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  1. In The Heaven's Eye really makes me hold my breath. Such beauty. I think its my favorite Filteria track as well, on an CD full of awesome tracks.
  2. Very excited about this release. Samples sound awesome. Can't Wait!
  3. It is definitely "Come on. Come on. Dance with me." Bombat I'd agree with you with "Baby".
  4. Bump, I've been listening to this a bunch lately. I like it better than Artifakts II, which was a solid album in its own right. Favorties so far: No Present The Magus The Probe Viagra Bastard Spawn But really, I like all the tracks. I feel this album is more coherent and digestable and listenable (to me) than his previous release. Good stuff!
  5. GodOfEmptiness

    X-Dream - Radio

    Bump for this classic relase! Such interesting sound distributions and inventiveness for 1998! Try giving this one another listen if you have it lying around. Radio, Psychomachine, Electromagnetic !
  6. Seconded Classical Mushroom...still holds up so well today. Pleadians - I.F.O. EPIC If you like the Shpongle albums, the Slackbab "and the beat goes OM" is quality seconds. Give Filteria a listen as well.
  7. "The Road to Nothingness" what a beautiful track. I can feel the tears hiding in my eyes. Such Catharsis.
  8. Wow, didn't know about that coming so soon down the pipe! Can't wait!
  9. Absolutely outstanding music...and a free release too? It doesn't get much better than this. If you're a fan of melody at all you owe this one at least a few listens!
  10. Great Driving Music indeed. I almost think that Filteria - Sky Input was playing in the background when the Big Bang occurred and the universe was created...or God it doesn't matter. Such Ambition, such overwhelming drive...in its intensity...overwhelming at times and full of life.
  11. This one has stuck with me 4 years later. Lots of quality tracks here and a TON of variety from track to track. People are Animals, The Moon, and Back to Dreaming my personal favs.
  12. Bump, 18 months since a reply? This album still sounds fresh and lively to me 8 years after release, one of my most cherished psytrance albums ever, and likely the one i've listened to the most, in MANY different states of mind. A Timeless Masterpiece imho. IM's finest hour.
  13. Still an incredible album even after all these years, tracks still feel majestic, fresh, & inspired. My favorite Juno Reactor disc. The ending of "mars" just ....i get that numb feeling running up my back.
  14. I still cannon listen to "Acid Drome" without it making me smile, every time. <3
  15. Shared Light is one of my favorite short chill tracks ever. A Gem of an album.
  16. I'm just a noob poster here but I'm loving this compilation. Lots of interesting and engaging melodies,not too many vocal samples, and I dont' mind the BPM speed of some of the tracks. A Nice variety across all the tracks. Favorites so far are the astrancer, mindsphere, and lost buddha tracks, but I dig the others as well. Compilation sounds fresh to me.
  17. I totally agree. I've listened to this CD a few times now, and well I think its really, really good. I was unable to get much into Dragon Tales and The Great Unknown, but love every track on this release. It seems very fresh to me, production is excellent, a definite mind-trip over headphones. The "squelchy acid sounds" someone else mentioned, brilliant. It feels like a lot of thought went into each track. KoxBox gained a new fan today. Happy I picked this one up.
  18. 2. Ratio Shmatio : Great Song, always cheers me up. Very melodic. 3. Muse Breaks RMX : I dig the female chorus. I tried to hate this song but in the end I think its quite catchy and a tiny bit sad. 5. Cities Of The Future : The Vocals absolutely RUIN this song. WORST IM SONG EVER, imo. 6. Horus The Chorus : All around great track from start to finish. 7. Frog Machine : Makes me Sleepy. 8. Noon : Now I'm asleep! 9. Bombat : Comparable to Ratio and Horus for best track on the album, gets really jamming at the end. 10. Stretched : I like this track more everytime I listen to it. Like others said, no Kadafi but excellent in its own way. So, 5 great tracks, 5 crappy tracks, this is 1/2 of a great album. Sad. Classicla Mushroom every after the 50th listen I still find new sounds I hadn't heard in there before. Fingers crossed for their new one.
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