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Found 7 results

  1. Artist: Various Title: Cryptographic Label: Medusa Records Date: June, 2006 1. Inner Action - Drops of Sunshine 2. Beyondecliptica - Medusa Pt. 1 3. Painkiller - Electrical Charge 4. Xenzodiak - The Seed Of Etzab13 5. Bio Genesis - Harmonic Chaos 6. Horus - Telepathic Power 7. Earthling Vs. DJ Torry - Far, Far Away 8. System Brothers - Fresh Memory 9. JP - Power Mesh No. Just...no. This release isn't so terrible that I can start making coaster or frisbee jokes, but it may be one of the most vanilla full-on releases I've heard in a while. Not a single track distinguishes itself and that's rare. Usually even the craptacular compilations hitch their wagon to one outstanding track. It has all the stops and starts, build ups, and triplets that you expect any mid 2000's release to have without being mind-numbingly terrible. But this...nothing. Bland music that could've come in a brown paper bag. It's not at Psyshop, Beatspace, Beatport, or Juno. Public service I suppose.
  2. Artist: Various Title: Tranceformers Label: Yellow Sunshine Explosion Date: June, 2006 1. Jean-Michel Jarre - Oxygene (Andromeda Remix) 2. Ibojima - Situations 3. Chomosome Vs. Ibojima - Accelerating Into Oblivion 4. S>range - Another Theory (Chromosome Remix) 5. Zekazy - Worker or Whacko 6. Chomosome Vs. Endorian - Midnight Express 7. Endorian - The Only Braincell Left 8. Deedrah - Take It or Leave It 9. Galactika Vs. Alexander Ligowski - Escape From Heaven 10. Chomosome - Genetic Superstar Should I buy this? Hmm...there you go. When the toaster told you what to do did you make the transforming sound? Yeah ya did. I wish this would transform into a better compilation. Optimus Prime should've requested a better soundtrack than these full-on cliches. Seriously they need to get those bass lines under control before someone gets hurt. Two tracks in and I was already firing up the candy crush. I mean come on...Oxygene is already pretty cheesy. It's like you caught the dog peeing on the carpet and just said f*ck it and then pissed on the recliner. There is a time and a place for full-on that has yet to be determined, but I'm pretty sure it's not when we're awake. Track 8 is like the worst superhero movie ever made. Galactika Vs...my mother-in law's cousin's accountant. That was the artist name you chose? One thing I do know...if music was the power the Autobots needed for battle (energon) than I hope you enjoy Decepticon enslavement.
  3. Artist: Various Title: Orientation Vol. 1 Label: Dacru Records Date: June, 2006 1. Chromosome - Solstice Deluxe 2. Farbo - Tranceforming Pi 3. Ephedrix - Add Guitars To X 4. Alternative Control Vs. Bishop - Anaxadora 5. Digicult - In The River 6. Freakulizer - Radioshow 7. Barak - Love and Distance 8. Chemical Drive - Last Galaxy 9. Ephedrix - Fade To Grey (Ephedrix Remix) 10. Digicult - The Zen Mind "I want to stay on track. I want to accelerate my personal growth in the right direction." Well that's noble and I don't want to tell you your business, but...you're doing it wrong. After many years listening to this music and having written hundreds of reviews could I have finally stumbled upon sh*tty psytrance patient 0? The jumping off point that infected psytrance worldwide and made full-on a four letter word? Of course not. This was made in 2006 and the mountain of sh*t was Everest level by then. But my God this is like discovering a fully preserved T-rex. Only it's not actually a T-rex at all, just a giant glob of his sh*t. This is truly unlistenable music saddled with cliche' after cliche' that will have you reaching for the aspirin bottle. And they made six of these? If you go ahead and order this be prepared to be disgusted
  4. Artist: Various Title: Mind Your Own Isness Label: Phantasm Records Date: June, 2006 1. Alien Project - Mover Over 2. Eskimo Vs. John Phantasm - They're In Trouble Now 3. Sirius Isness - Sanctified (Cycle Sphere Remix) 4. Absolum - Surprises Upset People 5. Sirius Isness Vs. Earthling - Call of the Wind 6. Bliss Vs. Painkiller - Out of Phaze 7. CPU - U-spin 8. XSI - Alchemik Machine 9. Sirius Isness - Breaking The Matrix (Talamasca Remix) I had a whole review written for this, but I lost my phone so I'll give you the jist of it. Yep...that about says it. Look nobody is more horrified at the fact that I resorted to a Marky Mark gif more than I, but if it walks like a duck... As a label how can you put your name to this blatant full-on cash grab? It's disgustingly boring full-on nonsense. Stops, starts, tired samples that were f*cking sleepy a decade ago. I don't think the saddest parts are the tracks themselves although there's sufficient material there to cry yourself to sleep. Nope I believe it's the wasted potential exhibited by these artists. All of them have done better than this and at this point it seems they're just out for rent money. The lone bright spot would have to be Absolum's Surprises Upset People with it's raw power and the grooveability of Earthling's track. Man I wish I would've minded my own isness. Psyshop
  5. Artist: Optokoppler Title: Bugfix Label: Yellow Sunshine Explosion Date: June, 2003 1. Backspace 2. Take A Look 3. Animation 4. Massive 5. Halftime 6. Hamburg City 7. Ghostbuster 8. Sequence 9. Northern Virus Optokoppler? Any more German and there would be a bratwurst with lederhosen and a mustache on the cover. I decided to go back and listen to this the 2nd release from the German project Optokoppler. I know I own it and the picture is fresh in my mind, but the cure for cancer could be in there and I wouldn't know it. *Just so you know I checked and uh, that uh, cure thing...well, it ain't in there. Pays to be thorough.* But this is the problem I have with a lot of stuff that's released today and especially with full-on. It's not the deepest subgenre to begin with and when the technology to make this music became more accessible well...let's just say that I'm waiting for the Isis EP from YSE. Oh and you better believe they'd probably release it. Point is all artists aren't created equal of course so when you're inundated with average stuff it all gets lost in one giant homogenous waste of time. I don't even think this album is terrible, but neither do I believe it to have enough fresh ideas to make it memorable. So it becomes background noise. A suitable title could be, "Non-Abrasive Soundtrack While You're Doing Sh*t." But Bugfix is probably cheaper from a printing angle. Now I want to be clear...I've heard much worse full-on than this just like you have. Ultimately though the music is what matters and this is just another album I don't need. Mdk
  6. Artist: Spectral Skunk Title: Bounced Story Label: Shiva Space Technology Date: June, 2006 1. Kalimist 2. Bounced Story 3. Nine Dimension 4. Beyond 5. Freaks 6. Doors of Perception 7. Logarithmic Reveal 8. Conciousness 9. Diffuse "You know I just woke from a dream and you wouldn't like this type of dream, more like I walked into an alternate universe." Yep an alternate universe where I have all the f*cking free time in the world and decide to review albums from a half a decade ago. Forget the fact that I have a pile of recent music to get to that has grown so tall it threatens to crush me. Meh, what are ya gonna do? This is Beto Pampoch from Brazil who had his grand opening and grand closing in the same album. Shame too, because this thing isn't so bad. Yes it is full on, but it leans to the darker side of the cotton candy infested sh*t bricks that are churned out today. No build ups, not stopping and starting every 5 seconds. It's characterized by deep and rumbly basses and being undeniably moody,soaked with high tech and futuristic atmosphere. It can get samey at times, but he is quite competent at pulling you in with the breaks. To that effect, he also drops a dubby tune smack dab in the middle of things to break it up. The sound is very good and if there was a gripe that I had is that maybe the tracks went on a little long. That's like a death knell for full on. You don't need 5 minutes for a story that can be told in 2. Nonetheless, it comes out swinging and becomes another older album that I enjoyed revisiting. Favorites? While none of the tracks were close to being standouts, it was a consistent effort. Bounced Story was especially digital and sinister and Freaks was a fairly good robotic rumbler. Doors of Perception though long was tasty indeed with the wrap around bass and contrasting higher tones. Psyshop Beatspace Mdk
  7. 1. Rabbit Hole 2. Insane Monkey 3. Total Disintegration 4. Midsummer Night's Dream 5. Harmony From Chaos 6. Deep Purple Haze 7. The Acid Test 2006 8. Inner Revolution 9. Computer Crash Just when you thought that these guys have started going downhill they released a full collaboration album which is just amazing. It manages to make a great crossblend between the "classic" Space Tribe and Electric Universe sound and full-on. I'll just comment the stand-out tracks. Total Disintegration actually starts with the EXACT same synth sounds as Hallucinogen's LSD... you can already feel that this is gonna be something special. OK, all similarities with LSD stop after the first few seconds, then it goes on like some rather generic full-on, then some oldschoolish acid melodies come in making you wonder if this is gonna cross the oldschool boundaries completly or if it's just a few teasers thrown in. Then around minute 4:00 again some more oldschoolish melodies on top of the full-on progression, then a breakdown - release, again some 303s and then WHAM we are in complete oldschool territory!!! AHHHHH so these guys haven't forgotten their roots after all Harmony From Chaos is another stormer. This one is much more full-on oriented (but in a good way ). It starts with a rolling bassline and Olli Wisdom talking over a vocoder, nothing special till now. But then around min 5:00 it all breaks down, then picks up again with the vocoder and then around 6:00 comes yet another breakdown and then one of the best melodies EVER (yes, that is INCLUDING everything made in the 90s ). This one will definatly be on my playlist for a long time to come Deep Purple Haze is an odd crossblend between rock and full-on, with Ollie Wisdom singing. Well, after Boris Blenn has given us one of THE best trance-rock anthems ever with Meteor I had high hopes with this one... and they have fallen rather short It's not a BAD track but I somehow expected to have more of the Meteor feeling and sadly it just wasn't there Acid Test 2006 is again a bit of a let-down since I was a big fan of the original version. This one just doesn't bring anything new IMO Computer Crash deserves a special mention. It's actually a very cool tune and then all of a sudden around 2:50 there are a lot of skipping sounds and Olli saying "Oh no, the computer's crashed!" and then it's over... nice trick for live performances lol Although the track was so cool I would've liked it if I had the full-version as a bonus or something. I must also say that I'm a bit dissapointed cause there wasn't any remix of The Alkaloid Experiment, I would've loved to hear a new version of that one. Conclusion OK, like most Space Tribe and Electric Universe you have some really killer tracks and some fillers but the killer tracks are sooo great that they definatly make buying this album worthwhile. 8,5/10
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