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Found 4 results

  1. Featuring some of NZ's best underground music producers redefining electronica with a uniquely Kiwi sound. Golden Bass brings you two cranking zones with Producers, DJs and Live Bands. Expect to hear a broad spectrum of musical styles - Dub, Reggae, Roots, Hip Hop, Glitch, Dub Step, DnB, Liquid, Mid Tempo, house, Deep House, Soul, Funk, Psychedelic Rock, Techno, Prog, Psy Trance alongside performance, shops and workshops. Enjoy a weekend camping in an idyllic, new location nestled between the bush clad hills of the Kahurangi National Park, yet only 15 mins drive to Takaka township. Shady forest glade camping areas beside the beautiful Waingaro River open up to a large, lush, grassy field, secluded terraces and even a classic Kiwi bush hut beside an emerald green swimming hole.... the Hidden Waters. Grouch, State of Mind, Subconscious, Eartheogen, Totara Collective, Warp, Grouch n Dub, Bloop, ISM, Soulware, Soul Kitchen, Deep South Audio, Obay, Hypnotoad, Luccid, Erinsphere, Sid Berry, Joshua Tree, Zoolz M Phonik, Night Owl, Yung Rinse, Divas on Decks, Loose Connexions, Bushman Pete, Earl Grey. Visit http://www.goldenbassmusicfestival.nz
  2. The 15th annual! July 24-28 2014 Golden BC Canada Four nights in a spectacular venue surrounded by mountains and untouched national park. Four stages, all styles of electronic music (emphasis on psy at night), camping, workshops, wood fired sauna, live art, public art wall, performers, costumes, fire effects, lazers, professional sound, vendors, glacial river, pond, BYOB, pets, all ages, 24hr security, 24hr medical, 24hr sanctuary. http://www.motionnotion.com http://www.facebook.com/motionnotionfestival
  3. Incredible lakeside location. Dancing all night till sunrise. Swimming in crystal clear waters. Sunrise and sunset views from lakeside. DANCEFLOORS • YOGA • INSPIRATIONAL SPEAKERS AND WORKSHOPS CIRQUE THEATRE AND COMEDY • SURREALIST BINGO • KIDS AREA MIND BLOWING ART INSTALLATIONS www.SymbiosisGathering.com 19-23 September 2013 The Autumnal Equinox Woodward Reservoir, Oakdale, CA FULL SG13 LINEUP: • Eclectic Bass: Mount Kimbie Poliça Hudson Mohawke (DJ Set) Emancipator IAMAMIWHOAMI (Debut US Performance) RL Grime Active Child Star Slinger Lunice Chet Faker Cashmere Cat Ryan Hemsworth AnTenNae Lapalux French Fries The Coup Saul Williams Moombahton Massive Body Language Phaeleh Odesza Djemba Djemba Mr. Carmack Love and Light Michal Menert Vibesquad Real Magic Russ Liquid G Jones Thriftworks BOGL vs DIALS Danny Corn El Papachango Sidecar Tommy Sabota JPOD Shawna DJ Laura Dov The Librarian Mihkal Kitty-D jupit3r Monkey Marc Staunch Mustard Tiger • House / Trance: Gesaffelstein Popof Brodinski Lee Foss Nick Warren Max Cooper Matias Aguayo (DJ Set) French Fries Adam Freeland D-Nox & Beckers T.Williams Mosca Thugfucker J.Phlip Matt Nordstrom Christian Martin South London Ordnance Locked Groove Ana Sia Valentin Stip KMLN DJ Sabo Shawna Eduardo Castillo Eegor Eitan Reiter Pumpkin Uone Worthy Ardalan Little John Max Ulis DJ Laura Closer Apart Evan Marc Jeno Garth Idiot Savant Tony Inorbit Anton Tumas Matt Xavier Bob Five Maxi Adnan Samo Sound Boy Perfect Stranger Laughing Buddha Zen Mechanics Avalon Tetrameth Shadow FX LOUD Burn in Noise Grouch Emok Phony Orphants Zentura (DJ Set) Merkaba Treavor Moontribe Kromagon Tom Cosm Stranger than YULI Eitan & Kobi Terrakroma Nikroma Sentient Gatto Matto Swami Harami • Global / Galactic: GAUDI Random Rab Rising Appalachia Dub Kirtan All Stars (DJ Set) Bluetech OTT Desert Dwellers Kalya Scintilla SUN:MONX (DJ Set) Dirtwire Cheb i Sabbah Gods Robots Bird of Prey Kaminanda KiloWatts Ganga Giri Birds of Paradise Liberation Movement Dunkelbunt Zeb Dragonfly Masaladosa Shamans Dream Rigzin Makyo Austero Sweet Anomoly Hopscotch Bass Mantra Human Experience Plantrae Anchor Hill Psy Fi Kyrstyn Pixton Griff LubDub Eric Oberthaler [eO] Wala Sasha Rose RhythmStar Radio Hiro Auditory Canvas Outersect Janover & reSunator Spoken Bird Electric Vardo Neptune sol Rising MArz Starz Becca Dakini Radio Free Clear Light Smokavich • Live / Sacred / Gypsy: Nahko & Medicine for the People Rising Appalachia He's My Brother, She's My Sister SORNE Fish Tank Ensemble El Radio Fantastique Blackbird Raum Lynx The Crux Beso Negro Metal Mother Mortar & Pestle LoCura Dgiin Campfire Songs w/ Micha & Leighton Honeybrew Trio Hobo Gobbelins Inspector Gadje Cello Joe Tarran The Tailor Madrone Brothers Bad Unkl Sista Fanna Fi Allah Suzanne Sterling Stellamara Mark Deutsch Kirtaniyas Saratone & the Earth Tribe Gospel Ananata Govinda • Edwardian Ball Roadshow: Rosin Coven & Vau de Vire Society Delauchaux El Radio Fantastique Dark Garden Shakti Bliss Fou Fou Ha Shovelman The Klown Korp • Academy Dance: Amy Secada Wren LaFeet Elana Jaroff Monique Trinity Rose Chantelle Devi Nikelle Khan Tyler Blank Jenna Anjali Fabiona Lopes Heather Craig Workshops: Slam Poetry - Saul Williams Mythological News - Caroline Casey Laughtivism - Andy Bichlbaum Improv & Sketch - Kill All Comedy Standup & Improv - Stranger Foodopoly - Wenonah Hunter Spoken Word - Climbing PoeTree Resource Extraction - Beehive Design Collective Palm Oil & Orangutans - Laurel Sutherlin Biological Diversity - Tim Ream Fracking Policy - Brendan Cummings Rad Dads & Hip Mamas - Tomas Moniz Mycorenewal - Megan & Katie Wild Things - Josiah Clark Stargazing - Stargazer Li The Alchemy of Cacao - Brian Wallace Economies & Communities - David Casey Cellist Beatboxing - CelloJoe Festival Evolution - Magenta Community Organizing - Morgan Fizgibbons Permaculture Songs - Formidable Vegetable Sound System Monkey Ascension - Bruce Damer Plastics Kill - Manuel Maqueda Transforming Spaces - Ryan Rising Vocal Alchemy - Wahkeena Sitka Yoga: Veeru Triphathi Noah Mckenna Eric Wallace Charanpal Kaur Sita Devi Wendy Faith Barbi Joffee Matthew Schmookler Danielle Rubio Marisa Weppner Brad Parker James Kapicka Dharam Deep Singh MORE INFO & TIX: www.SYMBIOSISGATHERING.com
  4. April 19 at 8:00pm until April 21 at 12:00pm Iowa, USA For the very first time... The three most trusted teams in Midwestern Psychedelic Trance have come together to bring you a truly resplendent Springtime celebration. This is not the vision of one, but the answer to the longing of many. We have waited many years for this opportunity to bring you Kindzadza and on this most special of occasions, we have gathered our most excellent homegrown music and art to welcome this world traveler to our own psychedelic tribe. Chilluminati, Cosmic E.G.G., and Spacecamp Psyfari proudly present you... ~~~{ DUGAH-DZA ]~~~ ~~ 4/19 - 4/21 ~~ ~~ IOWA, USA~~ ***Limited presales are now available, there are only 50 available, so get them while you can:*** https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr?cmd=_s-xclick&hosted_button_id=RJWVMXBG8YNB4 http://spacecamppsyfari.com/ ~~ LIVE PA ~~ Kindzadza (Moscow, Russia - Osom Music) https://soundcloud.com/kindza http://www.osom-music.com/ He was born in Russia, Moscow. The exact time is not yet known by scientists. Little Leo really enjoyed to take clocks and watches apart. When he got bored of that, he began to build computers. Once he found out that computers can make nice sounds. Later he came to Goa India, met with Full Power and learned how things are organized in time and space. Since that time he has been creating Psychedelic Trance for power-full dancing. He thinks that the dance is the most available way to reach harmony with inner and outer space, proved to be true by centuries. Throughout the path his soulfriends enriched and delighted his experience. Savage Aural Hotbed http://www.savageauralhotbed.com/ https://www.facebook.com/Ilikesavageauralhotbed http://www.myspace.com/savageauralhotbed Savage Aural Hotbed creates their compelling sound using conventional and "found object" percussion instruments, bass guitar, electronically modified horns and vocals, and power tools. With up to four people drumming, they provide visual, as well as aural excitement with their high energy rhythms, flailing arms, and flying sparks. The precise, percussive sound of Savage Aural Hotbed is inspired by many influences, most notably Japanese Taiko drumming, and the cutting-edge (sometimes literally, they use saws and grinders on stage) innovation of Industrial. Other influences include diverse styles such as modern minimalist, and many ethnic styles. "...the sound of steel and rust, oil drums and hubcaps, screeches, sparks, grinders and gears finding new fury and energy... It's also fun, it makes you smile to see a man make music with an electric saw..."— Scott Simon, Weekend Edition, National Public Radio "...Even a smoldering power-tool became a fitting prop for these industrial rhythm-a-tists. Come watch as they abuse oil drums, sheet metal, and PVC tubing in a most immaculate manner..." — Keith Goetzman, Twin Cities Reader Cinder Vomit (GA - Nabi, Akashik, Anomalistic Records)` http://soundcloud.com/mischief-cindervomit Sky Anomaly(NY) http://soundcloud.com/skyanomaly Cryptosys (TX - Wiquid Liquid Records, Pinealiens) https://soundcloud.com/cryptosys Kataphasis (MO) https://soundcloud.com/kataphasis Primordial Ooze (WI/IL - AntiShanti Records, Chilluminati) http://soundcloud.com/ooze-primordial Ascension (CO - Chilluminati, Spacecamp Psyfari) https://soundcloud.com/ascensionsound Samyaza Project (MN - Anomalistic Records, Cosmic E.G.G) http://soundcloud.com/sorrytornado Martyrs (MN - Anomalistic Records, Cosmic E.G.G.) https://soundcloud.com/martyrs-1 Kids with Scissors AKA Aktif vs Spycht (IA - Chilluminati) http://soundcloud.com/spycht http://soundcloud.com/aktif Jagno Gaia (MN - Cosmic E.G.G.) http://soundcloud.com/jagno-gaia Dfectv (WI - Audiognomes, Cosmic E.g.g., Anomalistic Records) http://soundcloud.com/dfectv Gadget G(MN - Cosmic E.G.G.) http://soundcloud.com/gadgetg Holographic by Nature (WI, Chilluminati) www.soundcloud.com/holographic-by-nature ~~ D J ~~ BrainVOMIT (NC/GA - Those People) TWO Special 8+ deck sets - one trance, the other ambient Emily Skyrocker (Digital Nature Records, Israel) https://soundcloud.com/emily-skyrocker Throw3r (CO - Overmind Works) https://soundcloud.com/throw3r Jay Eric (Overmind Works, CO) https://soundcloud.com/dj-jay-eric HARDKORNATE (CO - Shnerp & Derp, Spacecamp Psyfari, SP*RK) http://soundcloud.com/hardkornate http://www.mixcloud.com/HARDKORNATE/ Dani Skill (OK - Fractalterraists) http://soundcloud.com/daniskill InertG (TX - Manifestivities) http://facebook.com/inertg Trypticon (IA - Electronica Iowa, Spacecamp Psyfari) http://soundcloud.com/trypticon Zero Six (IL - Chilluminati) Chemical Psynapses (IL - Chilluminati) https://soundcloud.com/chemical-psynapses Koru vs Energon (IL - Chilluminati) http://waxdj.com/djs/7501/ https://soundcloud.com/carli-koru Transient (MN - Cosmig E.G.G.) https://soundcloud.com/ianmader Weak Acid Movie (MN - Cosmic E.G.G.) http://soundcloud.com/weak-acid-movie Strooya (IA - Independent) http://www.soundcloud.com/strooya Dark Matter (MN - Embrace the Light) https://soundcloud.com/dj-darkmatter Scorpio (Chicago - Zodiac Prod) http://mixes.beatport.com/dj/mixedbyscorpio/127031 ~~VISUAL ARTISTRY~~ Krolo Technologies(CO) - custom fiber optic and LED intelligent lighting technologies https://www.facebook.com/String.theory.dome Jeff Z(IA) - LED interactive installation https://www.facebook.com/PiecesofMyArt InertG(TX) - Portals https://www.facebook.com/inertG Russel Burton - Mandalas https://www.facebook.com/Onepath69 Energon and Koru - Fabric, Altar Primordial Boobze - Lighting Cosmic E.G.G.(MN) - Stretch fabric, tapestries, and lighting Spacecamp Psyfari(Atlantis) - Stacking, Puppies, Signs for you to wave, Shenanigans, Dignity
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