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  1. Of course! We've cancelled everything. We might think about doing it next year if things settle down.  I'm just trying to find a way to make sure we either get our money back or credit for all the flights. 

    The worst thing would be to travel now, get sick & out additional strain on another countries health system when the local population needs it. 

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  2. At this point if we can get any of our money back we will be very happy. The overreaction by the governments is currently mind boggling. 

    their Intentionally  screwing everything over so they can rebuild build the new world in to an Orwellian nightmare.

  3. Trying not vomit because we were supposed to head off in a dream family holiday to Europe in a week, and now we can't even find out what our options are for cancelling or rescheduling. 

    Thousands of dollars potentially lost, and seriously if you look at all the stats the world has gone insane. 


  4. If we don't go we lose about $20,000 in costs because travel insurance won't cover us & with my wife's disability we need quality accommodation so we're gonna go. Italy canceled for sure, probably extend our time in Oslo by a day & then go back for a few extra days in London.  We've got friends in London.

  5. Yeah Italy we need to talk to our travel agent about now. 

    we are heading to London on 22nd March, have a week with friend there then head to Paris for 8 days, then to Oslo for the Easter weekend as I'm attending the Inferno Metal Festival. 

    we are booked after Oslo for 5 days in Italy, then just 2 night in London before heading home. 

    Will look at other options for Italy now, but maybe just back to London and spend more time with out friends there who have accommodation for us which saves $$.


    the problem is now will travel insurance cover our cancellations for Italy?





  6. On 3/5/2020 at 1:49 PM, Tetrasect said:

    Awesome but not really what I am after.... people are saying UK but I think what I'm talking about  is post-UK...  Idk I used to listen to a lot of Southwild and stuff but haven't for a while... maybe the UK evolved their basslines while I wasn't looking? Or maybe I'm tripping...lol (I actually listened to some 2014 Southwild after typing this and that shit is sick)

    Anyways review:

    The first one you really feel like you are getting sucked into a fractal washing machine by the end. Very sick track... still sounds old school though...a lot of looping to get you there....

    Second track is not really my kinda vibe so I can't really comment...

    First track is really nice though... 

    I'm more talking about this kinda stuff: Basically your body is jamming to some sick melodic bassline which is the center of the track, while your brain is overwhelmed by crazy sounds, trying to make sense of it all...

    On my laptop right now with no bass speakers so might not be the best example but I think it should sound pretty sick:

    Dunno...to me this sounds so alive and fresh... 


    I do agree with the consensus though, maybe if they keyed those noisy sounds into more melodic structures they would change the game... that's what I'm hoping for... Like Altom style leads....

    I am really optimistic that we will experience a melodic revolution coming from this sound... Just over the moon that trance has some melody in it again... so sick of hearing monotone bass all night at a party...

    On the other hand, who cares about [insert here] when there's stuff like this going around:


    If you like this stuff check out Samaa Records which is a similar style. I follow this as well as Forestdelic. Also Tengri & Nobot on Parvati Records have really taken that style to much newer quality levels as well. 


  7. Anima & Animus 

    Inside the unknown depths of consciousness, 
    two sides of the soul coexist in a devine dance, 
    elevating themselves into a celestial manifestation towards the mind. 
    Anima animus; dancing in complete harmony to achieve self union and inner peace.


    released February 25, 2020 

    Alice-D Records 2020



  8. Hi all

    I'm heading to Europe shortly for a holiday with my wife & little kids for a few weeks and love meeting people. 

    We've booked London, Paris, Oslo & Italy (which will likely change). Anyone who's around those parts I'm always keen to say hi. Send me a message to chat if you're keen.





  9. yeah I bought some of the releases just now after an old friend from the scene said I might from Sangoma Records and I am really enjoying the sounds, to me reminds a bit of my fav Timecode releases which I know they are related to.

    Yeah I"m sure Nano would sound good in the right party environment on a big system but I"m a Dad now and rarely get out to gigs other than metal bands cause they don't play that late haha.

  10. Interesting topic really. I don't think art creates  abuse, violence or extreme behavior Unless those behavior already exist in the individual & the art maybe is a trigger. 

    as for the gender identification thing, it's taken me a awhile to get to a point where I actually think stopping the use of male/female, boy/girl etc. encourages more equality and less control.

    I see myself as human, and all others simply human. Gender exists, but it does not define our place in existence. 

    same with disability, my wife who has quite severe cerebral palsy by all accounts of society should not be married, should not have given birth to 2 amazing children & should not be the sole income provider to our family. But she has defied these standards and done all those things and many more. Even if it has often been met by strong resistance by those who must have everything fit in their view of the world or their "box".


    my kids I actively refer to as only their names, never as son/daughter/boy/girl. I like that both just do what they're interested in, with no boundaries set by gender. 

    I was a promoter in the 90's touring many of the most extreme metal bands (Mayhem as one example) here in Australia, and I can say with absolute sureness that everything they say & do is a promotional act. They are super nice open minded & progressive people. More so than most average Australians I meet daily. 

    anyway, I think people will be violent & abusive toward things they fear no matter what art or music they listen to and see. 
    after 40 years I have  found that most people are a55holes and best avoided, and the few I have as friends & family I can count on one hand but love dearly.

  11. Curious if anybody here other than me follows Zenon Records? 

    They have always been a staple in my psy diet, not just because Sensient lived near me when Blue Neevus was realeased and Zenon started up, but especially the last 2 years where I feel they have really become a really quality prog label with psychedelic moments.

    Other prog labels have  IMO either become a sad amalgamation of full on with the more boring elements of prog psy, or just a cut n' paste style where nothing stands out a original at all (Iboga main, Iono, Spiral Trax to name a few).

    Iboga though have really blown me away a bit with their side label Iboga Tech which IMO ticks a lot of the original Scandinavian progressive boxes.

    Sensient did an amazing 5 hour set back here in Melbourne, Australia just before last Xmas, and it was such a nice deep tribal psychedelic trip. Like a warm organic blanket safe to lose your mind in. 

    So any other Zenon fans here?


  12. Remember it's not usually what you say but how you say it that is offensive. He original post comes across as a little aggressive I think. 

    I must admit that from about 2010 until 2019 I had given up on the music in this scene completely. Everything was so boring to me, and that's why I went back to exploring my pre-Goa interests like drum n bass, Goa, house & IDM. 

    such a long break was great as there was much amazing work being done in other genres, and last year I started again to check the music in this scene and I must thank Global Sect & Zenon for making be dig deeper. 

    The sound I miss most was the crossover over of Industrial & EBM. Project by Tim Schuldt, Xenomoroh, early Sandman. Really also the experimental styles on va's like Tantrance 6 as well as the early Boshke Beats/Horns n Hoofs sounds. 

    but I can accept these styles are not being made for various reasons, and just listen to the styles that get me feeling.

    as a producer of music for advertising & short films now, there is nothing more I hate than people who are fans but not involved in project giving unwanted advice. 

    it's fine to tell a musician to experiment & make whatever you want, but if you want to earn anything  or make a career you also have to consider what the majority want and not what the minority crave.

    it might be selling out, but sometimes you have to sellout to also finance the real side of your passion as well. 

    Anyway what a diatribe haha.

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  13. Of course things change with age. In this scene I find I am finally enjoying the minimal/progressive sounds lot more. Only Iboga Tech & Zenon tickle that aspect for me.

    Early Suntrip also was just really not for me but the last 2 years they somehow have slipped nicely in to my listening.

    Forest always interested me, and Parvati for me have been really the only label from their first release until now. 

    I never like Hi Tech sound, but Alice-D in 2019 has grabbed me with their experimental style of this. The albums during that time for me have started telling really nice details. Especially Dark Whisper with the ethnic vibes just makes me smile.

    I also went from casual heavy metal to a big interest in Black Metal the last 18 months. It's eased a bit now, but am going to be at the Inferno Metal Festival in Norway this year. Seeing Mayhem perform in Oslo is just too awesome to miss, and their new album really was a return to glory. 

    My 7 year old son is being in to what is popular at school, so hip hop style for him. I just cannot click with it, but we meet halfway with drum & bass as well as my old collection of classic house/Detroit techno vinyl from the 90's. It's super cute watching him dance to those tunes. 

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  14. I was techno dj in the mid 90's here in Melbourne, heard a lot of Goa being played at the outdoor stage at gigs but never clicked. 

    randomly I bought Tantrance 6 in 1998 because of the cover, and fell in love with the sound. 

    I've always like the more atonal styles, depends on mood though. Melodic Goa/Psy is much needed when my anxiety is ramping up. 

  15. Yeah I miss it. I also find this style reminds me more of the early twilight sound. A lot of people seem to indicate Nano does this style, but I find they are not very melodic & their releases star to sound very same same after awhile. 

    Vertigo label from Russia really nailed  the crossover for me of fullon & forest sound but they have gonna real quite, no other label seems to fill the gap. 

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