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  1. I went to Sonica festival last year and although the staff and service disgusted me, the music was awesome, I decided to return this year because the lineup is something out of a dream. In keeping with last years tradition, the ticket purchase system is confusing and doesnt make much sense to people who are not italian (likewise for the so-called "how to get there" directions). Appearently once you ordered the ticket you get a very vague email and a barcode. I was confused and replied asking kindly whether actual tickets would be mailed to me later. Here's what the friendly and service-minded italian sonica people replied: "hallo! wake up!! you won't receive any ticket!! You just have the bar code you have to show at the entrance gate together with your ID... thank you!!" I was laughing so hard. Appearently the Sonica customers are stupid for asking questions! It seems that Sonica has decided to uphold its tradition of rude staff and common italian concept of "customerservice". One asks a very legitimate question and a sour italian with what looks to be excessive stomach acid and a drug problem responds in this childish manner Although amusing I am not discouraged by it. Im definetely going for the music but I will not support Sonica festival by purchasing their bad, expensive food from their lazy staff. Just goes to show you how Italian customerservice works. Cya at sonica but don't expect to be treated well. Forza Italia
  2. In Denmark we are proud to have Ian Ion and Frank E aka Koxbox/Psychopod. We also spawned Orion, Beat Bizarre and Reefer Decree
  3. Aye... It was on Talisman from Interchill, 2003. Also you might wanna check out Ott's collaboration with Chris Barker... Umberloid - Neon Tetra on the "13th moon"-cd from Interchill records which was released the same year. Great melody indeed.
  4. YAY! Finally! Great set of melodies.. but what's the deal with that retard speaker? SHUT THE HELL UP! He cant even pronounce the track names right... sheesh... That being said... I already love the new younger brother tracks. Especially "Sleepwalker". 'nuff said
  5. Shpongle (with musicians) 1200 mics Hallucinogen Younger Brother Prometheus Ott Oforia (old school goa) Saafi Brothers Entheogenic Doof Pitch Black With this line-up i would be jumping from one foot to the other to decide which one of the groups i'd be listening to. Dear god, that would be a dilemma. But please, let it happen soon
  6. what a masterful track.... it takes some getting used to the beat since it's not the typical hallucinogen beat which we know and love, but what a sensation this track sets off. It just goes rrrrrRRRRIIIIGHT up in my spine and flashes in my brain! I'm bubblin' and tweakin' already! The last minute reminds me of the epilogue music from Half-life
  7. This is not psytrance. All i see is music that is beyond shitty and an audience that is obviously not very difficult to please (or they have a hearing problem) If this kind of shit is Skazi's trademark, I only have one question for him: How is your war on goa and good taste going?
  8. Heh Of course Pigs in space is by Ofer Dikovsky and not by Posford. I know that, mate. You took it out of context What i meant, was that my overall taste is in Posford/TIP stuff. But it also happens to include Pigs in Space which is in a class for itself. Thanks for the insight on Ofer, but i know pretty much every release he's put out since I'm a HUGE fan of Pigs in Space and his Oforia album "Delirious" as well as his Tandu "multimoods" cd.
  9. I agree. I am also in pursuit of all the ancient Posford/TIP releases. But I only go after the good compilations if i find the sound samples intriguing. So far, my collection (of purchased cds) includes: -TIP: Mystical experiences -Mystery of the Yeti 1 -Mystery of the Yeti 2 -The mystery of the 13 crystal skulls -The secret of the 13 crystal skulls -Dub Trees : Nature never did betray the heart that loved her -Younger Brother : a flock of bleeps -Celtic cross : Hicksville -Shpongle: Are you shpongled -Shpongle: Tales of the inexpressible -Hallucinogen: Twisted -Hallucinogen: The lone deranger -Eclipse -Dementertainment -12 -Prometheus Robot-o-chan -Pigs in space: The artifical pigs agency -Saafi Brothers: Mystic cigarettes -Spacecat: invasion (the first track has a touch of posford) It was a costly and rather tiresome affair but well worth it Now, all that remains to buy is Shpongle: Nothing lasts, Unusual Suspects 2, TIP: Feeling weird and V/A: Beyond Colour. Alas, the latter is out of stock and has become as hard to come by as the holy grail But then... you can not have them all. There are just too many releases. Buying lp's and 12" is over the top, but i think its a good idea to get all the Posford/TIP oldies but goodies. They're well worth EVERY cent, i assure you
  10. Personally, I can't get enough of Shpongle. I enjoy both Are you Shpongled and Tales of the Inexpressible. Ï get geschtonkenflapped and Shpongled listening to either one of them. To me, it gets better each time you hear it. Though I am sad, that I learned about Shpongle so late. My timing was a wee bit off. Purchased Tales in '02 and got hooked on it and A.Y.S about 1 year later. That's the tricky part with Shpongle: I disliked it at first but after listening to it for awhile, I had an epiphany: This was the most beautiful music I've EVER listened to. Of course, at the time I was fed up with cheesy pop and crappy happy trance, so for me this was a welcome addition to my musical world. I love the samples and the weird sounds, the mood they produce and the images they create in my mind.
  11. Personally, as i've said repeatedly: Ofer is one of my favorite artists. I just can't get enough of his space trance. I just loved Pigs in space, i think it's a FANTASTIC album. The first oforia album, delirious was also great. Uplifter and delirious in particular. I don't like the newer tracks though As for his new album, "headed for infinity", i sincerely hope, it'll be something like the good old days in '98. It can't be far from release now.... Ofer himself is coming to Copenhagen on february 26th for a release party, so its GOTTA be close. This party is something, which I will NOT miss . Ofer, the space pig is coming to Copenhagen... I've got an appointment with infinity... and i DON'T want to be late
  12. Hard to say. Since it's not in the official tracklist on twisted.co.uk, i doubt it. I'm sure it'll appear on some future compilation, but the album has yet to be released, so maybe they'll make a last minute change and squeeze it in. But again, I doubt it (and fear it) Beija flor is great, but it would be sad to have it on the new album, since the whole fan community must have listened to it by now. I would prefer the album to be new tracks ONLY. So far, the only record I know that features Beija flor is the 12" Dorset perception single.
  13. This guys is so amusing he should charge money for reading his posts But i understand his anger.... i too was 12 years old once
  14. Bravo! That's what I like to hear. What a MATURE comment! I could almost see the thunderclouds of raging anger above your giant head when you wrote this.. ahem... post. What you fail to realise is that nobody takes immature flaming like this seriously. excactly how long did you actually have to think about that little snappy comeback? Seems to me that this forum is a little out of the league on an angry, wee child like you.
  15. Hi. I'm from Denmark and planning to go to the Sonica2005 festival (august 5-8) @ Lago di Bolsena in Italy this summer. If anbody could tell me the easiest (and cheapest) way to get there from Copenhagen, i'd be very grateful
  16. Oh bollocks to all this "we-don't-like-hallucinogen-anymore"-ranting! WHAT A FANSTRETCHTASTIC CD!! EPIC HAIR is so much like Snakes & ladders. Without a doubt! I can't say I'm surprised, but these samples are so entycing and appealing that it removes all my doubt in the fact that the twisted guys STILL got it! But why-oh-why do we have to wait another month for your god's sake!!?! Ring her up, dude, I'm getting this cd!!
  17. That's a shame, really. He is quite talented. The ambient tracks that i've heard from him are absolutely fantastic, to say the least. Lets hope i will get a 3rd Ear (along with my shpongleyes) when this new cd hits the streets
  18. I have became somewhat of a Doof-fan when it comes to his brilliant ambient. I absolultely LOVE his tracks like "high on mount kailash", "grantchester meadows remembered", his track on the "twelve" compilation, "yesterday's future" and so on. My question is this: Does anybody know if he has an "all-ambient" cd and if so, what is it called. I am not interested in any of his psytrance cd's or tracks, I am interested in his ambient/downbeat tracks like the ones mentioned above. Can anybody help?
  19. Absolutely Not. First of all because i've already donated a large amount. Second of all: The tracklist is boring. Too much boring full-on and mediocre ambient I've heard it all before and i have most of them already. Why bother? I know it's for a good cause but really: there are so many better tracks out there than this. I was hoping for a good compilation but sadly, the people behind this CD and I don't seem to agree on what is good. But that's a matter of taste. This is "spaceship of the imagination" all over again: It's a great cd if you don't have the original releases. But since I already have most of them and the tracks are rather boring I have NO musical reason to buy this at all And third: I'm out of money
  20. yes i have indeed You are absolutely right this cd is great although i enjoyed yeti 2 much more. The old school sound is great. The world really needs more of this kind of releases. I know i do
  21. Hey everybody. I just felt the need to share a beautiful experience with you. I recently obtained Mystery of the Yeti 2 and today i set out into the snow on the last league of my journey in search of the Yeti and a meaningful moment. It was a profound sense of happiness and I can't say this enough: This cd is beautiful! To all of you who have not yet bought this cd and are having doubts whether or not to buy it: For the love of all that is holy, good and ambient - DO IT. This is music when it's best. What an amazing collection of ambient bliss. 'Twas nightfall when the snow fell across the city. I geared up and set out into the blizzard with my discman and began listening to Yeti part 2. I entered the dark wood as the snow fell thicker and thicker and darkness took me. I strayed out of thought, out of darkness, out of mind to the soft tones of Process' "Under mount Kailash". As i went on into the forest, I suddenly saw a white-clad shaman beside me. And as i began to feel the howling wind and the gnawing cold, he told me about the Yeti, the amanammenammenal snowman and that that he was in fact not of this world. Neither animal nor pre-human being, but actually one of the Shaman's gods, his real name is "Banjankri" which means "the shaman of the forest". Furthermore, he told me to go in trance and then i would find the Yeti easily. And so i did. I also remembered to put some alcohol in front of the forest as he told me to. I came upon a crossroad when i heard a snarling, growling sound behind me. I became anxious, turned around and looked. But all i could see was darkness and there was nothing out there except the howling wind and the naked trees. After about half an hour I became weary and exhausted and lied down in the snow. Then suddenly... it happened and I found myself freefalling upwards towards the dark night sky and the snow completely enveloped me. As i fell awake, i found myself lying in the snow again. Weary and cold i decided to head home, without having found the Yeti. My legs began to quit on me and my hands were numb from the cold. As i walked home, I heard a voice behind me, out there in the snow and the darkness. I looked behind me but no one was there. But then, suddenly... there he was... right in front of me. The white effigy and the shimmering sparks heralded the presence of the Yeti. And he spoke to me. His voice was soft and soothing and incredibly mesmerizing. He told me about the abominable snowman.... uncaught.... unspecified.... but not unhonoured. And for a moment i completely forgot the blizzard and felt a big wide smile on my face. I paid my hommage to the yeti and thanked him for this profound life-experience. And then he disappeared out into the darkness. Never had i felt such profound joy and decided to head home. Content that the Yeti is out there, and that my quest had brought me to this experience. I found the Yeti..... Did you?
  22. Shpongle - Nothing lasts. This will be a 20-step journey through a beautiful dream before you fall awake. Can't wait. V/A - Unusual suspects 2. I am so anxious to comb my epic hair and grow more pot while i see my stretchtastic arms grow longer and longer and do a balloon dance with some guy named Oscar until i become lost and profound. need I say more
  23. My all-time favorite compilation is Dementertainment. This cd is so awesome and fantastic that words can't describe it. But i'll try. First of all: It has some rare and unique Simon posford collaborations and they are an absolute orgasm to the ear. Infernal Machine shows us with aweinspiring ingeniousness that when you are at a Nocturnal Chainsaw Kerfuffle, you can do nothing but DANCE.... DANCE YOUR BRAINS OUT! An absolutely fantastic track which i will never grow tired of. And Martin Freeland's remix of the Loin King is no exception. What a terriffic remix. Psykov's Megalithic is one of the best tracks i've ever come across. It is creepy and masterfully produced (that unsane screaming voice at the end of the track always put a smile of epic proportions on my face)
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