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  1. Recently bought all the Suntrip releases from 2019 & 2020. Currently BOTFB album.

    It's pretty good, but I feel like the tracks meander with no real direction. I know it's his style but it gets quite repetitive.

    Actually if anything It's making me crave a listen to Tim Schuldts early work that had this darker/spooky vibe but actually took it somewhere. 

  2. 2 hours ago, technosomy said:

    hmmmmm do we ask who you were before?
    i absorb you of all your sins my child

    Mike D from Australia. 

    feel free to ban me again but I promise to behave... I've got 2 kids now, have been through some serious mental health issues but got the right help the last 8 years. No meds. Loads of exercise, no alcohol/drugs & a great wife n' psychologist. 

    Sorting out my abusive childhood/teen/early adulthood has really helped me realize why I was being such a dick online and offline. 

  3. Amazing label. Thank you so much. 2017 after my eldest sister killed her self after a fast mental health breakdown this label & Zenon Records were the two musical style that got me through the grief when I needed to be lifted up. 

    just ordered the new 2020 shirt. Cannot wait to wear. 

    it much respect.

  4. Been here many times and have a bad rep. just came back as I got back in with some new labels now that the quality of music is so good again. 

    anyway I'll be kicked off again shortly but before I am super serious apologies for all the shit I did. 

    I am now spending  my elder years trying hard to make amends with the universe. Much love. 

  5. I have to say the scene is so much better now genre & quality wise Han say between 2000-20010. I really thought it was dead that decade except for a few of the labels like Parvati, Mistress Of Evil & Rockdenashi Productionz pushing the envelope.


    now with Global Sect, Suntrip, Parvati, Zenon, Iboga Tech, Alice-D & Ultimae there is so much quality variation and new sounds it's a buffet of psychedelic and progressive gems. 

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  6. Great release, the Chi AD remix really took me back to when I first heard it in a Goa-Head comp. when life was much more free & simple. 

    fav tho is the Phenomena remix, perfect morning tune. I played it heading out for my morning run today as the sun rise, really lifted my spirits. 

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