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  1. Showed this thread to my wife who's a "person of color" being the child of an Indonesian Chinese & Malaysian Chinese immigrant, who also has severe cerebral palsy caused at birth by an extremely racist  white doctor (you should read the court transcripts) "I didn't perform CPR as her skin color made it difficult to see her turning blue." Is just one such statement...


    Anyway, I still have no idea how it must feel but have seen her suffer racism many times over our 22 years together, and now our kids get spat at & receive racism almost daily for being mixed dogs (Most common Statement at the school playground).

    She said as soon as you say person of color you've made it about race & racism. Why does such a thread need to be made? Conversations like this increase division by merely suggesting being a person of color is something unique. 

    I could go one but just delete this thread please. "People of color" shouldn't be a discussion. It should just be "people".


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  2. 13 minutes ago, AstralSphinx said:

    daaymn cool little synthesizer, what is it even? some kind of mini-modular system? Does it have a sequencer? 

    Yeah it's like a Buchla Easel in eurorack format. Atonal sonic exploration. I have a bunch of standard synths (Pro 3, Moog Matriarch, DSI Rev 2 & Novation Summit) but want some experimental  stuff as well.

    Arriving shortly is the Erica Synths Techno System & Fusion System II. 


    Because I do music professionally I can claim a lot of tax back on these so it saves me a lot of money. 

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  3. Yeah most modern pay trance does nothing for me. To be honest my last real interest in the sound was the minimal & early Scandinavian prog style, I even made some here in Australia around the turn of the century and played gigs. 

    After a formula started being required I left. Zenon still gets me purely from a production point of view, and Iboga Tech label I find quite good especially the latest compilation by Alex Boshke.


    production wise I have no interest in Goa or Psy as experimentation is limited. I prefer to make my techno & IDM stuff performing live with Eurorack. No barriers, no restrictions. 

  4. On 4/22/2020 at 8:49 PM, Tsotsi said:

    Roger that, hitting this up before the new Maan release this year.


    @Bartzabel have you listened to 'We Lost The Sea' their 'Departure Songs' album brings me all sorts of feeling Everytime I hear it. This is still the only rock album I've listened to in my life.


    I'm guessing you're all over this already, if so I'd take recommendations on anything similar... It seems like opeth could be close.

    Hi thanks for that. Hadn't heard of them but having listened a bit am tempted to grab a vinyl or two.

    its a bits lighter  than my general listening but within the metal realms I'd suggest checking out:

    Atra Vetosus 

    Bathory the Nordland albums 

    Borknagar Their last three albums are amazing. 

    Caligula's Horse


    Green Carnation 


    Swallow The Sun 



    Hopefully some of those fit the bill. Esoteric can be a bit of a strain, especially doom metal with tracks going 15 minutes or more.

    Swallow The Sun put out  a three part album called "Songs From The North I, II & III". I bought the vinyl box set, it covers quite a few genres but it's a massive listen totaling 2.5 hours. I thing it's one of the most beautiful metal pieces ever made, even including some folk style songs. 



  5. On 4/12/2020 at 5:42 AM, psyhoe said:

    definitely the remastered Shpongle Sets. Also the releases from Mad Tribe. All releases from Ultimae Records, also Sidereal Records with Solar Fields, Hol Bauman....

    the Captain Hook release looks and sound beautiful. the 3 x Vinyl Gatefold and artwork is awesome. 

    Iboga just announced the new Beat Bizarre album will get the same vinyl treatment but limited to 100 copies. Hope it lasts a few days so I can grab one!!

  6. On 4/8/2020 at 8:33 PM, Tatsu said:


    Hi Mike D, you sound really chilled and down to earth! I'm happy to hear live is going well now for you.

    Thanks Tatsu, much respect to a fellow old timer. Yes life has thrown much at me over the years,  lot of it death related (inc. my eldest sister suicide) but much hope in my two beautiful children who are some of the kindest humans I've ever met. 

    I spend my time teaching them the importance of giving and community. Whenever we see homeless people for example, as we are able to afford, we always buy them food & water. Some time ones I know well locally I pay for their bedding costs for a week at a homeless hostel... giving is such a good way to achieve peace.

  7. Terribly sorry to hear how many are suffering, whatever version we got it was not as bad as any of this. I hope all recover ok & heal. Much love & respect to all fellow psynews crew.

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  8. Waiting for my wife to finish stories with my 7 year old son, then I go do cuddle & lullabies with him. Our younger daughter is already down. While I wait I am listening to Mizmor "Yodh" album on my headphones, and working out how to finish a tune I'm working on with the Sequential Pro 3 for an ambient noise project I'm doing.  

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