks belong to this world beyond ? 5. What makes the difference bw psynews and other online sites 6. Other things that makes this forum attractive/unattractive I could not live without this place anymore. I am willing to keep it up and well. An idea of posting this came on the basis of a discussion with a friend last night. He said he thinks psynews is gradually dying
  9. I am posting this to express my disapointment about the attitude of certain goa/psytrance producers. Just have a look at Afgin's wall on facebook and you'll see what I mean. This is not personal at all. Because for me goa trance is something more than music. I am by all means in favour of peace and unity of all people in the world, and I believe this is a central idea in goa trance culture. By posting proudly a bunch of things about your country and the armed forces, you do not seem to embrace this idea at all. Please correct me if I am wrong!
  10. HELLO. I'm NHJO HYENNRO from W/RUSSIA/KOREA/ETC. This song is made by me. Compose, Arrangement, Lyric, Vocal by me. Electronica based Dance, Korea Trditional Trot Dance. https://soundcloud.com/nhjo-sounds/nhjo-hyennro-love and at Itunes search "NHJO HYENNRO". Any Booking welcome. www.nhjohyennro.com www.nhjohyennrorecords.com www.nhjoall.com www.nhjogallery.com www.nhjosounds.com www.nhjosynthesizer.com www.nhjoname.com 082 10 3312 2747 nhjohyennro@naver.com nhjohyennro <katalk, skype etc. NHJO HYENNRO.
  11. FRI 11th April 2014 KANYINI Psychedelic Sunshine this time very special guest PSIBINDI plus live set from SPOROPHORE and dj's AWEN (psyberdelica.com) THALL OM (Cohesion London) CosmoNaughty (Kanyini) @ Suki10c 21 Bordesley street, Digbeth, BIRMINGHAM B5 5PJ 10pm til 6am Admission : £10 on the door advance tickets Early bird £5 onsale now until 7/3/14 regular tickets £7 7/3/14 until day of the event tickets from www.theticketsellers.co.uk​
  12. 14th of February, the praising day of Eros and lovers. Although, psy-trance isn't a music concentrating in love things, does an erotic expression exists ? Do you have in mind any tracks which can give you an erotic feeling, personalised or platonic ? Or just tracks you have affiliated with erotic feelings?
  13. GeoParadise presents TRIBAL GATHERING 2013 Our Roots In Mother Earth Panama 2013 February 20th-26th LIVE DICKSTER- Nano Records nanorecords.co.uk KOXBOX- Harthouse, Blue Room and more myspace.com PERFECT STRANGER- Iboga Records perfectlystrange.com ZEN MECHANICS- Sourcecode sourcecoderecords.com ATMOS- Iboga Records Iboga Records.dk U-RECKEN- Cyber Oniro electreelife.com EMOK- Iboga Records iboga.dk GREEN NUNS OF THE REVOLUTION- Flying Rhino, TIP, Dragonfly and more myspace.com ZENTURA- Iboga Records iboga.dk THE FIRST STONE- Vagalume Records Vagalume Records DIMITRI (GBU) ETIC- Digital Nature Records digitalnature.info MAELSTRÖM- Parallaxsounds parallaxsounds.com SYMBOLIC- HOMmega Productions soundcloud.com AEROSPACE- Digital Naturedigitalnature.info BURN IN NOISE- Nano Records nanorecords.co.uk 28- The Twenty Eight myspace.com SWARUP'S BRAIN- Vagalume records myspace.com LIFTSHIFT- Sourcecode Records sourcecoderecords.com TRON- Liquid Records liquid-records.com ODISEO GANDULK THE FROGGY PROGGY NEVERMIND- Vagalume Records myspace.com SHOVE- Alchemy Records alchemyrecords..net R2- Looney Moon myspace.com ILLEGAL MACHINES BEARDY WEARDY- Wildthings Records wildthingsrecords.co.uk M.A.C.K- Spun Records myspace.com ENTHEOGENIC- Universal Symbiosis Records entheogenic.net KUBA- Chillcode Records soundcloud.com TRIPSWITCH- Section Records sectionrecords.com PHUNKDUB TROTTER- Timewarp Music soundcloud.com DIRTY SAAFI- Bomshanka Records bomshanka.com LABIRINTO- Vagalume records soundcloud.com PSYMMETRIX- Bomshanka Records bomshanka.com TEA LYRICS ASIMILION- Bomshanka Records bomshanka.com BARAKUDA- Psy Tribe psytribe.com DASHDOT- Beatport beatport.com YOSH- Yosh Sounds myspace.com FACING ODDS- Facing Odds soundcloud.com GEE VAN D- Gee Spot Recordings geevand.com CRISTALPHOENIX (Highlight Tribe Team) GREG & MATT (Highlight Tribe DJ Set) DJ's EDOARDO ZEN MECHANICS- Sourcecode sourcecoderecords.com ETIC- Digital Nature Records digitalnature.info AEROSPACE- Digital Naturedigitalnature.info OSHO- Echoes Records echoes-records.com KRISTIAN- Transient Records Transient.com DIMITRI NAKOV ZEN- SourceCode Records sourcecoderecords.com DICK TREVOR- Nano Records nanorecords.co.uk LIQUID ROSS- Liquid Records liquid-records.com SWARUP- Vagalume Records myspace.com RICHES BEARDY- Wildthings Records wildthingsrecords.co.uk EKANTA SHOVE- Alchemy Records alchemyrecords..net SUNSHOW PEDRAO- Vagalume Records myspace.com CHICODELICO ZUMBI- Vagalume Records myspace.com MARCELO V.O.R FRANK E- Harthouse, Blue Room and more myspace.com MOON EDOARDO MARVASO NUKY- Bomshanka Records bomshanka.com IPCRESS- Liquid Records liquid-records.com DOVLA- Interchill records interchill.com DIOGA NUYARAO KUBA- Chillcode Records soundcloud.com DEE AURA- Tree Of Life electreelife.com ROBIN TRISKELE- Triskele Management triskelemanagement.com DAVE LUNATIC CHRIS B COSMIC SHAMAN DAN COVAN GEE VAN D- Gee Spot Recordings geevand.com DIOGO COELHO NIQUIM TOMMI PIXAN SIXTY.SIX.K MARTA DE LA MATA- Iboga Records facebook.com BRIAN P NIMROD MARCELO FATSET CHRIS SONECA ELISIO ROMERO- 5uinto`s Dj resident soundcloud.com ANDY B CELETIAL- Psy Tribe facebook.com CRYSTAL DNA JUAN LOW BASS MANU DESRETS- Gee Spot Recordings soundcloud.com MYTHOS ELIO RISO- Gee Spot Recordings soundcloud.com JEAN K- BPM BPM ACIDA CORORATION NORBERT DAVENPORT- Binary 404 facebook.com MAI PERRELLI HOPPER- 5uinto | NoLabelYet soundcloud.com PHOENIX- Costa Rica soundcloud.com GABRIEL BONI- 5uinto soundcloud.com KOMKA- 5uinto soundcloud.com SCHASKO CWB- Tribe soundcloud.com TRUSTY MURILLO MONGELO MURLI- BPM BPM MIND PULSE CHING VIBES DAMARU- Isotropic Sounds facebook.com KAMBRO- Psycotropic facebook.com PSYLENZE- Psycotropic facebook.com GISS ORO- BPM BPM MEBJAR- Liquid Records soundcloud.com BLUE MAN- Psynomads psynomads.com D-COSMIC- Psynomads psynomads.com MASSERN- Psynomads psynomads.com BIA TRIXX IMPULSE RESPONSE- KE LO KENJI soundcloud.com MARCODELIX- Psynomads myspace.com GREG & MATT (Highlight Tribe World DJ Set) Lotus Stage The epicentre of Tribal Gathering, featuring the very best international Psy-trance, Progressive and Techno acts from around the world. We are inviting artists, architects, designers, decorators and creative visionaries to help us create an area that will inspire and spark our imaginations. Global Stage The alternative music venue. A wonderful curved and dramatically tiered stone amphitheatre cut into a natural gully with two swimming pools to cool off in.. An eclectic variety of music from local and international artists, Ambient, Psy-Chill, Dubstep, Minimal and the funkiest House will ensure there’s music for all tastes and moods. Global Village The festival will start here with an Inter Tribal Symposium. Several Indigenous tribes will be present, hosting talks, workshops, theatre and dance. You will find all things related to living in harmony with each other and our natural environment. Its a productive zone, the place to learn more about how to live in our world - from the city to the tribal village, power generation to permaculture. This tipi village will contain a visionary art gallery "Art Sphere", Geohaven the conference area, Holistic and Wellness Zones, an Artisan Market and Restaurants. Shamanic Experience Cleans your body and sole in nightly shamanic ceremonies in the river side sweat lodge. On Site and Eco Projects Our festival food garden will display techniques unique to rain forest cultivation. We plan on building beautiful wood-fired eco-showers designed with water conservation in mind. There will be traditional long drop compost toilets. Recycling bins will be dotted round the site, please use them. All rubbish will be sorted through after the event and recycled again. GAME We have a GAME for attendees which will start simply with points for doing things on the site, voting for musicians, discussing issues, looking at posts, commenting etc... The initial idea being to gain site traffic... Next year is when it starts to make ecological sense, we will introduce real world tasks.. Planting trees will get you points, growing vegetables, green construction and other eco-directed projects. Lets get as many people that we can, regularly using the site so that when the ecologic GAME kicks in it might actually make a difference out there. Of course if you WIN, we will fly you to Panama for the festival with free VIP tickets and an invite to the private after party on our Pirate Ship.... If you dont win, don't worry there are still more great prizes. Location and Travel La Iguana, a natural resort nestled in a beautiful jungle valley three hours from Panama city. Go for a swim in the river, follow one of the trails deep into the forest or visit the springs and enjoy the panoramic views. Getting here could not be easier with buses running from Panama city at all hours. Tocumen international Airport has direct flights from Amsterdam, Madrid, Frankfurt, New York, San Francisco, Miami, Rio de Janeiro and many other cities around the world. Charitable Programs We are a non profit set up primarily to work with local indigenous communities, bringing global tribes together, sharing creativity and ideas for all. If any one has a functional old laptop and you might want to donate it to an indigenous village school, or if you want to donate money to help in our projects, pop along to our website and find out how easy this is to do. Ticket Prices Starting at 65 Euros. Visit our website for more information on offers and outlets. Accommodation: Camping is free. There is a hostel on site contact La Iguana for more information on rates and availability. Many more hostels and hotels can be found 12km down the road in Penonome. Guidelines: This event is in a beautifull valley, the Jungle is all around. It is a pristeen location, so please take home anything you bring with you. Be aware when you go for jungle trail walks, there are animals and insects that will harm or eat you. Do not attempt to feed them, they are wild and need to stay that way. Try to use organic eco-safe soap, shampoo and bug sprays. Its a good idea to bring a torch, it can get very dark under the canopy at night. IMPORTANT!! Cash machine and petrol available in Penonome, neither is available in Churuquita Grande, so make sure you bring enough for the weekend!! Locals are really friendly, you just have to ask around to find anything you need. Location: La Iguana resort Churuquita Grande Penonome Panama GETTING HERE COULDN'T BE EASIER: There are numerous buses to Penonome. Costs from Panama city from $6, David $6 and about $40 from San Jose (Costa Rica). Pop to our website for more info
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