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  1. Don't need to wonder.


    this year I've bought:


    DSI Pro 3

    Moog Matriarch 

    Erica Synths Techno System

    Pittsburgh Modular Voltage Research Lab


    next on the list is Tascam Model 24, Waldorf Iridium & Novation Summit. 

    I posted pics in my other thread about building a home studio. 

    ive got a bunch of vintage shit as well buts it's all in storage which is currently Inaccessible due to the lockdown here in Melbourne Australia. 

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  2. What's gold is the fact that this scene was built in the back of murderous ex-military Israelites &  has-been hippies abusing the seemingly liberal lifestyle afforded to them by a poverty stricken nation desperate for the money they brought, with not a care to the devastation this scene has caused to the people of Goa & India over the decades.

    Furthermore misusing religious prayers & symbols with drug abused while claiming its for enlightenment when it's just an excuse to drop chemicals and become wankers.

    This scene was and still is the ultimate in religious & culture theft for the abuse in the name of drug abuse. 

    You're all delusional if you deny this. The majority of real Indian people absolutely despise what the scene in Goa did to them. But white folk always take what they want with little care for others and their cultures.

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  3. Draeke has failed to fulfill any of his contractual obligations to the musicians & therefore they've taken back the music from him. 

    Have it from good word from one of the artists on the label. He is a con artist & abuser of rights. 

    Also get a proper check done on the vinyl like I did. The quality is absolute rubbish. I get more quality out of them as frisbees than the music. 


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  4. 1 minute ago, AstralSphinx said:

    Thanks for the links will listen after my forest walk, btw I wonder why knowledge of music theory is not so common within the psy scene? In the regular trance scene It's very common to atleast know more about chords in general. I can't really present any statistics to back up these observations. But it's quite evident when comparing the genres. 

    It's not that common because you can write a bassline, program a beat and program a basic melody with no problems. Tweak the synths, add samples and use software to make it sound presentable. Get gigs, a record deal and be happy. Why waste time on theory when it won't increase your chances of making it?

    I had a well known producer from Zenon over a couple of weeks ago who said the same thing. Zenon doesn't have melody so why waste time studying the theory?

    i know theory because my parents made me learn piano as a kid, but I rarely apply much to my electronic productions. It does come in handy when I'm tracking guitars though, as I can give good advice to them on how to make the music interesting. 

    take the guitarist called Teloch from Mayhem, great bloke but know barely any music theory. He knows how to tremolo pick Norwegian style, he knows basic scales and that's all he needs to do the job. Why waste time learning more when you don't need to?


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  5. Apologies I went off the deep end a bit... 


    yes I like music with atmosphere, not necessarily having to have great composition or follow the rules of melody.

    black metal fulfills that a lot, especially stuff like Wolves In The Throne Room (nicest guys on the planet btw), Mizmor, Wiegedood and many others.

    anyway it was a crazy weekend my end for one for my kids but all will be good.


    apologies for the insanity.




  6. 11 hours ago, Multi-Media said:

    Looks cool man ! 

    Panzerdivision Marduk :)

    Cheers mate. Yes I'm very blessed but especially in these strange times to have such a sanctuary for myself. 

    Yeah Marduk all the way. I toured them for this album when I ran a promotion company back in the 90's & early 00's. Amazing musicians, absolute assholes haha. I found most black metal were really intelligent, nice people but Marduk are truly like their music, but I am one of those who see the art and not the person behind it. 

    i have to say if you want black metal by some very enlightened, kind & caring individuals support Wolves In The Throne Room. They are most kind and gentle people I've ever met. 


  7. From a general perspective, I'm only 40 years old with 23 of those years in the music industry. Touring heavy metal bands from 1997-2005 who I sold my company & then making music for ads and tv. 

    but people in general like their life to predicable & routine based. Like kids, it gives a sense of safety and control, which is a complete illusion as this year has proven no one has any control over anything and to think you do is just hilarious. 

    therefore the average person likes predictable music. They like the baseline, beat and melody to follow a formula. Just like most people are happy to f#ck the same way as long as they cum. 

    it is why actually talented musicians can cash in on writing predictable pop music. Ed Sheeran for example is one the most talented guitar players to ever exist, but he's not going to cash in playing for some black metal band wanking over the ashes of a burnt church while performing goat bukkake (I love black metal by the way musically but the aesthetics are just hilariously stupid).

    so popular psy trance follows a very predictable formula, but people think it's edgy because of the cultural & religious appropriation and the slightly tripped out sounds. They will never listen to forest stuff, even Zenon makes them slightly uncomfortable.


    the same applies to every genre. People are happy to listen to pop hip hop that talks of birches, Rape and murder as long as it has predictable and funky beat. Drop some NWA shit and they freak.

    People will listen to Metallica, but drop Dying Fetus and they will freak. 

    if you want to push musical boundaries, if you want to go full experimental, if you want to go full hardcore you will be never be popular, get lots of paid gigs or royalties.

    that's why even the neo-goa rubbish sounds about as exciting as another night banging my wife the same way. It feels good in the moment but in the end it's about as satisfying as McDonald's. 




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  8. Currently it's Saturday night. Kids are settled & I'm now listening to some Goatwhore vinyl with a cup of my fav chamomile tea n' some quality olives and a book on Greek Mythology. Wifey is upstairs watching some romantic movie. 


  9. 19 hours ago, technosomy said:

    yeah it's going mental down there in vic, here in NSW wouldn't even know anythings going on

    Yep it's completely f#cked here. They've just hard locked down a public housing complex. Nobody can leave their apartment & essentials will be delivered to your door step. Just waiting for the deaths to start. they've lost control here . I'm just concerned for my elderly parents (82 & 85 years old) as if they get it it's game over. 

    luckily our house is large with a good backyard for the kids if we get locked down again. Glad we're not in an apartment. 


  10. So my wife inherited a place with a basement which is rare in Melbourne, Australia. Was meant to. Her Dad's wine cellar but seeing as I don't drink anymore I'm turning it in to a music room. 

    At this point I've just repainted it, had some acoustic treatment done by a pro & put some furniture in. 

    gear currently consists of MacBook Pro 15" 2019 (Ableton & Bitwig), presonus audio interface ( will replace late in the year), JBL LSR305 monitors (replacing with Genelec later on), Sequential Pro 3, Pittsburgh Modular Voltage Research Lab & Erica Synths a Techno system. 

    I'll add more photos and maybe some videos as stuff is changed later on if anyone is interested.

    currently I'm in acid techno mode, but Pspiralife has just started his eurorack journey and we're hoping to collaborate on some psy-tech

    Sadly once framed my global sect banner didn't fit down the stairs so it now resides in the garage/gym. 




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  11. Good luck with cancer treatment... a lot of good friends seem to be having treatment t for it as we get older. I've been lucky so far but think my lack of sun protection in the 80's will eventually catch up.

    Lock down hasn't been great my end for my mental health, thankfully I was smart enough to invest in some quality exercise gear & have a great psychologist to help me through. 

    turning 40 this month with no party kinda sucks, but at least I can spend it with my wife n' kids. I think my state here in Victoria, Australia is going full lock down again soon. Winter & the virus is taking off. 

    Anyway off to keep renovating the home studio. 


  12. Used to feel excited & high but the last decade it's become so generic the majority Makes me feel bored. I've gone back to my techno & drum n bass roots as those genres have become interesting again the last few years. This genre needs a good kick up the experimental arse.

    I've got Pspiralife coming over in a week or two to have a modular jam session, see if his psy style can mesh with my acid techno expirements. Plus I'm keen for him to teach me the in's and outs of Bitwig. 

  13. He's posted a fair few clips of some very reggae/dub stuff on Instagram the last few weeks. Hasn't blown me away but early stages. I get a bit tired of the dub psy style. After almost 3 decades I'd think these folk could change it up a wee bit.


    and I've dance to Hallucinogen hundreds of times when the gigs were worth the effort in the 90's. It's dance music aka music to dance to.

  14. Time is too short with little kids, work & other interests. I'm very particular about music I listen to now & I find a lot of what I used to like I just don't enjoy anymore. Also I had a horribly abusive time on mAny fronts from until I left home at age 26, and much of the music I listened to until then brings back those memories so yeah nah a significant part of my musical history is locked in storage forever. 

  15. Yeah I preordered the vinyl, as always with Ultimae, and was blown away. 

    have had some pretty great chats via messenger with Vincent about his production techniques on this and he really outdid himself. He's an amazing producer, and in my opinion he's really peaked with this album. 

    I must admit I found his first 3 albums to be really weak, my last fav Ultimae releases but his latest works blow me away. 

    the quality of vinyl on Ultimae is top notch, only beaten IMO by Captain Hooks last album (not such a huge fan of the music but it's one of the best quality electronic vinyl's I've seen in 3 decades).

  16. 54 minutes ago, recursion loop said:

    Modern software synths do quite good job at emulating analogue gear. It's just the modern mixing style, everything is very precisely equed and sounds very clean. It's not a bad thing per se, unless overdone.


    I miss tracks like these  

    Not sure I can put into words what is that "something" these tracks have, the melody, the atmosphere, the musical progression... It seems that most modern producers proceed from pure sound-design, they make all kinds of weird noises then try to organize them into tracks. The older tracks were made the other way round, the musical idea first, then  sound-design and production were used to express this idea.

    Everybody has different tastE but as I own a good amount of analogue Eurorack & other analogue gear I am yet to find any software that emulates it well. 

    And I'm not being a negative Nancy, I find for certain styles I only use software as it suits... definitely for modern psy & trance in general.

    My analogue collection I mostly use for techno, drum & bass and ambient. 

    it's funny that my nephews in theirs 20's think analogue gear sounds terrible compared to software. 

  17. Raw experimental sounds. Everything sounds so overproduced & plastic/fake now. Even the rare tech trance tracks sounds really digital & not analogue at all. 

    to be honest I don't even see why producers bother using great analogue gear when they process it with so many plugins it sounds just like soft-synth.

    if you're using analogue gear keep it sounding like the original instrument ffs.

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